character: knuckles the echidna

  1. Mystic Akito

    [Reusable] All Characters super!

    I (and people that helped me) created a script that allows every character to become super! In Vanilla SRB2, only Sonic and Metal Sonic are allowed to become super, but with this script, Everyone can! --Helpers-- LJSonic Tatsuru Golden Laby (This is my second submission, so please pardon how...
  2. Elyos03

    [Reusable] Overhauled Legacy Trio (+ Legacy Sonic) & Knuckles

    Uhh... I think there's been a mistake. Remember these guys? They are back and better than ever! With the courtesy of the art of the one and only SSNTails. As for Knuckles, Chrispy did his part. (Though I used a wad with a HiRes playable version of Legacy Sonic and ports of Legacy Tails...
  3. Tonic ze Hedgefox

    [Character] UglyKnux

    The old Knuckles sprites hailing from way back when; UglyKnux finally makes his long-awaited and desired appearance in SRB2 Kart for all to enjoy!* *details might be exaggerated, who wanted this guy back? Thanks to his slimmer physique and model-ier look, UglyKnux is only slightly faster and...