Dreamscape Gardens

[MP Level] Dreamscape Gardens v2.0.1


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Hopefully this is the last patch I'll have to do for a while. Things keep happening!

  • Opal Island got a bit of an overhaul with slimmer roads, reworked texturing, and additional obstacles.
  • Lilac Conservatory's waypoints actually work now.
  • Casino Night no longer buzzes loudly when starting a race.


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hi this pack got updates again. neato.


  • Minor changes to readability to Thornrose Mansion
  • The waypoints in Nuclear Nova Zone are now finally fixed, along with bigger yellow springs during the 3rd lap.
  • NEW COURSE: N64 Bowser's Castle! Which hopefully doesn't have something horrendously broken in it!!


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Like a speeding bullet milkman trying to deliver you a great refreshment, it's time to patch this dang pack again.


  • Added a silly easter egg to MK64 Bowser's Castle
  • Sub-Zero Citadel has changes regarding the gate shortcut being cheesed, seperated the lasers in the inside segment, made the giant seizure-inducing red wall less eye-strainy, and added a new fancy skybox!
  • Minor item shift to Summer Segue to try and prevent a blind road. Probably going to have to change the turn entirely at some point.
  • City Parkway got a fresh new death pane at the overpass.
  • something super special.
MK64 Bowser's Castle is pretty interesting, still keeping the track layout while adding in new elements and an entirely fresh aesthetic. That said, the long wind tunnel does feel rather barren. Perhaps it'd get more interesting with items being left in it that come up on the speeding players quickly, but I feel like the walls could either use some decoration or just being outright replaced with a see-through grate or windows.


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Well the patches keep coming and they don't stop coming

NEW IN 1.4.8:

  • Casino Night Zone gets a giant block of wind above the pinball table to try and prevent softlocks, I also changed how the conveyor belt works, with a backwards lane down the middle and forward lanes to the sides.
  • Route Three-One got it's friend moved along with the addition of flags for the mines.
  • Lilac Conservatory K had some design adjustments to prevent softlocks and overall playability, along with minor graphic tweaks.
  • Summer Segue got visual tweaks, the spire section got various overhauls for overall playability, and a tiny bit of additional track added.
  • Both Summer Segue and Casino Night has new music.


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tired of these bi-daily patches yet?


  • Ramp cut is dead in Summer Segue, along with plenty of visual and playability tweaks.
  • MK64 Bowser's Castle hopefully has the levitation glitch fixed now.
  • Added a tada.


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psst...hey guys...guys...

1.5 is here.


  • A NEW COURSE, Blazing Bandwidth Zone!
  • The following stages got new Encore palettes: City Parkway, Lilac Conservatory K, Opal Island, Route Three-One, Klik N' Park, Thornrose Mansion, SD2 Casino Night, and KAR Drag Race 3.
  • Opal Island, especially, gets new obstacles to deal with exclusively in Encore Mode.
  • Overall visual changes made to the following stages: Klik N' Park, Thornrose Mansion, and KAR Drag Race 3.
  • Desert Dream's sarlac pit made more deadly.
  • Nuclear Nova gets a new death pane at the sweet jump past section 1.
  • Route Three-One has two of it's meme skips blocked off.
  • Added a fence to the invincibility skip in Sub-Zero Citadel.
  • Klik N' Park got a full road removed under the bridge, turning it into an offroad skip, and all the on-road enemies got scaled up. (Thanks, Lat'!)
  • Thornrose Mansion (Hopefully) has a somewhat less blind basement exit.
  • Other misc changes I might have forgotten about.


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Sorry for the super quick update once more.

1.5.1 specifically changes a lot for Blazing Bandwidth Zone regarding overall playability of the map.


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Like an overclocked train, it's 1.6 time!


  • A new map! Greenwood Village from Diddy Kong Racing!*
  • Fixed minor texture errors in some courses.
  • Hopefully fixed getting stuck in the vents in Bowser's Castle.
(*may actually look far more like Sand Ocean from SA2)


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Just some new tweaks for this little update here:

  • Opal Island Zone now contain floating boost rings (By Chengi!), along with various visual updates and changed road sizes, along with additional minor slopes.
  • Summer Segue Zone has two death pits removed in favor of offroad, now adding additional skips.
  • DKR Greenwood Village got it's mysterious slime trail removed, and also has a new wall.


they/them frien

  • City Parkway Zone has been entirely rebuilt into a completely new map
  • Various fixes to other maps, such as getting stuck in Sub-Zero Citadel's gate, and the ramp in Desert Dream allowing players to smack into the ceiling via growth.


