foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

[Reusable] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots 1.3.1

General Changes:
  • Fix potential softlock from bots respawning in special stages
AI Behavior Changes:
  • Improve Tails' fly and fly-attack AI behaviors
  • Fix sometimes repeatedly jumping for rings etc. when we shouldn't
  • Fix sometimes aborting jump logic against certain targets too early
  • Fix jittery movement when tracking slow-moving targets
General Changes:
  • Fix shields sometimes getting popped when they shouldn't (should only happen when leader gets hit)
  • Allow nukes etc. to be set off when shield gets popped
  • Spread out bots more when assigned to a random leader (ai_defaultleader 32)
  • Fix SP bot sometimes resetting rings on respawn
AI Behavior Changes:
  • Fix v1.2 regression causing AI to no longer understand custom SF_NOJUMPDAMAGE characters
  • Fix a few cases where AI might not charge a spindash properly
  • Rewrite Fang's combat AI with cleaner logic that should derp out less
  • Reduce time Amy waits to shield-buff friendlies again after previously failing
  • Limit range AI will attempt to engage targets while being carried
  • Fix Tails forgetting how to chain-carry a tired flying leader w/ super form available
  • Tails AI now toggles between super / normal thinkfly (up arrow) every second if available
General Changes:
  • Allow bots to respawn in special stages when AI-controlled
  • Allow SP bot to inherit player's powerups (thus allowing shield behaviors to be seen in SP)
  • Invulnerable bots' shields are now popped when their leader takes a hit without a shield
  • Fix issue where SP bot could sometimes carry player without actually flying
  • Allow players to remember their "real" ring / life counts as a bot
  • Allow teleporting to leader even if they're spectating
  • Wait a second before teleporting to leader on respawn
  • Fix various life-sync issues with 0 lives
  • Raise minimum ai_seekdist to a more reasonable 64 fracunits
  • Fix a few issues with vertical aiming reset when taking back control of a bot
  • Fix issue where "AI Control In..." would still display when ai_sys was off
  • Fix issue where thinkfly overlay (up arrow) was spawned and destroyed every frame
  • Assorted code cleanup and other minor fixes
AI Behavior Changes:
  • Add support for CoopOrDie enemy tagging / target priority mechanics
  • Hop out of spin if going too slow, also try to steer an active spin into targets more
  • Improve Tails' flight logic to descend a bit more aggressively and land near leader quicker
  • Mirror leader's OLDC votes
  • Improve movement prediction, particularly underwater and against fast-moving targets
  • Prefer spindashing targets on slopes (and rev it longer if needed)
  • Allow Sonic to thok-attack targets
  • Allow Knuckles to glide/slide-attack targets
  • Always use ability when jumping out of special stage water
  • Wiggle free from Pterabytes!
  • Fix Tails attempting to fly-attack underwater or grounded targets
  • Improve Sonic thok usage, avoiding it when it would actually slow us down
  • Improve Metal Sonic / Super Sonic float usage, with better height checks
  • Allow whirlwind shield ability to be used against passive targets (e.g. collecting rings)
  • Fix longstanding issue where AI only searched for targets half as often as intended
  • Allow Fire Flower to be used against monitors (and targets above or below)
  • Fix AI sometimes getting stuck spindashing against an obstacle
  • Fix not attacking DSZ3 boss (due to being unable to "see" it)
  • Make sure we're actually on target before attempting to spin-attack a target
  • Tweak Amy's hammer attack logic to account for LHRT range a bit more
  • Fix vertical spectator movement in reverse gravity
  • Fix Fang sometimes getting stuck below targets we're trying to shoot
  • Fix AI sometimes flipping out when recalled to leader during combat
  • Fix up out-of-sight waypoint placement (can better follow leader through teleporters etc.)
  • Check vertical distance to waypoint when determining if we've reached it or not
  • Fix v1.1 regression causing flame shield ability to not be considered at long ranges
  • Allow bubble shield to be used as a double-jump when close enough to ground
  • Fix sometimes getting stuck in zoom tubes (e.g. ERZ1 2D tube section)
  • Other miscellaneous behavior fixes and improvements
  • Cool!
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