We can't just have a perfect version number, huh? But yeah, we have a few oversights to patch.

  • A ridiculous skip found in the new Desert Dream has been walled off.
  • Opal Island's shortcut ramp's been extended.
  • A small 1px drivable seam in Opal Island has also been blocked off.
  • Hopefully Airborne Plaza's superskip is no longer attainable.
Finally. It is up and ready for public consumption!

Dreamscape Gardens v2 contains the following changes:

  • THREE NEW MAPS: Toffee Tor K, SRB2 Greenflower Zone, and a remake of Desert Dream!
  • A bunch of random patches to stuff I completely forgot about after many months!
  • Death to (most) spring panels!
  • Adventure Acre and Blazing Bandwidth are no longer with us. Along with two out of the three Map Hell Maps. (The pack now takes up slots O1-OI)
  • As of this update, the Battle Maps pack is no longer being maintained, the pack is still available on the thread to be played but I'll no longer be actively updating it.
Hope nothing horrible broke for this!! :D
  • Cool!
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