I enjoyed most of the tracks. Tho I am a bit confused to why you picked a sand theme for a forest track. Diddy Kong Racing's Greenwood Village

Still very enjoyable tho.


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Hey, just a quick patch to solve some issues, mainly:

  • City Parkway now has a crapload more arrow signs and a bunch of little yellow lines to improve readability of the course.
  • Drag Race was improved significantly with the addition of exactly 9 Things.


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Every mapper has some sort of quirky weakness that holds each of their levels back. Whether it's ridiculous jumps that pointlessly push the limits of the game causing frustrating deaths (Any map I make), shortcuts so strong that the race is determined by them and nothing else (Blitz-T), or an overuse of a gimmick to the point that the courses are overly reliant on them, forgoing solid design (Barkley).

The biggest flaw I see in all of your maps is how poorly the course is telegraphed after a slope.







It's nearly every map, man...

Some of these do have arrows giving you an idea of what button to press, but the hazards that you need to avoid are usually much closer than the arrow itself.



You definitely can't react to that divider in the second image, and bananas are a total guessing game when slopes drop this steep this so quickly. Give some more room to breath as you reach the top of slopes and space out (or slope) the ceiling so you can look to it as an example of what's coming next. Arrows aren't the only way to tell you where to turn.

Now, something more specific...

You have a green texture to indicate offroad next to a green texture to indicate a hazardous area that will spin you out if you touch it. They almost completely blend into each other and that's just frustrating no matter how you look at it. I highly suggest changing one of the textures there so the vines can instantly be seen.

Mr Chezz

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and bananas are a total guessing game when slopes drop this steep this so quickly.

I wanna talk about this. The thing with bananas is that they're fairly short and the only time players can see what's immediately down the hill is when they're just about to go down it. Even with fairly long, gentle slopes like the one after the bridge in Sonic Speedway for example, there's little to no opportunity for players to avoid bananas like this if their driving line happens to be aligned with it:


Tails's sprite is obscuring the banana in the gif, so you don't have a clear view of it. The camera doesn't pan up over the character any further until they're going downhill, so the usual blind spot directly in front of them is extended to the immediate portion of the road going downhill. So yeah, it's definitely an inevitable guessing game there, but I'd only see it as problematic if the road width is very thin, as that would increase the likeliness of players hitting these items. Otherwise, I see it as players taking advantage of the course layout in those spots.

If I get some time, perhaps I'll take a closer look at these maps. See what I think. Other than what Chrome mentioned, I like the looks of them. Pretty nice!


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I had to drag myself away from 2.2 for this patch. :(


  • City Parkway Zone's got some slope adjustments and the booster cycle's indication has changed from being a pointing arrow to a traffic signal.
  • Opal Island also has some slope adjustments and overall graphical polish.
  • Thornrose Mansion attempts to give better visibility to the big ramp past the dining room, along with more graphical polish and the final cut is now dead.
  • Blazing Bandwidth Zone had it's meme wall changed a little bit.


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hey folk, there's a shiny new update. CHANGES IN 1.7.3:

  • MK64's Bowser's Castle got minor visual touchups, the Daytona Turn has been smoothed out.
  • Summer Segue has an unintentional cut...cut, added a missing death plane.
  • DKR Greenwood Village had the top route at the final turn completely axed, and general hall widening.
  • Route Three-One had a cut unintentional cut, and rearranged mines near the final turn.
  • A couple of other incredibly minor changes I may have forgotten.
  • frien exists


they/them frien
sorry for the 24-hour patch, just some things had to be addressed real quick.

  • Fixed a missing checkpoint in Bowser's Castle
  • Greenwood Village's skip was capable of being used in hard speed without sneaker, has been fixed.
  • Route Three-One's unintentional cut should be fully dead now.


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The amount of stages made for this pack is pretty amazing. I also enjoyed playing the battle maps from time to time. However when in the shrink effect in Route Three-One Zone, you can't get across the gap with the red spring panels if you don't have a speed item in hand. I figured I give you that information since shrink is usually disabled in kart servers now.





they/them frien
tearin' my way from animals for this.

  • Track readability changes in Opal Island and Sub-Zero Citadel.
  • Fixed Bowser's Castle's lava not killing the player.
  • Klik N' Park's scattered cartridges are laced with a fresh new form of DRM!
  • other things i probably forgot about...

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