[SUGOI 3] KIMOKAWAIII: Part 1 and also Part 2


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KIMOKAWAIII expects that you've beaten SUBARASHII, which also expects you've beaten SUGOI. Now's your chance to back out if you want to know what's even going on.

SUGOI Team presents SUGOI 3: KIMOKAWAIII Is My Origin, KIMOKAWAIII Always Waits And Is Intensely Interested; Part 1 and also Part 2 ~ Chapter 3 of the Anime Eyes Sonic SaGa, or KIMOKAWAIII (pronounced kim-oh-kah-why-three) for short, is the third entry in the SUGOI trilogy of speedmapping community projects. This one was unique, in that it was 2 projects rolled into one! The KAWAIII segment had everyone make a level in a month, like the normal SUGOI affair. Afterwards, the KIMOIII segment had everyone make a boss battle in a month. As per SUGOI tradition, they have all been packaged into a single game, with hub levels, final bosses, and a dumb plot tying everything together. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude toward the SRB2 community into words for coming together to create possibly one of the largest SRB2 mods ever. None of this would've been possible without the absolutely insane number of contributions I received!

Now, for your normally scheduled marketing fluff:
  • 56 levels. Yes, fifty-six. That's the "modest" count.
  • A collaboration between 62 people!
  • Original music provided by AxelMoon and Lach! (Soundtrack here!)
  • An unlockable Boss Rush time trial mode!
  • Even more long & completely bullshit lore!
  • I am so sick of anime right now.

MAP01: Lilac Acreage Zone (RoyKirbs)

MAP02: Midnight Shores Zone (Steel Titanium)

MAP03: Oceanside Cave Zone (Rumia1)

MAP04: Aurora Atoll Zone, Act 3 (TehRealSalt & SeventhSentinel)
  • Music (Pre-fight): "Interrupted Sleep" from Kirby Super Star
  • Music (Boss): "Boss Battle" from Kirby Super Star

MAP05: Verdant Valley Zone (Fres)
  • Music: "Round 5-2 - Ice Scream" from Ristar
  • Lua: Emerald Hunt Advanced by Latius/ah2190
  • SOC: AMT Crawla by Lat'

MAP06: Morning Heights Zone (Firework917)
  • Music: "Mission Briefing" from Time Trax
  • Skybox: .Jazz.

MAP07: Arle Satan Bayoen Zone, Act Tsuu (Tripel the Fox)
  • Music (Stage 1): "Theme of Puyo Puyo" from Puyo Puyo
  • Music (Stage 2): "Area A" from Puyo Puyo Tsuu
  • Music (Stage 3): "Sticker of Puyo Puyo" from Puyo Puyo
  • Music (Stage 4): "Last Area" from Puyo Puyo Tsuu
  • Music (Stage 5): "Final of Puyo Puyo" from Puyo Puyo
  • Music (Warning): "Warning of Puyo Puyo" from Puyo Puyo
  • Music (Game Over): "Sorrow of Puyo Puyo" from Puyo Puyo

MAP08: Scarlet Palace (.Jazz.)

MAP09: BoBo the Bouncy Boi (TrustyGun)

MAP10: The Zone (Boinciel)

MAP11: Lush Meadow Zone (Flare957)
  • Music: "Evening Star" from Knuckles Chaotix

MAP12: Decrepit Plant Zone (TrustyGun)

MAP13: Cyber Deton (TSDude)
  • Music: "Boss" from Super Bomberman

MAP14: Knothole Valley Zone (Wumbo)

MAP15: Redcurrant Brewery (Monster psychic cat)

MAP16: Extraterrestrial Ruin Zone (SeventhSentinel)
  • Music: "Twilight Space" from Super Bonk

MAP17: Mr. Triangle The Pizza Delivery Guy Mania 1.5 (Root & Yacker)
  • Music: "Sunset Hill Zone Act 2 - Sonic Advance 3 (MIDI)" by Jace
  • Music (Boss): "Boss" from Kirby's Dreamland 3

MAP18: Robotnik's Fortress, Act 1 (Swift)
  • Music: "Dr. Wily Stage 1-2" from Mega Man: The Wily Wars
  • Textures: Sonic Mania

