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Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon, jumps into the racetrack! 1.1

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The sentient and mischievous lamp itself, Chandelure, debuts into Kart straight from the Pokémon series! Although it feels a bit uncomfortable in the kart, and would much rather float, just know that it's trying its best to win (without cheating, that is...).

Chandelure sports the brilliant statblock of 5 speed and 2 weight, meaning it can take lines really well, at the cost of being bullied around much more easily! These stats were an attempt at being as accurate to the og game stats as possible, hopefully I didn't fail miserably lmao

This is my first character, and there will be more coming on the way soon™!

Reese for helping me choose voicelines and with the wanted portrait pose
Tweechie and the folks at Kart Krew for helping me figure out an issue with the drift frames

Voiceclips were taken from Pokkén Tournament (go play it, it's a good game)​
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Such a unique character choice, I love it. I actually appreciate it being in a kart and not free floating
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Amazing work with this! Was a blast helping ya out with the voicelines and sprites, would love to do it again!
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Welcome to releases!
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