Eeveelution.Lua _ What? EEVEE is evolving?!

[Reusable] Eeveelution.Lua _ What? EEVEE is evolving?! 1b

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WARNING : This lua is now include in the PatafoinCharacterPack since V16 and the Lua version of eevee. Avoid to put those two file at the same time to avoid conflict. This page is now mainly usefull if you are using Joker's eevee instead of mine.
Those lua make the character Eevee evolve during a race.


How it work?

In order to work, you must have the eevee character and at least one eeveelution loaded.
Eevee evolve after finishing a lap. However this is random, he won't alway evolve. If this is the last turn, the chance goes up to 100%.
Be carfull, if you got hit DURING the evolution, it will cancell it.

Evolution choosed :
The evolution choosed is random if the map isn't assigned in the 2nd lua file : KL_eeveelution_mapRegistering.lua . The lua provided in the download has all the vanilla map set up ; and some map custom. So... in green Hill, the only evolution possible is Leafeon.

You can set up which evolution will be choose in each map by editing the mapRegistering.lua . Just make sure to change the name of the lua to avoid name conflict between diferent server.

However... if you also have EeveeGigamax loaded ; there a 3% chance that your eevee will become... BIG.

If you play with the pref color of eevee, then the eeveelution choosed will change color to use the corect pref color.

Stat will also change, unless you restat

Where are the character ? :
Eevee and Eeveelution :
Joker's Eevee if you don't want my eevee :
Gigamax Eevee :

Warning : If both eevee are loaded, only one of them will work

Command :
- eeveelution_duration : how long it take to evolve. (admin only)
- eeveelution_gmax_chance : how often you randomely gigamax. (admin only)
- eeveelution_off : turn off localy the lua

Credit :
95% of the work has been made by DR_NOPE . I was just the Beta tester in my sever, and the creator of the eeveelution char.
So if you have some bug, try to contact him instead.

Feel free to post your edited MapRegistration in the comment, so I can sometime update it.
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