MAP19: Icy Hot Cave Zone, Act 1 (Sleeperz)
  • Music: "Round 3-2 - Under Magma" from Ristar
  • Additional assistance: Champ

MAP20: Diamond Valley Zone (Badz)
  • Music: "Jazz Castle" from Jazz Jackrabbit 2

MAP21: Pointy Egg (Badz)
  • Music: "Jazz Boss Tune 2" from Jazz Jackrabbit 2

MAP22: Shogun Stronghold Zone (TehRealSalt)
  • Music: "Outside Shredder's Hideout" from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

MAP23: Submerged Corridors Zone (Q.T.D.)

MAP24: Green Hill Zone (LJSonic)
  • Music: "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog

MAP25: Mechanical Garden Zone (BronsoKip)

MAP26: LJ Sonic (LJSonic)

MAP27: Confleggator (742mph)
  • Music: "Act 2 Boss" from Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Sprites: CoatRack

MAP28: Acidic Alpines Zone (Lach)
  • Additional assistance: fickleheart

MAP29: Magmor Zone (Glaber)
  • Music: "Volcano Valley Zone" from Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

MAP30: Egg Flambe (Glaber)
  • Music (Pre-fight): "Unused Boss" from Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)
  • Music (Boss): "Boss 1" from Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)
  • Music (Pinch): "Boss 2" from Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

MAP31: Wasted Wayward Zone (PersistantRubine)
  • Music: "Desolation Canyon" from Wild Guns

MAP32: Cutout Warehouse Zone (fickleheart & toaster)

MAP33: Desolate Woods Zone (Manimi & Strike)

MAP34: Dark Stabot (Manimi)

MAP35: Nova Shore Zone (DrTapeworm)

MAP36: Raspberry Desert Zone (Revan)

MAP37: Bio Satellite Zone (Chaobrother)

MAP38: Egg Lasershow (Chaobrother)

MAP39: Quandary Canyon Zone (RomioTheBadass)
  • Music: "Stage 1-1 (Desert)" from Ranger-X
  • Music (Secret): "Camel Jazz" from Aladdin (Genesis)
  • Textures: Dolphman

MAP40: Ruby Castle Zone (Shiron)

MAP41: Sleeping Egg Zone (Nintensis)
  • Textures: FearsomeFang
  • Lua: Pogo Spring by Lat'

MAP42: Dimension Disaster Zone (Lat')
  • Music: "YO-KAI Disco" from Mamorukun Curse!
  • Textures: Sonic 2, Sonic Mania
  • Sprites: MotorRoach

MAP43: Doomsday Disaster Zone (Lat')
  • Music: "Super Hero", "Mantra" & "Ultimate Terror" from Mamorukun Curse!
  • SFX: Pokemon, Angel Beats

MAP44: Sunken Shafts Zone (Inferno Dragon)

MAP45: Azure Paradise Zone (Lazy MK)

MAP46: Cosmic Valley Zone (davee0)

MAP47: True Protagonist (Goldenhog)
  • Music: "Last Boss" from Magical Taruruuto-Kun
  • Sprites: Megaman 8, Prinny, Makai Kingdom
  • SFX: Megaman 8

MAP48: Pure Rock Zone (Goldenhog)
  • Music: "Main Title Part 2" from Alien 3 (Genesis)

MAP49: Backyard Bother (Sryder & Chromatian)
  • Special Thanks: TehRealSalt, DrTapeworm, Boinciel, VelocitOni
  • Music (Overworld): "The Magic House" from Final Fantasy VI
  • Music (Boss Intro): "Sanctuary Guardian's Challenge" from Earthbound
  • Music (Boss Start): "Oncoming Boss" from Earthbound
  • Music (Phase 1): "Sanctuary Guardian" from Earthbound
  • Music (Phase 2): "Enraged Ones" from 7th Dragon
  • Music (Defeat): "A Bad Dream" from Earthbound
  • Music (Victory): "You Defeated the Boss!" from Earthbound
  • In Memory Of: Tyler52

MAP50: Amethyst Aqueducts Zone (Ikkarou Tatsuru)

MAP51: Soniguri (Tripel the Fox)
  • Sprites: MotorRoach, Lat'
  • SFX: Acceleration of Suguri

Credits for end-game content is included within the game.

