The Eggburst makes this character significantly more enjoyable to play as. He felt a bit like a slower Tails before, so it's nice for him to have more of an identity.
I think it would be funny if Eggman got a bonus from the Eggman monitors instead of getting hurt. Like maybe a score bonus or rings or something? It would be really fitting and plus it would stop anyone getting hurt for confusing them for extra lives when playing as him. Just an idea.

Love this mod by the way, as an Eggman fan this is easily my favorite mod made for this game.
Really like the new version. Having him bounce off of walls is a good second thing to balance out his advantages with some subtle disadvantages. The silver color on Eggman Bosses is a nice detail too.

(BTW I sent you a PM of something interesting relating to this project)
Gotta say, Eggman looks pretty good! He's slow but at least he can hit enemies from all sides when jumping, he can fly a bit more than tails (I think) and his nights sprite, is that a reference to the unused credits images? Cool!
Surprise Update!

Eggman is now officially Battlemod Compatible! Check the changelog at the end of the original post. Have fun!
i thought you didn't want Battlemod on Eggman...

Honestly, I didn't. Guess I should adress this already so that there's no more discussion on "why doesn't X have battlemod support".

I don't play battlemod at all due to horrible ping issues and never being really interested in Match to begin with. I design my characters around what I like to play - and that is always the main game. So I don't really see the point on adding support to a mod I never play.

But then started the bootlegs, people online spreading modified versions of my characters that have battlemod abilities that never asked for permission in the first place. Thankfully, one of those people finally reached out to me and told me all about this addon they made for eggman and that they wanted it to be official. Honestly, the only way to stop these bootlegs is to release a version with battlemod support. In a way, i'm giving in to peer pressure, but at the same time I'm tired of getting a message every week telling me that my latest addon got modified without permission.

To prevent further bootlegs of my work, I'll just have to include battlemod support, wether I like it or not.
I honestly love the idea as playing as Eggman.

He was one of my favourite character in Adventure 2 (despite the clunkiness of the mech) and I'm glad to do the same in SRB2 (minus the missile launcher).

I just go through the level with Cosmic Wall playing in the background.
Just downloaded this yesterday and have been playing through with it, and oh boy, is it good! Controls very well and the animations/pixel art are quite nice. However, I was so not expecting to hear those 2 special hurt noises from that Real-Time Fandub Eggman vs Tails fight; I laughed quite hard and continue to do so every time I hear those XD

Anyway, excellent work on this. ^^
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New update to hopefully squash some Battle bugs and balance him out. Check the changelog in the op.
How do you remove Eggman having Knuckles' guarding hitbox? I think it's dumb that Eggman has Knuckles' gimmick because "lol he fat"
How do you remove Eggman having Knuckles' guarding hitbox? I think it's dumb that Eggman has Knuckles' gimmick because "lol he fat"

First, if you're trying to modify the character, you ask for permission first and foremost. Second, we're not intending to remove that. It balances out Eggman's huge lack of defense without a turret (plus because he is indeed, a big man).

Unless this proves to be a huge issue with balancing, we're not removing this. And you're not allowed to create or host a modified version of Eggpack with this change, or any changes without permission.
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