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WARNING: This addon contains extreme gore and a lot of violence and is rated M for Merely Immature, I advise you to ask your mom before downloading this. -- Original Warning Post by Lat' (Again removed and Modified it)

This is a enhanced version of MotorRoach's funny meme thing.

This is also a port of the Funny Meme by Lat'

Now in v2.2!

Every Monitor now has been replace (Including Gold Boxes) into Laughing Sonics everywhere!

When hitting a monitor, it will BRUST INTO LITTLE BLOODLY PIECES when jumping/stomping on them.

Praise MotorRoach.

P.S: best experienced for ultimate mode for a challenge.



Lat' - for the original script + addon

Icezer - for the Laughing Sonic Sprite (From Alt Sonic)

This is also Open Assets so you can go a head and do whatever.

Also just to say, yes the 1up monitor has the life icon in the characters. Am not changing it unless there is a way, but this is what I want for now. Rip the number "1UP".

Anyway, have fun with this experience!

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HAHAHA- *gets killed*
Jokes aside, this is an pretty good port of this add-on from 2.1.
Thanks, I just reuse the code. Since it works, I only had to tweak a bit of the few things and it worked.
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10/10 Best Mod S Tier
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Look guys, it's the funny meme!
Welcome to releases!
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