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Nightmare Pack v4 Details »»
Nightmare Pack v4
Version: 4, by Nintensis (Now known as "Ninferno") Nintensis is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (10 votes - 4.30 average)
Released: 01-23-2019 Last Update: 05-23-2020 Favourites: 11
Multiplayer Levels

Every map I released has been updated to varying degrees so it's HIGHLY recommended you don't play the standalone versions of these maps since they won't be updated again.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Featured Tracks

Sleeping Egg Zone K

My own take/reimagining of Sonic Chaos' 3rd zone, Sleeping Egg.

Lazy Summit Zone

Use tree bouncing shenanigans to soar your way to victory!

Robotnik Winter Zone

Based on Sonic Triple Trouble's 3rd zone, watch out for the icy roads and tricky turns!

Jade Driftway Zone

This track looks oddly familiar...

Hadal Trench Zone

Journey to rock bottom in this nautical adventure!

Coconut Mall

What's that? You mean you don't want Mario Kart tracks in your Sonic fangame?

Featured Tracks (cont.)

Eerie Catacombs Zone

Eerie with less Grove and more Catacomb.

Tempest Ridge Zone

Race across a cursed mountain side filled with demons!

Mission Street

Sonic Adventure 2's Mission Street just without all the robots, speeding jets, and explosions.

Weapons Hangar Zone

Storm Robotnik's desert military base, keep caution for exploding barrels!

Final Fall Zone

Sonic XG's Final Fall Zone in all it's glory. (also Hidden Palace!)

Thermal Terminal Zone

Fire and water meet in this dangerous factory!

Music Sources

v4 Changelist

Sleeping Egg Zone K :
-Brand new textures courtesy of TelosTurntable
-Additional minor visual changes
-Black spring ramps replaced with red spring panels
-S turns are sloped

Lazy Summit :
-Updated skybox
-New music
-Adjusted colormap
-Airboost fofs replaced with Chengi's Boost Rings
-Added a new bridge shortcut
-Second to last turn slopes were adjusted for better visibility
-Final turns have merged into one large turn
-All floors with the spring panel effect actually have the correct flat

Robotnik Winter Zone :
-Minor rework to the final turn

Party Cruiser Zone :
-Removed, replacement map soon(??)

Jade Driftway Zone :
-Adjusted a slope to prevent unintended waterskipping
-U-turn before the red springs has been sloped
-Growth should no longer break the first half of the stage

Hadal Trench Zone :
-Map completely overhauled from scratch
-New music

Coconut Mall :
-Shortcut has red spring panels
-Fountains use springs to launch players a set height instead of slope physics

Eerie Catacombs Zone :
-Very Minor visual changes
-Adjusted slopes on the 90 degree boost panel turn to allow better visibility

Tempest Ridge Zone :
-Visual imprvements
-Removed mobjscale

Mission Street :
-Waypoints should be fixed (??)
-Resloped one of the turns to be much more smooth

Weapons Hangar Zone :
-Now Available!

Final Fall Zone :
-Visual Adjustments
-Last shortcut should reliably work now(??)

Thermal Terminal Zone :
-Major visual improvements

Credits: (taken directly from the maincfg)

TelosTurntable : Sleeping Egg Textures

Chengi : Boost Ring textures

Revan (Icefox) : Skyboxes used in Robotnik Winter and Tempest Ridge

SwitchKaze : Lua used in Robotnik Winter

Lat' : Lua used in Final Fall

Monster Iestyn : Changeskybox Lua used in Final Fall

Snu : Lua used in Coconut Mall and Final Fall

ScarlyNight : Provided textures and skyboxes used in Final Fall

D00D64 : Optimizing Lazy Summit and for creating the skybox for the same stage

Q.T.D. : Visual Assitance on Thermal Terminal and for providing textures used in the same stage

***DISCLAIMER : Jade Driftway is a modified version of Jade Valley, I only retextured it and altered it's layout to fit kart. I did not create Jade Valley.***

Download Now

File Type: pk3 krl_NightmarePack_v4.pk3 (14.12 MB, 1737 views)


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Old 06-10-2020   #42

This new update is really cool! Good work as usual Ninferno! I do have some small critiques.


I'm assuming removing the fences here was intentional? I've bonked the edge a lot trying to get over the second gap, but it's definitely faster than sticking to the normal route.