Additional Credits:
  • SRB2 Asset Pack released by Sphere
    • Assets from Blade, Monster Iestyn, & Scizor300
  • FreeDoom textures by the FreeDoom team
    • Ported to SRB2 by ShadowHog
    • FreeDoom full credits and license is included in lumps FCOPYING.txt and FCREDITS.txt
  • Horizontal Springs: DirkTheHusky & Lach
  • Axis2D: fickleheart & chi.miru
  • Additional Music:
    • Title Screen: "KIMOKAWAIII" by AxelMoon
    • Record Attack: "Warming Up" by AxelMoon
    • Character Select: "Starting Out" by AxelMoon
    • Invincibility: "Sparkle Power" by AxelMoon
    • Super Sneakers: "Faster, Faster!" by AxelMoon
    • Level Clear: "Sugoi Victory" by AxelMoon
    • Drowning: "You're Drowning!" by AxelMoon
    • Game Over: "You've Let Us Down" by AxelMoon
    • Continue: "Continue? Try Again?" by AxelMoon
    • Credits: "Staff Roll - Marvel vs. Capcom (Remix)" by MrDestructor90 (https://youtu.be/40zXgXwDu98)
  • Audio Help, 1-Up SFX: SeventhSentinel
    • TehRealSalt
    • Boinciel
    • SeventhSentinel
    • AxelMoon
    • Lach
    • LJ Sonic

  • A few tweaks were made to LJ Sonic's length & difficulty.
  • Fixed the emblems for Puyo Puyo & Egg Lasershow.
  • Fixed Knothole Valley's sky textures being incorrectly sized.
  • Fixed a mistagged death pit in Cosmic Valley.
  • Made some of SoAES attacks just a bit easier.
  • Fixed Green Hill Zone adding bots to the mini-game.
  • Fixed Green Hill Zone potentially breaking a few custom HUD addons.
  • Fixed LJ Sonic not providing an emblem upon completion.
  • Fixed LJ Sonic being able to pick bots as the indenter.
  • Egg Gundam's missile attacks have been made a little easier to dodge.
  • Fixed the platforms being permanently invisible if you join a server during One Last Goodbye, leave, and then rejoin.
  • Removed afterimages from SoAES's projectiles.
  • Initial release.

As per usual, please discuss all end-game content inside of spoiler boxes. Thank you.


scr_kimokawaiii_v1-2.pk3 (MEGA link)

SRB2.org: (Split archive. Please download only if the main download above does not work.)
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Ah yes. After 3000 years, The SUGOI TRILOGY comes to an end

Congrats on everyone who worked hard on this and I'll give my complete thoughts for when I finish it :>


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This was unexpected. 2.1.25 releases at the same time as KIMOKAWAII, was there a reason for it?


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More collaboration projects? I was literally thinking to myself "hey, another SUGOI would be cool" and here we have it. Another SUGOI. I only hope there's more wads like this one, where a bunch of people band together to make stuff. It's fun to see!


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EXTREMELY glad to see this one hit the finish line so nicely after the wait, from what I'd gotten to test beforehand...I'm real excited to netgame it with friends properly now.


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I still have to play it properly, but there's still one problem that persists(it was in the demos as well): for some reason when skylua is loaded the characters can't jump nor spindash


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This was unexpected. 2.1.25 releases at the same time as KIMOKAWAII, was there a reason for it?

2.1.24 and 2.1.25 were mainly created due to KIMOKAWAIII. They were made to provide fixes that make some of the things in KIMOKAWAIII work correctly.


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Been waiting for this for a while now, excited to see all the cool shit everyone's made!


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Wow, everyone is just YEETing it visiting and downloading KIMOKAWAII right here boys, s h a r e i t t o y o u r w e e b f r i e n d s !


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We did it guys and gals. We fricking did it!

I hope everyone enjoys this final hurrah!

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