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The CyberDime Realm (Virtual Simplicity) Details »»
The CyberDime Realm (Virtual Simplicity)
Version: 1.4, by Zeno (i make stuff sometimes) Zeno is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (31 votes - 3.65 average)
Released: 01-29-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 17
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

Hello. So The CyberDime Realm is essentially a big solo project of mine that i started back in the middle of 2018, and is a sort of simple but a very large collection of levels that i have been gradually adding and expanding on to. They aren't too terribly organised so the overall challenge factor greatly varies. All the extra characters unlocked from the main game can be played here right from the start.

Now believe it or not, but this thing has a story! Big props to my friend LightSpeedAngel for originally making this.
After fighting Brak Eggman in Egg Rock, Sonic & the gang safely escape from the crumbling space station
via escape capsule they began to approach the planets surface, a strange beam of light emerges from the nearby
monitor that proceeded to blind the gang.
Next thing they noticed was that they were on a...beach?, it was unusually quiet. The capsule was mysteriously
nowhere to be found. But the gang quickly press on forwards.
they suddenly find themselves strangely teleported in to what appears to be Green Hill but at sunrise.
As the gang presses forward they start to see some faint but strange distortions in the land.
From familar locations to cold mountains to barren wastelands, deserts and even a abandoned city...It all just seems so...
It's almost as if this world isnt real...

Credits for all the reusable content.
  • Wrecking Ball & The Cut ERZ3 Bosses by FuriousFox
  • Egg Frostburn port by Deus
  • Lat for the AMT Crawla
    (As of 1.4 That Azazel Fire for making new sprites for this)
    Zippy_Zolton for updating the SOC
  • Egg Sandsub by Blade
  • All Super LUA by Aquatic Akito
  • TehRealSalt for the Game Gear Capsules
  • And a very big thank you to all my friends for helping with ideas and playtesting this with me


Initial release

  • Green Hill, Bridge, Marble & Hidden Palace Zone are no longer in the level rotation, (though you can still pick them from the level select.)
  • Marble Zone's enemy count has been reduce by a tiny amount.
  • The first checkpoint in Marble 2 has also been moved forward a bit, so you shouldn't get stuck in the doorway anymore.
  • Most of the "Leaps of faith" have removed and replaced with something less confusing.
  • A very small amount of decorative details added to a few of the levels.
  • Some minor texture changes to Shoal Coast.

  • You can now unlock and play Record attack.
  • Ring, Time & Score Emblems have been appropiately added for it aswell.
  • Updated a bunch of old level select pics. (Honestly alot of them were extremely outdated and garbage, didn't reflect the current state of the level very well)
  • Custom boss music has been added in. (Only for eggman as of right now.)
  • Shoal Coast has had more texture changes.
  • The slope at the end of the level has been replaced and made way less arbitrary.
  • Some more texture changes in a few other levels to be slightly less clashing.
  • The classic levels have all been moved and given their own category now.
  • Marble Zone's enemy count has been cut down again, this time to reduce the local Robo-Hood population.
  • All but a select few of the "leaps of faith" are gone.
  • Nightlight Gully & Terrance Trees have undergone theme changes.
  • Certain sections of Chilly Cliffs has been merged into Shrewd Blizzard, (mainly for act 2) meaning there is only one snow level now.
  • Barren Valley has been completely gutted from the mod now.
  • Shrewd Blizzard, Terrance Trees (Now Mountain), Molten Tunnels & Dark Woods (rip Robohood) have different bosses now.
  • Players now start most of the boss acts with 5 rings.
  • Added some TNT barrels to fang's arena to make the fight slightly more entertaining.
  • Fixed a potential softlock in Cyberdime 3.
  • Cyberdime Zone now has a different sky.
  • And many other tweaks that i'm not going to list here. Both in level design and a bunch of minor things.
  • Also updated the credits list.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Fixed the old Eggscalibur's LUA causing lag in multiplayer.

