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C4 Character Pack v2 Details »»
C4 Character Pack v2
Version: 1, by Chrispy (Moderators) Chrispy is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 02-23-2019 Last Update: Never Favourites: 8


These are the submissions to Chrispy's Character Creation Contest!
This mod pack comes with 2 versions, one with lua and one without. There are 13 characters in total, 1 with lua. They all come neatly packed together, so hosting them is easy!

Spoiler: Characters
Big the Cat by Evil Sonic
Caterkiller by Lach
CGA Man by Twins'R'Awesome
Derp by Soap Surfin', SanicTheSanic, and KamiJoJo_
DiC Sonic by KamiJoJo_, CommandoEclipse, and SanicTheSanic
Glace by Dimpsuu and xyzspku
Hoodie by ElvinKonohana
Sgt. Keroro by Notakin
Kibito Sonic by Kibito
Madeline by TehRealSalt
N. Trance by DrTapeworm
Prinny by MickeMoose
Rayman by Pepperdork

Spoiler: Judgement

Spoiler: BigTheCat
Chrispiness: 2/4 A lot of choppy outlines, inconsistent antialiasing, and stray pixels on G5/H5
Character: 3/4 I docked one point because the proportions don't feel right to me, but it's certainly readable as Big.
Color: 2/4 The orange palette used for the gloves is very bright and the whites are not shaded much. I do like the how you did the base greens here though
Creativity: 3/4 I know plenty of people have been asking for Big, so it's nice to finally see him. I also think the looking left/right when turning on all rotations was a nice touch

Spoiler: Caterkiller
Chrispiness: 4/4 The shading and antialiasing is perfect, and I like the rim lighting at the bottom of the spheres
Character: 4/4 I enjoy the voice lines considering this character had no sounds to work from and the easteregg is a nice nod to this enemy's lore
Color: 4/4 This character has a simple palette but your yellows definitely stand out and the other colors have good use of contrast
Creativity: 4/4 C4 Caterkiller 4karts. Not the kind of character people would expect to play as.

Spoiler: CGA Man
Chrispiness: 2/4 I understand the point of this character is to represent CGA graphics but I feel the dithering could've been handled better, and there's no use of antialiasing at all which I feel makes the sprites read much harder than necessary
Character: 1/4 The icons are just the face alone, the hurt frame literally just has "fuck" written on his face, and I don't understand how his voice lines being dialup sounds makes sense. I gave this 1 point just for being an original character
Color: 3/4 Not really much to say here, the character is meant to represent cga graphics and does just that, which is only 4 colors. I do think the color usage could've been a bit better on the kart though
Creativity: 2/4 Completely original character, but even still there's not much character to them.

Spoiler: Derp
Chrispiness: 3/4 there's some banding on the boxes for a2 and a4 but the rest of the pixel work is solid
Character: 3/4 Very original character and I love the box kart, but the lack of voice lines loses a point here
Color: 3/4 Very nice contrast on Derp himself, not much contrast on the box
Creativity: 4/4 I love Derp's design and how his ear things stand up when he's hurt

Spoiler: DiC Sonic
Chrispiness: 2/4 A lot of messy antialising and single-pixel shading makes the sprites unclear
Character: 4/4 Very expressive character, big fan of the WANT icon
Color: 4/4 The orange skin tint would usually be a bad thing, but it stays true to the DiC coloring for Sonic. I also like the palette used for the whites.
Creativity: 3/4 I really only docked a point for it being Yet Another Sonic

Spoiler: Glace
Chrispiness: 3/4 This character has very simple shading that keeps it clean, but the aa isn't applied correctly in a lot of places
Character: 3/4 I like the expression change in the drift frames, but I feel the hurt frames are lacking in expression
Color: 3/4 A lot of the colors used are very similar to existing colors, but I do like the lightgreen/darkgreen segments and how they interact with the skin colors
Creativity: 3/4 Nice character design, doesn't look like every other Sonic character. Not a fan of the particular stats it has, I feel like there are a lot of released Kart characters in that area

Spoiler: Hoodie
Chrispiness: 3/4 some excessive antialiasing around the top of the head, but the rest of the pixel work is solid.
Character: 3/4 I can tell that this character has a "disinterested" type of personality just from the look on their face. I feel like the hurt frame could be more expressive, still.
Color: 3/4 I like how the hair and the hoodie are different shades of green. Not a fan of the shoe palette.
Creativity: 4/4 Not only is this an original character, but it's a human character as well, which you don't see often.

Spoiler: Sgt. Keroro
Chrispiness: 3/4 The antialiasing is a bit too much for my taste but it's technically applied correctly. There's a few areas with banding but it looks to come from oversight rather than not knowing better
Character: 3/4 I think you actually made the kart smaller for this little guy, which is an interesting touch
Color: 4/4 The gold hat-thing came a long way from the initial drafts I saw on the kart discord, nice job
Creativity: 3/4 Nice smol racer and from a series that hasn't been touched on yet.

Spoiler: Kibito Sonic
Chrispiness: 2/4 A lot of seemingly random antialiasing that is conflicting with rim lighting on the bottoms of the spikes creating a lot of pixel noise
Character: 4/4 The art style used here shines through as a unique take on Sonic
Color: 3/4 I think the blues on the car could use darker shadows but the rest of the palette is solid
Creativity: 2/4 Yet Another Sonic but at least he's got a cool unique car instead of another kart

Spoiler: N. Trance
Chrispiness: 4/4 Extremely clean pixels, in fact the cleanest pixel work in the entire pack.
Character: 4/4 Hurt frame makes me laugh every time and the asymmetrical design is :ok_hand:
Color: 4/4 Excellent contrast and the shading on the gold is niiice.
Creativity: 3/4 I only docked a point because of course any character from a kart racer is gonna make their way to srb2kart, but still nice to have more heavyweights

Spoiler: Madeline
Chrispiness: 4/4 one of the more impressive submissions in terms of pixel technique
Character: 3/4 Big fan of the signpost, not a big fan of hurt frames at the same angle as the idle frames.
Color: 4/4 I love the palette used for the jacket and the palette on the legs.
Creativity: 3/4 I had never heard of Celeste before this character submission, so I may have to check it out.

