group: pokemon

  1. Ganbare-Lucifer

    [Reusable] The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! V2 [Pokemon Trainer Gold]

    Finally! I am proud to present you the first pack of mine! The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! Racers Ahead! So anyways, enjoy!
  2. CometAce

    Gigantamax Eevee

    "How is thid absolute unit supposed to drive on that?" Yep, it's finally here! Gigantamax Eevee has come to raid SRB2Kart! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATS Medium-Heavyweight (4 Speed|8 Weight)...
  3. jewelmoon

    Jewel's Character Pack [V5] (NEW: Mephiles + Jewel the Beetle) V5

    A pack of all characters I've completed and am happy to share! No theme, no plans, just what I was feelin' like. Currently, there are 10 characters within this pack: Feedback is appreciated and I try to take in any criticisms or suggestions about the characters here. A special thanks to my...
  4. WilliamPhox

    Harry and William's Character Pack v1

    THIS PACK IS IN A SLOW DEVELOPMENT, SO BE PATIENT. Introducing a brand new character pack, in which there are two developers, Harry being the spriter, and me, William, being the compiler. Current Characters: Delphox: 6/6 Krystal: 2/4 ???: ?/? ??? ?/? More coming soon. There's still...
  5. Gunla

    The Box - A Character Pack by Gunla [v7] v7

    Looking for semi-obscure characters you may or may not have heard of? Are you a fan of bottom right statblock oversaturation? Not tired of anime in your kart racer? Welcome to... The Box. It features characters done by Gunla, from wildly different mediums. Characters listed below include their...
  6. -Whiplash-

    [Reusable] -Whiplash- Character Pack

    I'd been working on some Sprites for SRB2Kart for a couple characters!! I made Acerola from Pokémon Sun/Moon, her voice is ripped from Pokémon masters. The blue Falcon from F-zero Climax. His voice is ripped from brawl. I cleaned his sprites up cause they were pretty bad. He uses the ZOOM...
  7. Professor Eevee

    [Reusable] A.I.R Eevee joins the race!

    This is A.I.R Eevee and he joins the race to well join another sonic fan game and he is wierd derpy and poorly made but still budget enugh. so A.I.R Eevee is a speed 9 and a wheight of 3 to make him fast and light. so A.I.R Eevee is color changeable to and uh i dont know what else to say but...
  8. Guil

    [Reusable] Guil's Characters! (FatRat Pack)

    A collection of characters made by Guil (Previously known as Fattata). The characters: Chocobo Original Thread ID: "chocobo" Speed: 6 Weight: 3 Good at keeping up with the pack, but a little easy to push around. Stats come from his source game, Chocobo Racing, where he's slightly faster than...
  9. NeoticRin

    Nerd Eevee 1.0

    A NERDY EEVEE This little eevee decided to join in on the race as a racer. 7 Speed 2 Weight Unlike his distant relative, he's smart enough to improve his engine to be fast. Unfortunetely he had to sacrifice his acceleration to gain his speed. He's still just as light though. Palettable...
  10. Luke_PersistentLucario

    Riolu (Pokemon) 2021-05-20

    Riolu rallys the stage! Character from the 4th Generation of Pokémon now in Kart. Information: Their stats are 6 speed and 2 weight. Voice clips are taken from Pokémon (2019) Chapter 21 and 22. (Credit to the voice actor, Kei Shindō) Sprites made by Luke_PersistentLucario (Me). Includes a 3D...
  11. timothykart

    [Reusable] Timothy's Crazy Character Pack! 1.6.2

    And now I am proud to introduce, My Crazy Character Pack! Here in my character pack, I worked hard on characters I wanted to make. Currently, there are 13 characters that I have created, each with their own (mostly) unique stats! The Voice Clips and sound effect, (minus the lose.oggs) for See &...
  12. ScoutTheSK


    As a new member to the SRB2 Kart community, I wanted to take a swing at trying to do a mod as a contribution to the community, and since nobody has done this, I'm doing the fan-service to add Goodra into SRB2 Kart! Goodra Speed to Acceleration : 3 to 7 Weight to handling : 7 to 3...
  13. CometAce

    [Reusable] Togedemaru joins the races!

    Togedemaru: The Roly-Poly Pokémon, rolls it's way to SRB2Kart! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: Speed:7 Weight:2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About this mod 1.This is my...
  14. kalobrienz

    Pokemon Trainer Lassie (The angriest Scottish trainer - Contains swearing)

    Hey folks! Still on a bit of the Pokemon gen 8 kick, this time attempted an actual humanoid sprite! Its the Scottish gen 8 Pokemon female trainer! Stats : Speed 7/ Weight 4 Featuring a unique sprite based on the new trainer, and FULLY VOICED AUTHENTIC ANGRY SCOTTISH AUDIO by the amazing...
  15. greendogblue

    [Reusable] Green's Cyndaquil

    My first submission. I figured that since I couldn't find a racer of my favorite Pokemon that I would have to make one, so make one I did. Here's my Cyndaquil kart racer. Stats are 5:3.
  16. Journeyer

    [Reusable] Weavile (v2)

    Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon, shreds its way into SRB2K! Already being famous in both its home RPG battlefields and in the fighting Pokken arenas for its great agility and speed, the evolution of Sneasel now tests its mettle in the racetrack! Stats: Speed: 7 Weight: 3 At the compact size of...
  17. OuroYisus

    Falinks marches into the race!

    A wild Falinks appeared! With a Stat Spread of 3,6 (because they're six) They will rightfully march over the competition Also, thanks to all the people in the Kart Krew discord server for all the help, and for being a lovely community as a whole!
  18. Emilianomario

    [Reusable] Emilianomario's Kart Character Pack 1.5

    (Slight blood and religious iconography warning, for uhhh, one character) Yet again Tiniest Turtles kindly helped me and compiled a pack of all of my previously done Kart character mods, which I never thought about doing before and just now realized how many characters I've done. I will now...
  19. Dimpsuu

    Dimpsuu's Kart Pack (RC.9 PRIME/MISFITS UPDATE)

    The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers. This includes 7 characters that were already...
  20. kalobrienz

    Sobble, The Best Gen 8 Starter

    Hey there! This right here is the best starter pokemon you've ever seen, I hear he even races karts! Sobble! This is my first attempt at a custom character, hes a 8 Speed / 1 Handling fast boy and hes ready to race. It features a unique gen 5 based sprites of the new water starter Sobble...