Ow my bones (coughing)
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This? Oh THIS is peak SRB2. This has to be one of THE best SRB2 Mods to date, along side many others, like your DeltaChars.
First off, It's simple and to the point. It doesn't have any weird or confusing gimmicks, its just a tails reskin with fun new abilities!
Also, the sprites look like they were made by one of the SRB2 Devs! They look accurate and fit SRB2 Perfectly, almost as if he was a playable character to begin with!
Overall, it has good abilities, good sprites and goes straight to the point!
5 Stars!
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this is the greatest thing to ever fall upon my eyes.
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while I do like the mod, it has something that bothers me about it.
his legs and jetpack look almost like an entirely different art style, which contrast with his upper body. and it makes it kinda look like a mess.
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It's Eggman, why would you not like it?

Anyhow, his move sets are simple but helpful in situations. When you're underwater in some points, you can swim up to where you need to.

His Super Form is uhh...., I'll show in the discussion tab. Great mod!
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Although fun to play as in some situations, I feel as though there's a lot of... inside jokes some people might not get.

+ His gameplay is similar to that of Tails, but with a few extra moves that make him unique.
+ Uh... Super... Eggman?

/ There's a lot of inside jokes, such as the ACME rocket or the Dead Peter on the continue screen. Although the Dead Peter and the SA2 Fandub voice clips when getting hurt aren't too distracting, I feel that the ACME rocket is... just too distracting.
/ Super Eggman is really out of place

It also seems like it's possible to recolor the enemy Eggman. Definitely just a personal thing, but I kinda feel it would make more sense to have Eggman Nega as the eneggmany instead of "Metal Eggman", though I do suppose it fits with the grayscale clones of Fang and Metal Sonic.
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I think I don't need to write a proper rating since it's excellent (enough to the point where you're capable to see so without even downloading it). The sprites fit the SRB2 style perfectly (like any other character addon, obviously) and are a pleasure to see unlike other characters' sprites, for some reason. The moveset may look lazy at first, but it is a key element to make it a fun experience for (almost) anybody. The jokes included are hilarious (If you deny on this fact, I'm breaking your bones and not Eggman's)... which confirms that you have good humour, lol (P.S. Love the Super Eggman transformation, I love you for that). Overall, it deserves a 5 stars from me.
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Ow My BoNeS1!1!1!

But srsly he's much better than 2.1. A lot of throwback mods are better than the originals, especially Eggpack and Bandages!
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Wow this is really cool. i aso like how the moves are like the ones in sonic.exe. And also i give it a big LOL. when eggman turns super. he turns from chubby to buff
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We don't often get to play as Eggman so this is a treat! I love the sprites for him and flying around with his Eggpack is always a blast! This character is one of my favorites! I love how you can crush enemies under his weight and burst forward with his Eggpack! This character is one you should check out!
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For being your first character at the time, it such a shock how well it's aged compared to the others, He's still extremely fast and fun to play as. I just say "Tails can walk for all i care" when a server hosts Eggpack.
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Eggman is my favorite Sonic character when it comes to personality, but his playable versions in official games (Mean Bean Machine, SA2) have all felt latter lack luster in the gameplay depertment. So i'm glad this mod makes me feel like the evil genius!
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