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SRB2: Chaos Edition - v1.4 (March 4th) Details »»
SRB2: Chaos Edition - v1.4 (March 4th)
Version: 1.4, by birbhorse (local eevee petter) birbhorse is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (3 votes - 3.80 average)
Released: 02-24-2020 Last Update: 02-25-2020 Favourites: 7
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Welcome to...
Sonic Robo Blast 2: Chaos Edition.

What is SRB2: Chaos Edition?
This is a mod that makes the game go entirely wild. Every 5-12 seconds, you have a chance of a gameplay modifying-effect being applied onto you. This can range from the ground turning into butter, to you being given rings, or to the game just rotating you and your viewing angle entirely. Each effect has its own chance rate of occuring, so it's not an even playing field for the more egregious ones.
You are given 4 slots for the effects to nestle into. If all are full, you can't be given any more effects, though generally speaking it's a rare occurance to see all 4 occupied.

List of Effects
  • giant - You turn into a giant for 10 seconds.
  • cement shoes - Your shoes are filled with cement for 8 seconds, making it much harder to move around.
  • tiny - You become reaaally tiny for 8 seconds.
  • no charability - You can't use your main or secondary ability for 15 seconds.
  • magnet - All enemies (and players) are attracted to you within a pretty hefty radius for 17 seconds. To prevent True Chaos, only one player at a time can have this effect.
  • flingback - You are flung back a considerable distance, it's especially noticeable if you're in the air when this occurs.
  • anti-superring - 10 rings are taken away.
  • superring - Given 10 rings!
  • i taketh - Pretty much any goodies you might have (such as shields, power-ups, invulnerability, etc.) is taken away from you. Also you have 3 rings taken away.
  • nuke - An Armageddon Shield explosion occurs where you are.
  • drifting left - Your angle is constantly shifting to the left, making it hard to aim where you're supposed to.
  • butter physics - The ground is made of butter, and you slide everywhere!
  • give good stuff - You are given some nice stuff. If you don't have a shield, you get a pity shield, and there's a small chance you can score some invincibility, super sneakers, and some rings.
  • change skin color - Scrambles the player's colors.
  • change skin - Scrambles the player's character.
  • super jump - Makes the player jump a lot higher for 12 seconds.
  • the ride never ends - Tilts the player's screen and sprite for 20 seconds.
  • the pizza is aggressive - You ordered a pizza, but it's too aggressive to handle. Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • remove random effect - Does what it says on the tin, removes a random effect that you have currently on you.
  • money bag - Gives you rings for 4 seconds, giving you a nice 28 rings in total!
  • ghost - Causes you to turn mostly invisible and to pass through every object for 8 seconds!
  • earthquake - An earthquake is happening, shaking your screen pretty hard! Lasts for 13 seconds.

  • chaoshud <top/bottom/off>, <1-5>: Changes the position of the HUD, or disables it. Default is bottom, 2.
  • chaosprint <on/off>: Toggles the printing of effects to console. Default is on.
  • chaosdebugger <on/off>: Enables debugging printing. Default is off.


