Dreamscape Gardens

[MP Level] Dreamscape Gardens v2.0.1


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Dreamscape Gardens is a pack-a levels for SRB2 Kart!

It features 16 race maps, split into 4 separate cups. Featuring:


{MAPO1} Desert Dream - A simple, short desert-themed race course designed with beginner-friendly quick races in mind.
{MAPO2} Adventure Acre - Another short map themed around a forest with a jank water-skipping gimmick
{MAPO3} City Parkway - A fast-paced mid-difficulty stage taking place in a sprawling city park.
{MAPO4} Nuclear Nova - A sprint map in a space station recently struck with a meteor.
{MAPO5} Lilac Conservatory K - A large sky garden map themed after the SUGOI map of the same name.


{MAPO8} Opal Island - An easy-going track on a tropical island.
{MAPO9} Route Three-One - A small SMK-inspired map themed after the Windows 3.1 operating system environment.
{MAPOA} Sub-Zero Citadel - An obstacle-heavy map themed after a snow-covered hidden base.
{MAPOB} Klik N Park - A factory/green hill map that calls back to old Klik N' Play games like Sonic Robo Blast 1.
{MAPOC} Thornrose Mansion - A haunted mansion taken over by thorny overgrowth.


{MAPOH} Airborne Plaza - Another short map with a distinctly old-world RPG aesthetic.
{MAPOI} Blazing Bandwidth - An internet level complete with a wall full of internet trash.
{MAPOK} Summer Segue (Pronounced Seg-way) - A lush tropical valley with plenty of tight turns.


(AKA: Remixed ports cup)
{MAPON} Sonic Drift 2's Casino Night Zone - A casino themed map complete with bumpers that'll likely yeet you into the next country.
{MAPOO} Mario Kart 64's Bowser's Castle - Themed after various lava factory levels in Sonic games, like Lava Shelter, Lava Powerhouse, and Egg Factory.
{MAPOP} Diddy Kong Racing's Greenwood Village - Themed after Sonic Adventure 2 desert levels, specifically Sand Ocean, and Death Chamber.

There are also 3 maps in Map Hell that'll be certain to give a good laugh in some way, hopefully.
There's also a pack of battle maps as well!


{MAPO6} Butter Battlefield - Taking place on the base of Kirby's Adventure's Butter Building.
{MAPOE} Doomsday Disco - A space station/disco party map built off of Team Fortress 2's Doomsday map.
{MAPOD} Chip's Battlezone - An SMK-inspired map with disappearing walls.
{MAPOF} The Room With a Shroom - mushrooms.
Enjoy your dang selves!


{MAPO1} Desert Dream Zone - Rock Star (Remix) - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
{MAPO2} Adventure Acre Zone - Celestial Valley - Kirby Air Ride
{MAPO3} City Parkway Zone - Sonic Advance 3: Route 99 (Act 1) - Remix By Hyuga
{MAPO4} Nuclear Nova Zone - Ultimate Final Boss - Spark the Electric Jester
{MAPO5} Lilac Conservatory Zone K - Marshmallow Castle - Kirby Super Star - Remix by Tazmi
{MAPO6} Butter Battlefield Zone - Rainbow Route - Kirby And The Amazing Mirror - Remix by MistSomething
{MAPO7} Adventure Acre Classic - The Great Circus Mystery - Jungle (Genesis)
{MAPO8} Opal Island Zone - Windbreak Bay - Wario Land: Shake It!
{MAPO9} Route Three-One Zone - CANYON.MID - Windows
{MAPOA} Sub-Zero Citadel - White Acropolis ~Snowy Peak~ - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
{MAPOB} Klik N' Park Zone - Central Roads - Lego Island
{MAPOC} ThornRose Mansion - An Empty Tome - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
{MAPOD} Doomsday Disco - Tempest 2000 - Mind's Eye - By Sinc-X
{MAPOE} Chip's Battlezone - CHIP1.MID - Chip's Challenge (Windows)
{MAPOF} The Room With A 'Shroom - Garden System - Mega Man: Network Transmission
{MAPOG} Chip's Challenge - CHIP2.MID - Chip's Challenge (Windows)
{MAPOH} Airborne Plaza Zone - Sky Tower (Rainbow Curse Remix) - Kirby's Return to Dreamland
{MAPOI} Blazing Bandwidth Zone - Blazing Internet - Mega Man: Network Transmission
{MAPOK} Summer Segue Zone - Sonic CD: Palmtree Panic Present (US) - Remix by Bouncy Glow
{MAPON} SD2 Casino Night Zone - Casino Night Zone (2P Version) - Sonic 2 - Remix by ScrewStache
{MAPOO} N64 Bowser's Castle - Lava Powerhouse Remix - Sonic: After the Sequel
{MAPOP} DKR Greenwood Village - Way To The Base - Sonic Adventure 2
{MAPOS} KAR Drag Race 3 - Drag Race - Kirby's Air Ride


