With permission from both MotdSpork and HitCoder, I have polished up and ported this script to v2.2.x. Now you too can enjoy the full glory of the seizure-inducing Hypersonic Hedgehog and friends!

Hyper Sonic:

  • Flashing colors
  • Sparkles circle around Sonic
  • Armageddon Speed Thok
  • Afterimages
  • Inability to suffocate
Super Tails: NEW! (Only possible with Modifications)

  • Infinite flight
  • Inability to suffocate
Unfortunately, no Super Flickies... yet.

Hyper Knuckles: (Only possible with Modifications or Pandora's Box)

  • Latching onto a wall kills nearby enemies
  • Afterimages
  • Inability to suffocate
  • NEW! Knuckles now curls back up into a ball when cancelling a glide, allowing you to damage enemies or glide multiple times.
Hyper Metal Sonic:
  • Flashing colors
  • Sparkles circle around Metal Sonic
  • Afterimages
  • Immunity to short-circuiting
For those looking to create custom characters that wish to use this script, I have included commented-out code that allows for Hyper Forms to be triggered upon pressing the Custom 1 button. Though I give blanket permission for you to use this code, you should also contact MotdSpork and HitCoder for permission as well. Most of the work was done by them. This also applies to porting.
Version 4.1.2

  • With some assistance from original author MotdSpork, some additional bugs with characters that aren't Sonic have been patched out, as well as adding some coding optimizations.
Hopefully this is the last update I have to make tonight.

Version 4.1.1

  • Reimplemented the Armageddon Thok code I accidentally overwrote. Oops.
Version 4.1.0

  • Reimplemented Super Knuckles' Multiglide ability from 2.1.
  • Added Super Tails with Infinite Flight
    • Both of these changes are credited to Radicalicious and used with permission.
  • Given Super Tails infinite airtime underwater and in space.
Version 4.0.0

  • Initial release.
  • Work-In-Progress Hyper Metal Sonic.
  • Review this page for details on previous versions.

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