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Eggman returns to SRB2, and this time with a fresh new coat of paint!

Metal Robotnik has taken over his base in Egg Rock, turning all of Eggman's robots against him - as well as sending copies of the man himself to stop him. With no other choice, Eggman has to side with Sonic and Friends to take down his robotic double! But, he's come prepared!

XTRAC0.pngAbilities XTRAC0.png


As the name would imply, Eggman uses his patented Jetpack to fly around stages or swim underwater. This is a very useful ability for him, since his jump height is slightly lower than Sonic and Tails'. Be mindful of the fuel, because Eggman will drop like a brick!

(NEW) Eggburst!

Need a quick burst of speed? By overloading the jetpack, Eggman can now burst forwards at full speed! Be careful though, it will leave you wide open and you won't be able to fly after it! Also, you'll easily bounce off walls, so watch for pits!
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Since Eggman doesn't know how to curl up into a ball without crushing his bones, he figured out his best way to squeeze through tights gaps is by sliding! He is also able to destroy breakable walls, floors and spikes with this! Press the spin button while moving and you'll slide wherever you want to. Just mind the cactuses!


Due to Eggman's uh... size, he's able to damage enemies by falling onto them without needing to jump! This makes it possible to bounce around enemies while flying, or even falling!

XTRAC0.pngExtras XTRAC0.png

Eggman has quite a few lil extra features to make playing him a more enjoyable experience. I greatly reccomend that you go out and try and find out everything! But if you rather know what these extras are, check it out:
  • Grayscale Eggman Bosses!
  • Unique NiGHTS sprites!
  • 2 Rare Hurt Sound Effects!
  • A tiny egg
  • Fireworks!
  • Spinning hurt animation
  • family guy death pose
  • And an intense hatred for furries after getting all emeralds

Again, I seriously reccomend you find these out for your own! I'm sure at least one of these will get a chuckle out of you.

XTRAC0.pngSpecial Thanks! XTRAC0.png

These great people helped me a ton with remaking Eggpack once and for all, and I can't thank any of you enough for it.

Helped a ton with Lua, especially with the Slide, some sound effect shenanigans and tons of feedback. Thank you so much dude, Eggpack wouldn't have such cool effects if it wasn't for you!
For making the grayscale Eggman bosses script! Thanks a bunch!!
XTRAC0.pngTheKingOfPeinguins, Pathonaut and Katmint
Thank you to the first two for making the original eggpack port so I could work on it easier! Thank you Katmint for making the original holdfly, and Pathonaut for adapting it to Eggpack!
XTRAC0.pngThe SRB2 Discord
For all the feedback and support through this project of mine. You all helped me so much getting through this and I can't thank you enough. I hope you enjoy Eggpack as much as I enjoyed making him.

Initial Release
V1.1 Hotfix
Now you can break floors, making DSZ2 beatable with any route
  • Added Eggburst.
  • When fighting Eggman bosses while playing as Eggpack, they will be grayscaled clones.
  • Fixed Eggman suddendly becoming buff or turning into his regular form while in NiGHTS.
  • Changed Eggman's height to 60.
  • Improved swimming animation.
  • Raised all sprites to ground level (Before, he clipped through the floor. This was pretty noticeable with 2.2.1's dropshadows.)
  • Added TIRE frames for Super Eggman.
  • New CSS art, and modified description.
  • Converted to .PK3 file.
  • Lowered the rare sound clips' volume.
  • While flying, bumping into a wall will make you bounce off of it slightly.
V2.1 - XMomentum
Mostly just added a failed trick sprite, plus updated the continue sprite to match - as well as updated the Egg Burst to work properly with this mod. Have fun!


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These sprites are fantastic! It almost feels like an official character. The attention to detail is great, I love everything about this.
Something i noticed almost immediately when playing around with this, is that in Opengl, Eggman's feet seem to go through the floor


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This is a definitive improvement over the 2.1 version in both sprites and gameplay. The animated signpost is an especially nice touch when you could have been lazy and just reused vanilla's Eggman sign.

I did find one minor bug with this. The twirling signpost errors with R_ProjectSprite: invalid sprite frame 18/18 for SIGN. See gif.

Also, could you lower the volume of the rare hit sounds? They're incredibly loud compared to every other sound effect in the game.


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Recently, RazeLite on the discord discovered this bug. I have managed to determine that it is the lack of Super Eggman's TIRE frames, that causes Eggman to revert back to the base sprites.

In short, hitting a horizontal spring while flying sends you into the TIRE frames, even if you have infinite flight.
His height should be higher, I keep trying to grab rings or hit bosses and they keep passing through Eggman's head. The camerascale should be higher as well so it's easier to tell what's in front of Eggy. And his slide is really weird, it's as if he's sliding on ice, he loses speed too slowly (probably because he's still using the default spin physics) and it feels unnatural. I also always felt like this character would make more sense if it was Eggrobo but that is just me, just ignore it.

Beyond that, though? This is a fantastic update to the old WAD. My favorite part was seeing him on his ACME rocket, that was some five-star shit right there.
His height should be higher, I keep trying to grab rings or hit bosses and they keep passing through Eggman's head. The camerascale should be higher as well so it's easier to tell what's in front of Eggy.

Fun fact: adjusting the height will in itself automatically adjust the camera scale.
Eggman's animations here are fantastic; the 6-frame walk makes his legs that little bit more frantic, and man does the running animation feel so cool. Sliding around on Eggman's bum and breaking through spikes is comical. Thank you for giving Eggman so much justice, and also thanks for putting in the extra effort to bridge SRB2 with EHF. ;)
The sprites are really good on this. The normal sprites really match well with the default characters and it’s 95% of the way towards being what i’d consider a really solid “default mod” like flicky. I enjoy the feel he has and how he compares to tails (and flicky while we're at it). Some thoughts:

1) It might be cool to have two versions of the character. one that has the memey stuff in and one that's more "classic" feeling. (with the two voice samples and super mode being for the meme version perhaps and replacing acme rocket the family guy gag with stuff that fits more with the sega style for characters for the “classic” style version?)

2) It'd be cool if, like with fang and metal, using Eggman causes the Boss Sprites for Eggman to all swap to a metal looking version (eggman nega pallet, egg robo, heavy leader, or a gray tone robotic eggman?) It was a really nice touch that they did for Fang and Metal and it'd be a fun extra for Eggman and sync up with his description.

3) Also, I somehow managed to trigger a partial spindash while using the slide as i was slowing down to a stop.
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Is it possible to make a downloadable version that's not in .rar form? I'm on Mac and I can't open .rar files, but I really want to give this a try.

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