walt the cat (updated)(md2)


Walt the cat for srb2 because why not. I don't know who would use my character but you never know. (and yes I did copy and paste this because I'm lazy)
(new) more spinning frames, added custom sound effects (Roblox and sonic generations) (wad file because why not)
(newer) md2 model for walt the cat is now a thing. all file in one
(cant upload gif)


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I love the way his eyebrows bob when he walks!


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This is overall a great first character. You drew sprites for all angles, something lots of people don't do with their first characters. And the animations are great, I like how you did his walk.
As always, I do have a criticism or two, but don't get discouraged. Practise makes perfect!:
His HUD name says "char cat". This should be easy to fix, just edit the S_SKIN accordingly.
In his A5 running frames, his arms are by his sides, but in the other angles, he's holding them forwards. You may want to fix that.
The spinning frames appear the same from all angles, which you would want to change since the streaks should be moving in the direction he's spinning.
Other than that, you've got a great first character wad. Keep on practising and you'll be able to do even better!

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