group: crash bandicoot

  1. HyperVoiceActing

    Crash Robo Blast 2 Kart - Hyper Pack Ver. 2

    Ever since my friends helped me get into modding SRB2K, I always wanted to see some good Crash mods. And while I know there's plenty of great ones out there, I wanted to do my own takes on these characters with my own artistic liberties. This pack has all the characters that round out the base...

    [Open Assets] CNK Velo's Challenge (GBA) v1.0a

    After more than a week of using Zone Builder for the first time, I introduce my sometimes awkward map, Velo's Challenge! Based off the map from the Gameboy Advance version of Crash Nitro Kart. Uses ID MAPWZ. The map isn't completely perfect, here's a few things to keep in mind.. -------------...
  3. Emmette_Clyde

    Crash Bandicoot Beta Thread

    My second ever forum thread, I still have no idea what I'm doing. But as the title says, alongside the addon of my OC, I've been working on a mod based on everyone's favorite orange marsupial, Crash Bandicoot! He's been in development for over a month now, and he's made substantial progress. He...
  4. MiscDan

    CTTR Character Pack 2.5

    Introducing the cast of Crash Tag Team Racing! Here you'll find the trio including Pasadena O'Possum, Ebenezer Von Clutch, and Willie Wumpa Cheeks! Pasadena O'Possum Speed: 7 Weight: 6 Ebenezer Von Clutch Speed: 5 Weight: 3 Willie Wumpa Cheeks Speed: 8 Weight: 9 All voice clips are...
  5. Sxips

    Sxips Booster Port Course Pass 2.03.1

    Introducing the SXIPS BOOSTER PORT COURSE PASS (I decided to have a little fun with my ventures into zone builder and try to cook up ports of tracks from other kart racers into SRB2K alongside trying to release them with characters. Wave 1: Character releases to go alongside with waves are...
  6. realmoc1105

    realMOC1105's Character Pack V1.1

  7. Spaceman2028

    Spaceman2028's Garage of Infernal Contraptions Version 21

    Content advisory warning: Some of the source material referenced in this character pack contains disturbing content that may not be suitable for some viewers. If you wish to view the aforementioned source material yourself, viewer discretion is advised. Included in the Individual Characters zip...
  8. TheTrueEpicPro

    The Pro Pack v7.2

    Welcome to the Pro Pack. A collection of courses that I have made for SRB2Kart! The Pro Pack currently holds 15 courses. Simple Circuit, Red Mountain, Lonely Isle, Scorching Sanctuary, Roundabout, Summer Seas, CNK's Hyper Spaceway, Great Galleon, GCN Luigi Circuit, 3DS Rainbow Road, and the...
  9. Visorcat

    Visor character pack 2

    My first Character pack! it has 2 racers as of right now (Skylander crash and BIC mascot) BIC's kart is reworked so the "ink" really show off plus there was one audio file missing that flew under my radar during the last update with him Skylander Crash is the new addition to the...
  10. Sketch Whitehead

    Sketch's Mixed Bag of Goods Version 2.0

    A mish-mash of some of my favorite characters! CHARACTERS UPDATES - VERSION 1.0 - Initial release! - VERSION 2.0 - Added new characters - King K.Rool & Clippy Added a folder containing all characters separate pk3's
  11. Ganbare-Lucifer

    [Open Assets] Crash Team Racing Masks!

    After a long while, my first Lua Script mod! Crash Team Racing Masks! Nitro Fueled Edition! Beta! Features: A mask power up depending on the character morality. Lua with a list that is able to be edited by the user so they can set which mask protects which characters! Hero...
  12. Chrispy

    [CCCP] Chrispy's Content Creation Pack

    The first mod with every prefix! KRBCL is longer than CCCP! The whole name is alphabet soup! KRBCLCCCP is a content expansion mod that features 15 characters and 11 stages created by 21 members of the community (including myself) This was a lot of fun to put together and everybody did a great...
  13. Plom510

    CTR Track Pack v1

    Welcome to the CTR Track Pack! In this pack, you will find adaptations of select CTR race and battle maps for your enjoyment. Changelog: Any and all feedback is appreciated.
  14. Plom510

    CTR Character Pack v3-5

    Start your engines for a Nitro-Fueled character pack. It's the CTR Character Pack! This is a collaborative pack that will see future updates that will add the rest of the cast from Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart, and the Grand Prix characters of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Characters...
  15. SGT_NIKO

    [Open Assets] Niko Character Pack (Ash Williams updated) v2.8

    *This pack is where all my separate character mods will be going that will be public, possible additions in the future. Includes individual character wads and a pk3 pack* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS ---------- --Dr. Crygor-- --Akira...
  16. ☆𝙅𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙧★

    ☆JOKER☆ Chars Pack v6.1 PLUS [Pikachu]

    Welcome to the new release of the ☆Joker☆ Pack, this started out as something for personal use, but I continue to improve it. This pack contains more than 27 exclusive characters from each universe Current Version: 6.1 Plus List of features include: • Update Kid Goku & Kid Krillin • Plus Mode...
  17. Beezy!

    Beezy's Pack 5.0.1

    MIRROR DOWNLOAD FOR 5.0.1 FIX: 8 NEW CHARACTERS Since a long time i started to create characters for SRB2KART. I have 70! characters planned, some of them still W.I.P and currently being work...
  18. Toxicoow

    [Open Assets] Chick aaaand Stew

    "THESE CHICKENS CAN DRIVE!" Cause i really love that duo of chicken announcers from Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled (and also CTR:NF is my favorite game.) Chick Gizzard Lips: Speed 6 ,Weight 6 Stew: Speed 3 ,Weight 6 Edit: Added some echo to the gloat lines
  19. kurobutt

    [Open Assets] KuroPak (Version 2)

    Introducing... the KuroPak™ What the hell is this?! During my absence of posting on the messageboard, I've released a few characters off site. In order to make my characters more accessible, I've decided to finally publish them here as well. KuroPak is a pack containing most of these...
  20. GigaLem

    Crash Bandicoot (Update:Now its PK3 supported)

    It was only a matter of time before Crash hit the track for SRB2 Kart. He even comes with the Kart from Crash Team Racing. Crash has even stats across the board from CTR. So in SRB2 Kart his stats are Speed:5 Weight:6 Credits Plom510 for touch ups and putting the wad together...