Utility, Reborn! v0.4d


I was given permission to continue Utility by Blaze The Cat, so I've been maintaining it ever since the disappearance.

I present to you, Utility v0.4d! I'll do my best to build a changelog, though please don't expect one since there's been so many changes it's hard to remember since I wasn't keeping track, but I'll briefly explain the few notable new features:
  • Permission Nodes - You can assign permission nodes and groups to users to further customize what users can do on the server, as well as make logins for users to return to the server and get a usergroup given to them. You can also create permission nodes in your scripts to allow Utility's usergroups to manage it.
  • Slow mode and chat filter - New chat features to enable slow mode, or stop some swears from showing up. The swear filter is a bit primitive for now.
  • Inline chat commands - Use the / before a message to make it run that line in the console.
  • vanilla command - Allows the remote use of select vanilla commands. Works on a whitelist rather than a blacklist, and permissions exist to prevent banning and kicking of certain users through this command.

However, there is finally a documentation for the script right here which will explain absolutely everythign you need to know about the script.

Roadmap and To-Do:
  • State saving - Allow a user to disconnect from the server, and return later with score, rings, lives, powers, time, etc. as if they never left the server at all.
  • Revamp the voting system and other core features.
  • Better swear filter.
  • Any extra suggestions that come to play. Maybe your ideas.


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I can let this into releases, but it would be greatly appreciated to have any kind of screenshot, even just one of the console feed.


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Wow cool! Permissions have been at the back of my mind for a little while. I wonder how useful they will be.

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