{MAPO1} Desert Dream Zone - Desert - Donkey Kong '94 - Remix by NicoCW
{MAPO3} City Parkway Zone - Chasing Drive ...For Kart - Sonic Adventure 2
{MAPO5} Lilac Conservatory Zone K - Aerial Garden Zone - Sonic Robo Blast 2
{MAPO8} Opal Island Zone - Ice Mountain (Act 2) - Sonic Advance - Remix by Hyuga
{MAPO9} Route Three-One Zone - PASSPORT.MID - Windows
{MAPOA} Sub-Zero Citadel - White Acropolis ~The Base~ - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
{MAPOB} Klik N' Park Zone - Brickster Chase (Act 1) - Lego Island
{MAPOC} ThornRose Mansion - New Messiah - Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth
{MAPOG} Chip's Challenge - Level 1 - Chip's Challenge (Atari Lynx)
{MAPOH} Airborne Plaza Zone - Grape Garden - Kirby's Return to Dreamland
{MAPOI} Blazing Bandwidth Zone - Digital Circuit - Shadow the Hedgehog
{MAPON} SD2 Casino Night Zone - Casino Night - Sonic Drift 2
{MAPOO} N64 Bowser's Castle - Bowser's Road - Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics
{MAPOP} DKR Greenwood Village - Greenwood Village - Diddy Kong Racing
{MAPOS} KAR Drag Race 3 - SPEED OF KIRB - i-win

Old versions live here: https://mega.nz/#F!lLJkmSZC!9klBaW-r5aUMUUcQvn1ejQ

Supporters / Co-Authors:


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Welcome to releases! Sadly, I don't have much to say on every map, but I am always happy to see a whole cup's worth of levels, and a battle map too! I especially liked Nuclear Nova being a rally course.


they/them frien
Yo, update time:

MAPK2 - Adventure Acre: Minor layout update near the end. Still figuring out means to keep both map pacing and an end of lap shortcut opportunity available.

MAPK3 - City Parkway: Added a few gimmicks to further seperate it from "Straight line zone"
MAPK4 - Nuclear Nova: Changed collision on overhanging decoration for less bonks.

MAPK5 - Lilac Conservatory K: Updated visuals for the sake of turn clarity and also because it looks prettier.
MAPBUMMER - Additional graphic and layout updates, made death pits actually deadly.


they/them frien
Hey! It's time to update this thing again! With a NEW STAGE!


This is Doomsday Disco Zone, a battle map that involves crazy flashing lights and techno music.

Other updates include actually remembering to rename some of BUMMER's resources after the map conflict update, as well as support for PK3.


So a few minutes ago, the people on my server ran across an issue on Nuclear Nova. On the jump before the finish line, if you are afflicted with Shrink, you will be unable to make it over the deep lava flow on Normal game speed until you are normal size.


they/them frien
Hey there, 'bout time I updated a few things here.


  • One new course, Klik N' Park Zone!
  • Updated Adventure Acre Zone to lessen the amount of water skip, along with a bit of a graphical update.
  • Nuclear Nova Zone has been updated to account for the shrink monitor not allowing racers to make the final jump.
  • Forgot to add a friend to Butter Battlefield Zone.


they/them frien
RC5 is here yo. A full cup is now complete, and a map is no longer Hell-bound. I also added a lua to use for Battle Plus for those who like that sorta thing.


they/them frien
I apologize for this little bump, but I've had to hotfix a few things in the pack, primarily based on file size being unnecessarily big.


they/them frien
(Man I really should actually announce changes to this pack more often)

As of this update we got:

  • Multiple GBJ and readability fixes.
  • Gordos.
  • Klik N' Play Zone is now a 2-lap course.
  • A new course: Airborne Plaza Zone.
  • Staff attack records! None of them that great I think.
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1.3.2 changes! oh man!

Adventure Acre has been updated to account for waterskipping changes in Kart 1.0.4. Also Nuclear Nova's checkpoint exploits were fixed.


Kart Krew™️
Just my personal view on some of your packs tracks. I sometimes tend to get nitpicks and actual track flaws mixed up at times so i apologize if that happens.

