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[V1.1.1] The Mario Kart 64 Cast - Everyone from the N64 Classic with Smooth Rotations Details »»
[V1.1.1] The Mario Kart 64 Cast - Everyone from the N64 Classic with Smooth Rotations
Version: 1.1.1, by SMS Alfredo SMS Alfredo is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (11 votes - 5.00 average)
Released: 09-26-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 5
Characters Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Mario and friends robo blast from the past into a 8-skin character pack that includes the full rotation sprites from Mario Kart 64!

Exclusive jingles, effects, and sounds that are only played for these characters are also included to enhance the experience.

Don't worry about the fact that these characters contain Lua, everything here is purely visual/auditory, no gameplay aspects are changed. This means you can have proper competitive races even with these characters added!

In order to keep the colors of these characters intact, they do not support being recolored normally. Instead, using any color other than that character's prefcolor (accessed by pressing backspace on the character select screen while selecting a color) you will be completely tinted that color.
Spoiler: Handy dandy list of prefcolors in case you're having trouble finding them
Mario: raspberry
Luigi: emerald
Yoshi: emerald
Peach: salmon
Toad: blue
Wario: yellow
Donkey Kong: rosewood
Bowser: orange

mk64hop is also included as a command with I/O support. It lets you turn off the completely visual hop that these character perform upon starting a drift if you find it too distracting.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fun little experiment of mine!

Man, the fact that I had to manually rip Toad's and DK's sprites myself because no sprite sheets existed of them was an absolute pain in the butt...

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ID:	40005  

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #22
SMS Alfredo
SMS Alfredo's Avatar

Version 1.1 is now out!

- Compatibility issues with Acrobatics and other similar mods have been fixed. The characters now properly rotate and SPB behavior is no longer overwritten. Still funny that this even managed to happen, but thanks Yoshimo for letting me know.

- This mod is now fully compatible with splitscreen! Thanks, Zwip-Zwap Zapo, for bringing the MFE_DRAWONLYFORPx flags to my attention.

- All of the effects now work properly in flipped gravity.

- The first and second colors for the drift smoke has been changed from Orange/Red to Yellow/Orange to more accurately reflect the source material.

- Landing will now cause dust to appear and play a sound effect. Land hard enough and you'll shake the screen, as well as cause the word POOMP to appear out of thin air!

- Take over voice lines will now only play from your opponents outside of splitscreen. This reflects how it works in MK64.

- You can now jump with the drift button!? Well, not quite. Much like everything else in this mod, it's simply visual flair that does nothing other than look cool. Your character is still treated as being on the ground during the entirety of this animation, so don't go trying to skip over offroad, gain extra height off a jump, or build up a bunch of speed. If this effect is a bit too distracting, you can turn it off with the mk64hop command, which will save your preference using I/O.
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Name:	kart0070.gif
Views:	390
Size:	6.27 MB
ID:	40006  
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Old 1 Week Ago   #23
Cheese Cheeser
TeriosSonic's Avatar

This is AMAZING. Now I can play SRB2Kart and MK64, my 2 favorite racing games of all time, at the same time! It'd also be cool if we had those MK64 mod characters come to SRB2Kart like this [or at least the ones that aren't in already].
That one guy who cheesed cheese.
Metal Anyone v3 is a thing, and it's coming soon. Suggest new abilities for him here!
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Old 1 Week Ago   #24
SMS Alfredo
SMS Alfredo's Avatar

Version 1.1.1 has now been released.
...hopefully nobody mixes that version name up with v1.1.


- The screen shake from landing a short distance is no longer global.

- Jumping now properly accounts for scale.

- The takeover thing I mentioned in the previous update now actually functions, since it didn't do anything before. Oops.
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Old 6 Days Ago   #25

I really like this mod good work, my only complaint is that if you save a replay in which this mod was used and try to see it the game closes
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Old 2 Days Ago   #26
Crusty youtuber
Tomokush's Avatar

This is such a freaking great mod, the only thing I would say to improve this tenfold is to make just the hud stuff and the actual characters separate but other then that the whole package is pretty cute! nicely done.
Change da world
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