I'm sorta back and I have something I wanted to release for people to mess around with.



A mod taken from another piece of work that I'll be porting later. It allows you play vanilla SRB2 with Sonic and Knuckles in a whole other way.
You'll get the taste of the character switching mechanics, revised gameplay and new character specific power-ups!

1. Sonic's Abilities & Uncurling:

Sonic's thok ability has been replaced with the jump boost and charged drop dash.

Jump Boost: This is a vanilla ability that allows the player to jump higher depending on how fast they're going.


Charged Drop Dash: After jumping into the air, press and hold the jump button to charge your drop dash.
Keep holding down the jump button until you land on the ground to unleash the energy you charged up, causing you to roll forward at a certain speed.


Amount of speed gained is proportional to time spent charging.
Extra note: Turning into super sonic restores Sonic's original thok ability.

Uncurling: Character's can now uncurl when rolling on the ground or off a cliff. Simply tap the spin button to do so.


Extra note: Just like in vanilla holding onto the spin button when rolling off of a platform and onto the ground will keep you curled up and rolling.

2. Character Switching:



Press the custom 1 button to switch using Sonic or Knuckles.

Switching characters while airbourne will trigger a unique move.
Note: You can only switch characters in the air once!
UPDATE: You can keep switching characters while airbourne so long as you jump off of walls and let go off of objects that carry you!


You can now perform a Homing Attack Switch and fire off Knuckles as a missile!

To perform the first move press the custom 1 button when switching from Sonic to Knuckles in the air, this will automatically home you in on the closest enemy.

To perform the missile move, switch from Knuckles to Sonic in the air, if you're near enemy and you press the custom 1 button, Knuckles who was gliding around you will seek to destroy that enemy!

3. Character Specific Power-Ups:

In-game you can earn power-ups specific to Sonic and Knuckles by defeating a number of enemies.


Destroy five enemies to summon a "POWER-UP"!
The power-up rewards the character who defeated the most enemies out of 5.
E.g. If Sonic defeats 3 enemies and Knuckles defeats 2, Sonic will be rewarded as he destroyed 3/5 while Knuckles only destroyed 2/5.


In order from left to right:
1) Speed Boost (Sonic) - Sonic gains a speed boost

2) Hyper Thok Ability (Sonic) - allows Sonic to perform a charged thok action. Hold down the custom action 1 button while spindashing to charge, once fully charged press the spin button in mid-air to perform a hyper thok.

3) Glide Plus (Knuckles) - Knuckles gains a jump height boost and is now able to glide faster than before.

4) S.T.O.M.P (Knuckles) - allows Knuckles to perform a stomp action that can either stun or destroy bots. Press the spin button after to jumping to perform this move.



- This ability isn't in version 1.1's file.


You can now toggle between using the character's secondary power-up ability and current shield ability by pressing the custom 2 button!


Changelog (v1.5):
1) Minor changes to script to avoid clashes with other character mods.
Changelog (v1.4):
1) Power-up hud no longer shows for other vanilla characters.
2) Character switch orb no longer appears for vanilla characters.
3) Shield ability can no longer be toggled if not Sonic or Knuckles.
4) Invincibility and elemental fire trails now add to the player's kill count.
Changelog (v1.3):
1) Resolved issue with the error message: "attempt to index local 'player' (a nil value)" - caused by Spincushion being shot at and killed by another enemy or projectile when flipped over.
2) Fixed "Drop Dash" working in dustdevils and when dying in a pit.
3) Altered the dropdash charge mechanic, letting go off of the jump button will now reset the amount of energy the player had stored up for the dash. Player can attempt to dropdash again if they character switch in the air or let go/jump off of a rope pulley.

Changelog (v1.2):
1) Adjusted the player's secondary character switching abilities. A lock-on arrow
will now show up if an enemy is nearby.
2) Re-adjusted distance and angle that you can lock-on to enemies.
3) Knuckles Missile no longer one-shots enemies with more than 2 health points.
4) Player no longer has to land on the ground to be able to switch again.
5) Changed line 211 in "MobjDeath" hook (under POWR.lua).
6) Power-Up item now spawns quicker and moves faster.
Changelog (v1.1):
1) Disabled power-up HUD appearing in special stages.
2) Power-up HUD positionings work for all resolutions.
3) Added icons to show the player whether they can use shield abilities or
secondary power-up abilities.

1) Cannot switch from Knuckles to Sonic after a glide/stomp landing.
2) Fixed switching during super form transformation.
3) Can no longer switch characters in NiGHTs when touching the floor.
4) Added character switching attacks: Homing Attack & Knuckles Missile.
5) "Character Switch Orb" positioning fixes and display offset changes.

1) Earthbreaker renamed S.T.O.M.P (Super Terrifying Object Mega Plummet).
2) Fixed S.T.O.M.P causing player to be stuck in goop, springs and objects that
carry the player.
3) S.T.O.M.P now has a longer quake and Knuckles stalls for a bit after landing.
4) S.T.O.M.P no longer summons rocks and has different effects on enemies.
5) Knuckles no longer plummets to the ground when using the spin button to
disembark from an object or wall that he's clinging on while having the
S.T.O.M.P ability.
6) If Knuckles is hurt/killed while stomping he will change to the appropriate
7) Character switching attacks no longer get stuck in an infinite chasing loop.

1) Tails can no longer affect the player's kill count
2) Dropdash bug fixed: player would be in there standing frame for 1 tic before
initiating the dropdash move (discovered thanks to CobaltBW experiencing a
similar problem).
Credit to Bomberman Generations for the edited DSEARTH sound.
Credit to Sonic Heroes for the edited DSHYPTHK sound.
Credit to LJ Sonic for helping me figure out how teleport an object to the
player's sides.
Credit to Aze and Tatsuru for helping understand how to make a "MobjDeath"
hook that's exclusive to mobj with the MF_ENEMY flag.
Credit it Faye (and LJ Sonic) for the hash table idea.
Credit to Steel and Radicalious for letting know about the G_IsSpecialStage
Credit to CobaltBW and Amperbee/RapidGame7: dropdash bug fix
- Hugging Rosy crashes the game, so don't let her hug you even if it's tempting.

- Charged Drop Dash can be performed on the surface of goop when not sinking in it.

- You can cancel out character switching change and animation by spinning, jumping or pressing the custom 1 button during the change.

- If a character has all of their character specific power-ups then collecting an the power-up item will reward them with points added to their score.

- Power-Up's are not usable in boss levels or special stages.

- Switching from Super Sonic while floating to Knuckles will still trigger your character switch move.

- Hyperthok can be used when SuperSonic is floating.
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