Spoiler: Prinny
Chrispiness: 1/4 The selout on the wings makes them noisy, the beak has a lot of banding, and the lightsource is unclear.
Character: 3/4 The proportions don't seem right to me, but I love the voice lines and the expression on drift
Color: 2/4 The greens are all very close together, the belt looks brighter than the rest of it, the beak doesn't have quite enough contrast. The wings are good.
Creativity: 2/4 The drift frames are so good they get mentioned in two categories

Spoiler: Rayman
Chrispiness:3/4 The outlines, shading, and antialiasing are all mostly correct, but there's a lot of jagged pixels in the base shape that hurt this category
Character: 2/4 I think the asymettry is an important part of Rayman's design that is not conveyed in turn frames/rotations
Color: 3/4 Nice contrast on everything but the skin palette. The skin has too many shades and none of them are dark enough
Creativity: 2/4 The lack of consistency in the asymmetry of his design makes me feel like corners were cut

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that Caterkiller is the winner of this contest. Congratulations Lach, you're number 1!

Spoiler: changelog

v1.1: fixed a small bug with easter egg
v1.2: fixed minimap icon for Big
v1.3: fixed minimap icon for Kero and Rayman
v2: prinny, cgaman, caterkiller, derp, DiCSonic, and SGtKero updated
v1.1: fixed minimap icon for Big
v1.2: fixed minimap icon for Kero and Rayman
v2: prinny, cgaman, caterkiller, derp, DiCSonic, and SGtKero updated

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Old 02-23-2019   #2
TehRealSalt's Avatar

Welcome to releases!!
Twitter | Mostly just working on SRB2Kart and my indie game over at Patreon
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Old 02-23-2019   #3
The Crime Slime
DrTapeworm's Avatar

my dreams have been fulfilled for I can finally play as the mighty Worm in a kart racer
something goes here
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Old 02-23-2019   #4
Chrispy's Avatar

Please redownload if you already have! fixed a small bug with caterkiller, only the lua version is changed
I'm just the guy that makes the Sonics
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Old 02-23-2019   #5
ShihoAJoke's Avatar

A new reason to make more mountain levels. Also damn it feels so good to get bump into a wall as Caterkiller
Vroom Vroom
Discord : ShinyShiho#5166
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Old 02-23-2019   #6

This is really great, but it would be better if we could download individual characters too rather than just the whole pack. Just sayin.
adamman12345 is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 02-23-2019   #7
Lyndis's Avatar

Caterkiller and N. Trance are new faves, love that Big is here too. The rest are great as well! Hoping for individual downloads eventually.

Last edited by Lyndis; 02-23-2019 at 01:29 PM. Reason: Improvements for easier reading
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Old 02-23-2019   #8
Waloogy's Avatar

these are all very great! would also like to see individual downloads!
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Old 02-23-2019   #9
vonitare's Avatar


madeline thank you yes htank you goh my god yes
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Old 02-23-2019   #10
Chrispy's Avatar

I'm going to leave individual releases to the contributors themselves, so if they choose to update their characters in the future I won't be in charge of managing the updates of 13 characters myself.
Speaking of updates, new version, changelog in the OP, minor fixes.
I'm just the guy that makes the Sonics
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Old 02-23-2019   #11
Hybrid Kart Mapper/Porter
Latius's Avatar

Docks one point from N. Trance due to them being in another Kart Racer, preventing a perfect score

I have to only slightly disagree here. Only slightly because it could had been better if N. Trance had his own Kart based on the CNK kart he had, though. If it was a 10-point scale, I'd say 9 for them.
Kart Mains:
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Old 02-25-2019   #12
Tom's Avatar

I really love the N. Trance sprite, but I'm a bit disappointed in the sounds chosen for him. For example, his two attack sounds are just him laughing a bit, rather than (what I feel is his most iconic line from CNK) "Hold still, I wanna try something." Same with his hit confirm, where he could've said the line "One kart sunny side up." Some sounds were great though like the "Scrambled again" for the lose sound. I hope to see the creator update some of these sounds, but other than that it's a good addition.
Tom is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 02-27-2019   #13
Fishead Lad
KÝbito's Avatar

There's some good stuff in this pack tbh, and i hope i corrected some of the failures i had in this in my Fang (of course made after my entry), still i'll try to correct as much as i can.

By the way i heard there's gonna be an update for this where creators can fix some of the criticism they were given, if that's still gonna happen i might as well just say what i want changed here, and well, just make my Sonic's name be K Sonic in game, that's it, i don't wanna waste time working on that when i have other better ideas tbh, i'll fix that mod someday when i really want to.
If you want something done right, do it yourself, or don't, idk.
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Old 03-03-2019   #14
Chrispy's Avatar

C4 participants! If you'd like to update your submission for v2 I'll be updating the pack in two weeks! You have until March 17 to send me your updated submissions!
I'm just the guy that makes the Sonics
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Old 03-18-2019   #15
Chrispy's Avatar

Updated to v2 with changes to several characters
CGA man now changes colors and has new RANK/MMAP/WANT icons
Prinny has updated sprites
Sgt Kero has updated sprites/sounds
Caterkiller has quieter sound effects
Derp has a fixed sound file
DiCSonic has updated sprites
v1.2/1.3 has been left in the attachments for comparison with the critiques in the OP
I'm just the guy that makes the Sonics
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