I'm not going to judge about the change in tone and music for this level, but I must know why? I thought the old sky with the old music was a fitting aesthetic for a level called Lazy Summit.

The green boost rings are somehow hard to see sometimes against the orange sky. Doesn't help that there's more greenery below them.

This U turn has, and still is super easy to cut in very tight. It makes the outer U turn behind the finish line rather pointless. You don't even need to tree bounce to make taking this turn worth it.


You can hop onto the fence and right into the diagonal springs to cut this whole section using the red spring panels up here.


This set piece is cool but you get shotgunned into a random rock that you can't dodge on reaction if you land in front of it due to the speed you get on landing on the slope.



I think this front slope on the first fountain still has it's slope physics on. You take way more height on it than you do the second way down the stair case. If you shoe into it you bonk the overhang bridge.


The directioning at the very start makes no sense. The arrow points away from the main road, towards a hill with no signage and boosters pointing the opposite way. You might need a custom sign to convey to people where to go here.

Also this wall has no texture.


I don't know if these routes were always meant to be taken with just mini turbos but you can and it gives people a bit of a lead in the beginning of the race.


Not only are these red springs hard to see at the angle of the road you drive on, but I've bonked the side of it a lot since it isn't sloped meaning the wall is technically the further right you take it. It's not all bad though, and it's not like it is a super crucial element this close to the end or anything.
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Old 06-14-2020   #43
Katmint's Avatar

Lazy Summit seems to have severe performance issues in software mode.

Weapons Hangar could use better directioning in a few spots. This particular turn near the start is problematic for multiple reasons: firstly, you have absolutely no visual on the turn until after you've already been launched into it. The spring panels being sloped makes it worse, but I'm pretty sure this would be too hard to see coming even if they weren't.

After you actually enter the turn, you're given very little time to process whatever this is. An arrow is pointing left, but you're actually meant to go around and then right. There's also a patch of useless terrain to the right for some reason. There's way too much open space and too little direction.

There's another blind approach here, but this one is easy to fix. Just add a red arrow pointing right next to the cactus.

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	kart0000.png
Views:	481
Size:	1.16 MB
ID:	33142   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0001.png
Views:	476
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ID:	33143   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0002.png
Views:	487
Size:	717.9 KB
ID:	33144  
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Old 06-30-2020   #44
Streets™'s Avatar

I meant to post about this a few days ago ever since this happened during a netgame. You may already be aware of this, but there's a particular turn on Jade Driftway that let's you cut across a good chunk of the map.
While I don't have the most extensive knowledge when it comes to map making, I think this might have something to do with the linedefs in this particular section.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	kart0020.gif
Views:	411
Size:	4.36 MB
ID:	33848  

Last edited by Streets™; 06-30-2020 at 07:52 PM.
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Old 08-06-2020   #45
SunshineMarmot's Avatar

Love the trackpack, basically everything in here is great! Just wanted to ask if there's any chance you'll make Hadal Trench Classic available again, even if only as a Hell Map? I like the new one a lot too, but I'd much rather have both than only the one
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Old 08-13-2020   #46
Streets™'s Avatar

So I found a rather intriguing but admittedly unintentional shortcut on Mission Street.

Do you think updating the checkpoints can prevent this from occurring?
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	kart0021.gif
Views:	189
Size:	7.64 MB
ID:	36866  
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Old 08-14-2020   #47
Rachel aka "SeasideDoe"
SeasideDoe's Avatar

Robotnik Winter Zone is missing an IK FOF:
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	kart0221.gif
Views:	20
Size:	5.28 MB
ID:	37029  
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #48
Pippu's Avatar

I am not sure if this is a bug with this map, or with the game's water physics, but I've never seen anything like this happen outside of this one specific area so I will post it in case you need it.

Note: This was on the LR HD server. The spring isn't what made me ascend, I didn't get the red spring air control nor did it play it's sound. If you want the replay, ask me on discord as soon as you can so it doesn't get buried under newer replays.

This is a bit older, and on the LR TSR server, but its in the same spot and this time is inescapable. I believe the person tried re-spawning and it didn't help them, but it'd be a lot harder for me to dig up this replay. I probably still could though.

This also happened on the same replay as the first image. I'm less inclined to believe this is the map's fault and more thinking its just general kart jank. It is weird though, so while I'm here I might as well post it just in case.

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