Desert Dream Zone
Overall probably one of my favorite maps in the packs mainly due to how it just feels like it would fit right in to the normal map rotation. The only issues I really have with this track are the shortcuts. For the shortcuts, the first cut at the dark inside area needs to allow the player to actually see where they're going. The fact the ramp leads to what is essentially viewed as a dark abyss makes me feel blind trying to figure out where this is even taking me. The second cut over a small offroad patch, near the last turn, doesn't even feel necessary as the normal path is right next to it and has a boost pad on it, making the cut feel a little worthless.

Adventure Acre
I personally dont know what to feel about this track. While you seem to have fixed the water skipping, the sections with water doing really have any interesting turns and the secret section you can still water skip to feels like it isnt really worth as half the time you either hit the wall of the log pathway or you skip so slow that even while making it, you still lose time making it worthless. Along with that, the non water sections dont really do much for me and feel way too easy to take, but at the same time they dont do anything offensive design wise so I cant really say if its good or bad.

City Parkway
I despise this track, and it isnt just for the final shortcut. The straightaways feel way too long and the turns are all too easy given the track's width is massive. It feels like a genuine slog to race through as nothing interesting happens every time i race on it. As for the final shortcut, all I can say is that it feels awful to lose to someone who simply has a single shoe in 5th and takes it to get first. idk, maybe make it so only people with invincibility or growth can take it because it just feels empty having someone pass me on such an overall easy but super rewarding cut

Nuclear Nova
Honestly, this track is pretty good for being one of the first in the pack. All I can say is this: change the yellow spring section. I just dont understand why you would do this, I feel like I genuinely do 10x better just not taking the yellow springs due to how much they slow you down even if there are item balloons since there are item box rows at the start and end of the sections. I guess to go along with that, I do feel the straightaways could be toned down a bit as they go on for too long and the turn at the start of section 4 could feel a bit better as you kinda go straight into it and barely turn for a blue, making it feel a little off. Other than that, it's overall a good track.

Lilac Conservatory
This track used to be fine, but then the gordo nation attacked. I seriously dont understand why they were added. They're placed in spots where you either will get bumped into and get heavily punished or you fuck up a turn, going into a wall littered with them, and fuck up even more due to the spinout. The worst thing is that they share the same properties as the red barrage spikeballs, meaning they hit you even if you dont touch them as seen here kart0069.gif. Overall, I want to like this map but the gordo addition just makes me avoid it every time it pops up which is sad because the overall design is fun.

Opal Island
Another track that doesn't really do anything bad, but I don't really care for it. The width is massive and the turns are all easy, making it feel like nothing really happens outside someone passing you at the final shortcut area. I don't really know what could be done as I think its more me disliking easy tracks than the track itself being bad so idk.

Chips Challenge
Honestly, I really would like to like this map, but it feels so unapproachable. The fire, while not as bad as in lilac conservatory, feel like they hit me even when they dont as seen here kart0073.gif. Along with that, sharp turns into the sections with the alternating blocks make decisions on which side to take terrible as usually, you have no idea going in how long its been since the last block switch due to how quickly after the turn they appear at leading to constant fuck ups as a result. I can't really say if a sound cue would help or not but perhaps making them appear later after turns could also be a solution?

Sub-Zero Citadel
Yet another inoffensive yet wide and easy track. I feel obliged to switch to bottom right characters when these pop up as the wide track and turns make handling characters feel completely obsolete. Seriously, why is this turn even a thing kart0074.gif. I really can't add that much other than that, since the track doesn't really do anything bad, but it doesn't do anything at all at the same time.

Klik N' Park
Gonna be real, I absolutely hate this track. Nothing fun or eventful ever happens, it's legit more straightaways than turns with all of the turns being very short and easy. Along with that, boosters seem to go straight into srb1 enemies that feel like they're either too small or blend too well into the map to see leading to awkward spinouts. I can't really say much other than to spice up the layout itself?

Thornrose Mansion
I love this map, from the design to the music to the overall track layout itself. Somehow, even though straightaways are present, you have stuff like ramps that dont give you too much airtime but give you enough for a blue drift store if you're good or offroad sections in the middle that make me at least feel like there's something happening during them. Really, all I can say that sorta urks me is that the grass and the spiked grass that spins you out is somewhat hard to differentiate at times, but other than that I really enjoy racing on this one.