  • Vastly rewritten the code used to handle applying the effects, should have a ton less lag potential.
  • Removed unused code in a lot of areas that might've hindered performance.
  • Added effect: earthquake, causes the whole screen to shake for 13 seconds.
  • "i taketh" no longer takes 3 blue spheres when in MP Special Stages.
  • "i taketh" now only takes away invunerability when the player is above 0 rings.
    It also now takes away a lot less blue spheres in NiGHTs, now taking away only 2.
  • Reduced length of cement shoes by a little bit, and made it a quite a bit less common.
    Also, reduced the amount of traction cement shoes has on the player.
    On the upside, cement shoes now causes a minor quaking effect when landing.
  • It's finally been done, instant death has just been outright removed.
  • "the pizza is aggressive" no longer occurs in MP Special Stages due to game crashes.
  • Fixed bug where if you died or respawned while having the ghost effect, you were still transparent.
  • Fixed bug with sound captions, now the correct one is displayed for the ghost and the pizza hitting the player.
  • The fair and balanced update:
    the pizza no longer instantly kills the player, only hurting them (however it does go through shields), as a result it is now slightly more common now.
    anti-superring no longer happens in boss fights
    money bag works better in special stages, now awarding the player with blue spheres instead.
    but also i taketh works in multiplayer special stages now, taking away a few blue spheres
    new exceptions added to the minecarts, preventing certain effects from taking place
    Magnet has been changed, now it no longer takes away the ability to use your character abilities (e.g. flying and whatnot). It's range has sadly been reduced (plz giv us range option in P_LookForEnemies), and it no longer attracts players unfortunately, but it attracts monitors now, so uh, watch out.
    Character swap and color swap has had their chances increased by a significant amount.
  • New effect: ghost, causes the player to phase through any and all objects for 8 seconds. Not walls though, that'd be cheating!
  • Increased range for amount of time an effect can't be chosen again, now it goes from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Made it so the effect chooser system works with a two tic delay, to help prevent lag.
  • Removed the reduced chance for bots to get affects applied on them, this might've been causing issues.
  • Fixed bug with the "prevent previous effect system", it didn't count for things that were in slot 2!
  • Fixed bug with "remove random effect", where it would not work after having it used once.
  • Added new checks, now if you're in NiGHTs, the amount of effects has been reduced to prevent softlocks. This check also includes boss level just to remove a few ones that are either useless or make it impossible to complete.
  • Another new check is now in place: There is now 4 slots for previous effects to reside in. In a nutshell: When an effect has been removed, it can not be chosen again for 15-25 seconds.
  • New status effect: "remove random effect". This removes a random effect that you might have on you atm! Whether it be a good or bad one depends on the fate of the dice, as with everything in this mod.
  • New status effect: "money bag", gives you a steady stream of rings for 4 seconds, giving you a nice total of 28 rings!
  • New effect for the HUD: When it's cycling through effects to choose, it will now visualize what effects are being considered, like a roulette.
  • Gave the color swap effect a unique icon, to distinguish it from character swapping.
  • Cement shoes now affects your weight, you can't go up as much, and you fall down much faster.
  • Increased chances of "give good stuff" occuring.
  • Increased chances of "superring" occuring.
  • nocharability can no longer occur when cement shoes are happening, and vice versa.
  • Just remembered, there *IS* a feature that only 2.2.2 has. So...back to only being playable on 2.2.2 this mod goes! Just keep the game up to date nerd.
  • If player was about to have an effect applied to them but died, they will no longer have it apply immediately upon respawning.
  • Fixed bug where if you go giant once, you can't go tiny until respawning, and vice versa.
  • Replaced sfx for when the aggressive pizza wears off.
  • Reduced the chance of giant and cement shoes by just a fraction.
  • Reduced timer on pizza from 12 seconds to 10.
  • Removed the following from occuring in NiGHTs:
    The Pizza is Aggressive
    Instant Death
  • Added new effect: "the pizza is aggressive".
  • Fixed "i taketh" bugging out when not in a NiGHTs stage.
  • Further reduced chances of Instant Death actually activating. You'll have had to do [INSERT SUPERSTITION HERE] to activate this now.
  • Script now detects 2.2.1 instead of 2.2.2, since it doesn't use any 2.2.2 specific features...for now. Still update the game you nerd.

Future Plans For Updates
Broad plans include stuff like a brand new title screen, with, well, Chaos happening in the background, along with a new logo to append to SRB2, ala S3&K.
New effects planned include stuff like darkened vision, the player sprite turning into something entirely different, and more!
Here's a full list of effects planned:
  • Lose ability to change angle of player for 10 seconds
  • Black hole, *EVERYTHING* within a much larger radius starts coming towards the player, minus other players, in which they will forcibly noclip through the terrain too.
  • Player sprite turns into something else
  • Darkened vision
  • Mess with the fov
    use player.fovadd....which doesn't work in software. smh stjr >:(
  • Invert controls
    Probably not possible?
  • Earthquake

