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What is the Jam Jar? The Jam Jar is filled with maps that were part of a Mapping Jam hosted by Mariko and Mr.Logan under the Kart Community Server (KCS). Members within the server had 2 months to finish and submit a map for the Jam Jar, and everyone within the server (New Mappers, Experienced Mappers and even Kart Krew Devs) were encouraged to participate. We have plans to update the pack whenever a new jam finishes so the rest of the community can enjoy the maps that we have made together!

Now with that out of the way: HERE IS ARE THE NEW MAPS!













CREDITS: (everyone will be linked to their mb profiles once the mb stops being slow)
- Mr.Logan
- Mariko
- Gunla
- Diggle
- SeasideDoe
- jelly
- Chengi
- Chaobrother
- Runa
-Big thank you to everyone in the KCS that helped test these maps, and a big thanks to everyone who decides to host and play these maps!
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Latest reviews

tiled byway reminds me of the poolrooms
tho it looks good
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The theme and visiable of the map here are great.
I will share all the problem that I have (it sound negatif but it doesn't mean i dislike the map)

- Bell Tower :
When you discover this map for the first time, it is a disaster. Everyone keep falling in pit because theyre are either to fast or to slow ; you often bonk on some hard turn ; getting hit just before a jump is a garanti fall. This map is awful in a full lobby for multiplayer.
It is however an incredible map for time attack, this is the only thing that save it. Visual are ok for the pokemon theme, there is just some moment where you can confuse the wall as the main road.

- Midnight Ritual :
Probably the most solid map in the pack. The only default is that there is too much fog in the track, making banana hard to see.
And just before the graveyard, you are most likely to take the offroad path by misstake insted of taking the split path.

- Tiled Byway :
Nothing special to said. There a long strait path where you go forward for like 10s, is.. long... And some specific slope where you land near the end should not have physic IMO. Also This eggmanbox spawner is really out of the way to get it, It could be place more close to the entrance exit.

- Vanilla Iceberg :
The ice physic is corect , not to strong so it's cool.
The huge slope at the bridge really need to has physic disable it's almost a garanti spb hit.
The first iceberg cut is not rewarding enough to take it.
The 2nd Iceberg cut is... a death plane? What? That's weird because you encourage to take it for the first one but punish it for this one.

- Sundae Drive :
Extremly great visual.
But the ramp... there are the worst part of the map. You lost way to much speed by taking them, and even more if you land on the 2nd smaller one for the right path. This would had no problem with trick, but without trick those ramp are garbage.
THe first strong turn would need to have slope physic off too, because you can sometime fly away.

- Egg Reverence
(I won't complain about hiding eggman box into the item box since it's aparently a sprite conflict)
The ramp at the begening is a dissater, going to fast => you die . Going to slow => You die . Gettting bonk => You die.
The final slope turn look weird. You expect it to have physic but it hasn't I think?

- Amber glade :
The wall and floor share the same texture, this create deapth perception problem.
The map is I think too small.
The ramp blend way to much with the ground so we don't notice it's a slope to go at the top path.
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Nice set of maps!

Bell Tower is a technical and tricky map that once you understand can be super rewarding, there was a instance where the floor texture blended with the pit and can cause confusion.

Midnight Ritual had a cool gimmick with the changing level and the fire paper-sprites(?) that did damage on the last lap. I do think the section at the 2nd item set was blind as on my first playthrough of the map so I drove straight onto the off-road, it might be the amount of fog on the floor that made it hard to see so perhaps reduce it?

Tiled Byway is a visually nice looking map and plays pretty well. Only issue I had were the spiral stairs did confuse me when I got to the bottom.

Vanilla Iceberg was super fun and I consistantly enjoyed my time on that map whenever it was chosen. Really nice touches with the mario-eqsue item blocks.

Sundae Drive is visually fantastic and the layout, whilst simple, is fun. A good map overall

Egg Reverence was funny map - Theme wise. It plays well and the visuals with the theme work great! Are there shortcuts on this map? Cos it felt like there were none and some of my friends when playing found it difficult to catch up. The slope just after the booster spirals caught me off-guard expecting it to have slope physics but it didn't lol.

and Amber Glade was a fun little battle map!

Overall a great set of maps!
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Awesome, all the maps are pretty good!
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Welcome to releases!
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