Airborne Plaza
I'm torn on this track. I both hate it and love it. It's concept is absolutely lovely, especially in its design, and the tracks layout itself feels really fun to drive through. But at the same time, the track feels super floaty whenever you aren't on the track, whether it be going off a ramp or hitting one of the slopes kart0080.gif. It gives off a feeling of not having control that personally, I dont really enjoy as i've had times where someone would orbi me towards one of the tracks sides which would launch me off the slope flying into the air for an absurd amount of time till i hit the abyss. I don't know if it's either the slopes being fucky or if you messed with the gravity of the track as a whole, but it comes off feeling a bit janky at times.


they/them frien
Oh look, this pack got an update again.


  • Graphical and minor course tweaks to both Desert Dream and Lilac Conservatory.
  • Gordos nerfed.
  • Re-balanced the gate cut in Sub-Zero Citadel.
  • Fixed accidental gravity in Airborne Plaza.
  • Chip's Challenge is banned to map hell again.
  • TWO NEW MAPS: Route Three-One Zone, and Summer Segue Zone.
  • Staff attack records are totes broken as heck.


they/them frien
Hi! This pack got an update! I KNOW!

  • City Parkway got a new sky/skybox, a crazy booster slope thing, and a nerfed shortcut!
  • Klik N' Park got it's layout squished down a little, additional obstacles on the back straightaway, and a whole new line of cartridges to diddle on you.
  • Route Three-One lost a whole lap and got sunglasses.
  • Water skipping for shrunken players has been fixed in Lilac Conservatory.
  • Removed a bunch of music I forgot to remove in the previous update lol.
  • I probably forgot something else.


Just wanted to say myself and my friends actually love klik n' park. Actually added another lap to it just because
Nuclear Nova is straight up one of my favorite tracks in the game, excellent theme and varied track layout with quite possibly the single best music track I've heard thus far in the mod. Fun to play it on Zone Mode, although that does reveal one issue: The yellow springs during the outside portion to bounce to raised areas don't work if you're going too fast. I've had this happen rarely with Grow if I have a red boost as well. Making them larger (rather than the mini ones they seem to be) would alleviate this.

Kilk'n'Park, on the other hand, is just... meh? The 2D enemies are ugly, profoundly annoying and don't feel like they add anything to the track, especially the alien rapidly moving back and forth that blends like a cloaked Predator into the track until you're right on top of them.

Airborne Plaza is a solid tech track with a good song, my only complaint is the jump near the end heavily punishes holding a boost or using speed items since you go wide or even just straight off the edge. Maybe a floating booster like Viridian Forest's would help by redirecting flight without being too obtrusive.

Might you link me to the original song used in Desert Dream? The Kirby one might be more fitting, but I miss the beat of that original remix.

Opal Island is just kinda boring. The track is super wide with lazy corners and a subdued shortcut. Some blind sections (most notably the U-turn at the start and the hard right before the shortcut) really could use some tapering to both improve the look of the track and give a boost in visibility as well, instead of being these awkward hard edges.

Sub-Zero is okay, I like the gate gimmick.

Adventure Acre has seen some nice improvements, though I do miss the days where I was the first person to figure out that braking before hitting the water meant you didn't skip, gave me a big advantage ;P

Lilac I feel has suffered under the updates, though. The extra spikies don't feel like they add much and I personally preferred the boost location being behind the wall on the second U-turn instead of the stump jump, which feels too free and doesn't reward tight cornering and a cheeky inwards drift to reach. That original booster placement actually helped to teach me how to use counter-drifting. Fixing the skipping while shrunk is nice, though.

Route Three-One is a memeing good time.

City Parkway is a solid track, although the change to a fountain for the block skip at the end is questionable. It doesn't save much time and is liable to just bonk you on the wall anyways when you skip, making it inconsistent and risky without an appreciable benefit.


they/them frien
Hi! Update! Yes! That's a thing this pack has.


  • A new course for a new cup: Sonic Drift 2's Casino Night!
  • Changes in City Parkway including a fix to the jump over the fountain, the second fountain cut entirely in favor of speed-capped springs, the jump near the end of the course being nerfed into a regular ramp, and a lot more trees.
  • Thornrose Mansion got changes including a more intrusive table, the sharp turn at the rampwell shortcut being cut, and some general graphical updates here and there.
  • Route Three-One's massive cut near the end is dead entirely. (EDIT: THIS GOT HOTFIXED TO ACTUALLY BE DEAD)
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they/them frien
The "It's always something" update.

An actual version number change to prevent the unintentional confusion left over from the last update, sorry!

  • Adjusted Casino Night's shortcut so Speed 1 characters can make the jump, along with bumper adjustments to prevent being trapped in between bumpers.
  • Added a death pit to Thornrose Mansion.
  • The wall preventing the Route Three-One spring skip actually prevents it now.

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