srb2 v2.1.x

  1. WellDoneSnake

    [Reusable] WDS_Pack (Two Separate Editions!)

    EDIT: This will be the last major update that this pack receives for now. I will still put out fixes if bugs are found however. Heyo, here's a miscellaneous pack that comes with various items and scripts, some of which come from a mod I have been (occasionally) working on. Now on to the main...
  2. ThatGuy1991

    Grass Hill Zone

    Hi, Guys This is Grass Hill Zone a short and simple Level a alternative for Green Hill Zone. this has a few Enemies and some Decoration.
  3. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] Prop Hunt (prophunt.lua)

    Changelog/known issues: You know that silly gamemode from Garry's Mod where you disguise as a random object? If not I'm sorry that this is your first contact. Anyway, in Prop Hunt the players are divided into two teams. The Props (red team) can disguise as a map object by approaching them, and...
  4. NARbluebear

    SRB1 Knuckles

    Phew, that was a lot of work. Had to make sure that it has the correct offsets, sprites, and other things. With feedback from the official SRB2 Discord, I now present to you, SRB1 Knuckles the Echidna. And just like SRB1 Sonic, he replaces Knuckles in the SRB1 Remake. Did I mention that he...
  5. Lach

    [Reusable] knuckles

    here he comes, rougher than the rest of them (very likely to cause severe framerate lag) happy april fools' day
  6. Pyro & Sunky

    Brighther World (PalWad)

    This is the first wad i'm making public and i'm excited for people to use it so maybe there's gonna be some errors in my ortography. This wad makes the colors of the palette look better, or worse in some cases And i don't have too many things to say about it so. This is the end of the message...
  7. Blacknide

    Gems Sonic MD2

    There he is! Sonic Model from the Gems Collection / Mega Collection. Sonic's some animations are based on Sonic Adventure because he looks like Sonic from Sonic Adventure. In MD2.dat: SONIC GEMSSONIC.md2 24.0 0.0
  8. OrdoMandalore

    [Reusable] Green Hill Zone 2D - Level Remake

    Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, recreated for SRB2! So, one day on discord I got talking with some people, and we got into the discussion of cliché levels and characters, and Green Hill Zone was brought up as one of those levels that were always remade / ported, etc... But then I noticed... I...
  9. Sz_

    [Reusable] Customizable HUD

    This is a simple LUA that can make you change the positions, hide, show and change the transparency of SRB2's vanilla huds. Note: This lua can break with other mods that change, add or remove huds, beware! List of commands to use: hud_score_xposition <number>: change the horizontal position of...
  10. Chops

    [Reusable] Insta-Swipe (TailsSwipe.wad)

    This should be pretty self explanatory Meant to mimic Tails Swipe Attack from the Advance/Adventure games. Additional Information:
  11. Chrispy

    Pointy Sonic

  12. Lach

    [Reusable] Directionchar - 2.2's player angling system in 2.1!

    In SRB2 version 2.2, players face the direction of their button inputs by default, rather than the camera angle. This has been brought to 2.1 before, but during development on Pointy Sonic, Chrispy and I decided to do our own take with the character in mind! You can use the console command...
  13. spike tf

    Green Flower Zone 2.2 "beta"

    Hello, here I bring you a small map based on what I think there may be in the 2.2 version of Srb2 I hope you like it
  14. LonelyFoxz

    Lonely's OddBall Md2 pack V4

    Oddball*v4*new*stuff.*not*everything*made*the*cut.*Softpoly*Support.*have*a*tutorial. Tutorial: As soon as you download the pack and Export it. you should see a zip file named, inside that folder there is another LFMD2 Folder and an md2.dat file. Rename "MD2".The md2.dat fie...
  15. heyjoeway

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Switch Port

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 for the Nintendo Switch SRB2 is finally playable on the Nintendo Switch! Not really sure what else to say except the notes below. Big thanks to carstene1ns for his work on the initial port; I really only did some polishing work to get this up and running. The game mostly...
  16. GomaTheMascar

    Peak Waterfalls

    Yey, my first map (oh no another greenflower). I always wanted to make a level for this game I played so much, but my laziness always got me, until now. It's the simple stuff, you jump plataforms, you dodge hazards, eh, but I hope its fun anyway :). Edit: I didn't really planned this to have...
  17. Sz_

    Bring back the nostalgia! Nostalgia.wad

    Are you feeling the need of revisiting the past? Do you miss the old SRB2 physics and huds? What about some SRB2JTE elements? No? It's a horrible idea and it'll ruin the game again? Hmm, here it is anyway! This mod adds (or rather, restore) these features down below! The old lives hud The old...
  18. FelipeO_O

    convertpk3: wad to pk3 converter tool (v1.0.0)

    convertpk3 is a command line utility to convert a wad file to pk3 file format. USAGE: convertpk3<wadfile> <pk3file> [compression method] [compression level] wadfile: The wad which you want to convert pk3file: The pk3 file name to save. [compression method]: Which compression method to choose...
  19. LZA

    [Reusable] WAD2PK3 (Windows)

    This tool is deprecated. Use convertpk3.
  20. GastlyGibus™

    Massive Mountain Zone

    Hello. I don't really know how to sell this level out since there isn't really a lot here since this is my first level of anything. I hope it's enjoyable and fun... Thanks for looking at this thread. you are now breathing manually Oh yeah i almost forgot...