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Old 03-07-2020   #22
no noobs allowed
noobmaster69's Avatar

how do u turn it on bc mine isnt doning anything, do i have to do a command or somethin?

edit: nvm i found out what to do lol

Last edited by noobmaster69; 03-07-2020 at 02:02 PM.
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Old 03-08-2020   #23
Professor Eevee
Professor Eevee's Avatar

this is way more fun then i expected also can you add so that that the partner is also random?
Professor Eevee is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-20-2020   #24
Knuckles Chuckles
Extended Ban (Strike 3)

I hope there's a new update of adding a random character when you have any wads or pk3's.
CyberKnux is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-20-2020   #25

Originally Posted by CyberKnux View Post
I hope there's a new update of adding a random character when you have any wads or pk3's.
You mean "I hope in a new update, that any character wads/pk3s you have loaded currently will be included in the "character/bot shuffle" (Which changes your character or bot to any character you have.)

If you mean just add random pk3s or wads in your folder that are unloaded... :/ multiplayer alone... if they don't have a file that the host has they all disconnect, that and that idea in general just kinda sucks.
Zanda_Sama is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-20-2020   #26
Knuckles Chuckles
Extended Ban (Strike 3)

oh ok Zanda Sama
CyberKnux is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 03-21-2020   #27
Professor Eevee
Professor Eevee's Avatar
Default so a suggestion here

so i have an idea that you could make so if that you have an partner the partner will also change skin when the random skin thing happens
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Old 04-11-2020   #28

Edit: Nevermind, I made a mistake.

Last edited by Spiky; 04-13-2020 at 09:41 PM.
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Old 04-24-2020   #29
Haxa's Avatar

I'm loving this mod a lot. I've played through the game with it a couple of times so far, and I love the extra challenge it adds. I do have a suggestion, and I've also noticed what I think is a bug.

The bug I noticed is that the magnet effect doesn't show up at all after I pass Greenflower Zone. At first I thought I was just avoiding it through RNG, but now that I've played with it a lot it's definitely bugged.

As for the suggestion, one thing I'd love is if there was a way to turn off and on the chaos aspect of it but keep the effects. I say this because I really want to try and play through the whole game as tiny character, but it could also be used for other effects as well. The effects are fun in and of themselves, so I'm sad sometimes when one of the spicier ones cycles out. I know it's a chaos mod so this would possibly defeat the purpose of what you were going for, but it's just a thought I had while playing.

All of that said, this is a ton of fun. I look forward to future updates.

EDIT: I was wrong, magnet doesn't disappear after GFZ. I played around with the mod again and I had it for longer, but eventually it did stop showing up. I'm unsure of what the issue is.

Last edited by Haxa; 04-25-2020 at 06:17 AM.
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Old 04-24-2020   #30
Knuckles Chuckles
Extended Ban (Strike 3)

WAIT! i have an idea! how about a update when you switch characters with your partner!
CyberKnux is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 05-01-2020   #31
Haxa's Avatar

I was mistaken, error was on my end.

Last edited by Haxa; 05-02-2020 at 04:33 AM. Reason: The error was my bad. It was happening because I wasn't updated to SRB2 version 2.2.2
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Old 05-03-2020   #32
Greeneyedpsycho's Avatar

I swear this mod analyzes the situation you're in and chooses the perfect modifier to kill you... IT'S AWESOME
Greeneyedpsycho is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 05-17-2020   #33
Wandering Protagonist
Goldenhog's Avatar

Right now Tiny and Giant seem to be bugged: They have a fairly good chance of crashing the game with a "mathematical exception" error. It'd be nice if it was possible to change the chance of each effect from happening so that it'd be possible to circumvent it if this sort of thing happens with another effect in the future.

Also, I think it's about time to retire the No charability effect and replace it with something else. It's pretty pointless when the vast majority of characters are not affected by it at all.
Originally Posted by Asagi Asagiri
I need power over the people! The stupid, STUPID people!
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #34

Is There Gonna Be an Update for Chaos Edition?
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