  • All 3 acts of Dry Gulch have almost been completely reworked. Act 1 is mostly a drastic overhaul, still featuring some old
    familiar areas mixed in with new ones where as Act 2 & 3 is remade entirely. And now has a bigger emphasis on the Desert Temple theme.
  • As part of the second wave of aesthetic upgrades, Desolated City has gone under a bit of a paint job, many of the buildings are
    now sporting different colours, and added a small amount of decorative destruction to the level..
  • Techno Trouble has also undergone a partial theme change. Now called Amaranthine Outpost.
  • Barren Valley returns (and is now called Timeless Wastes) and has been heavily overhauled, all 3 acts have now been merged
    into one level & is sporting some small changes in the level design and many, many decorative details added. Oh and the music has
    been changed aswell. (Unlockable Level)
  • Terrance Trees also returns and has also been merged into a single act (except for act 3), aswell as a few small similar changes
    to it's spookier counterpart. (Also Unlockable)
  • All of the classic levels have been removed from the mod, but they will return in some other fashion.
  • Added in new music for a bunch of levels.
  • Added in some short sections for Fang for the parts he gets stuck/softlocked in Shrewd Blizzard 1 & Terrance Mountain 2.
  • Updated some of the level select pics again.
  • Way too many more texture changes. (are you seeing a pattern here?)
  • And of course a bunch of minor other fixed stuff that i'm not listing here.

  • Another bug fix update.

  • Even more bugs fixed!
  • Added custom music to Dark Woods 2.
  • Updated the Greenflower section in Cyberdime 1 to feature the 2.2 version now.

  • Overhauled a bunch of levels, some more heavily than others:
  • Added a skybox to Shoal Coast Zone

Sunrise Uplands:
  • Act 1 has been massively overhauled, sporting several areas redone and a ton more new areas added in, the level has also been extended a bit.
  • (Act 2 will recieve its fair share of changes in the next update)

Shrewd Blizzard 2:
  • Altered a few paths a bit in a attempt to make the level less confusing to navigate.

Nightlight Gully:
  • The entire Zone now has a global colourmap.

Dark Woods 2:
  • Altered the level design in a few spots to hopefully make the level a little less difficult to navigate.

Cyberdime Zone:
  • Added some small decorative details in for act 2.
  • Finally added in the missing rvz and erz sections for act 3.
  • Remade the final boss's arena. (And gave him a new theme too.)
  • Updated the AMT Crawla sprites (thanks That Azazel Fire for making them)
  • Updated the old Eggscalibur again (thanks to Sonic1983 for porting and updating this thing)
  • Fixed the title screen map using the wrong sky. (oh god how did i overlook this for so long)
  • And of course the usual fare of a ton of minor changes not worth listing here and
    bug fixes because i apparently don't test my levels enough

  • I did a big bruh moment and broke the special stages somewhat, they should be fixed now
  • For the time being until it gets remade, i have decided to gut the entirety of Dark Woods Zone for the mod since i feel like in its current state is a irredeemable mess.
  • Restored the old eggscalibur to Molten Tunnels 3 and remade the arena to accompany it.

  • Remade the title screen and added music to it.
  • Shrewd Blizzard 3: Remade the boss arena so the fight itself shouldn't be exceedingly difficult anymore.
  • Nightlight Gully 3: Raised the bottom floor height to make the fight less cheap and irritating.
  • Molten Tunnels 3: Scrapped the old eggscalibur entirely and restored the egg sandsub to the map.
  • Digital Destruction: Added in the 2nd phase for the final boss from the Sonic.EXE character mod.

  • Removed the 2nd phase for the final boss because of the crashing problem being way worse than I thought, and made it so you start with 5 rings in the level.

  • Added new music to Shoal Coast & Nightlight Gully 2.
  • Updated the entirety of Sunrise Uplands Zone to sport a updated and better looking global and water colourmap.
  • Made a small level design change in act 1 in one of the paths to attempt to reduce unnecessary backtracking.
  • Included Zippy_Zolton's updated AMT Crawla SOC.
  • Fixed the final boss map so it's beatable in multiplayer again.
  • Starting from this version and onwards, the file name has been updated as the V prefix is no longer necessary.

List of music used in the mod i've been meaning to add back in

Title Theme: Three Wheels Turning (Mod Archive)
Character & Level Select Theme: i chill you (Mod Archive)
Shoal Coast: Dash for Freedom (Mod Archive)
Sunrise Uplands 2: A Rose of Gold: DRAX (Mod Archive)
Shrewd Blizzard 1: Sonic After the Sequel: Parhelion Peak Act 3
Shrewd Blizzard 2: Sonic Unleashed: Cool Edge Night
Nightlight Gully 1: Sonic CD: Sonic Boom Instrumental Ending Version
Nightlight Gully 2: FSR Main Menu Theme
Terrance Mountain 1: Malfunctioning Ghost (Mod Archive)
Terrance Mountain 2: Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2: Itachi's Theme
Molten Tunnels 2: Sonic Unleashed: Crimson Carnival Night
Amaranthine Outpost 2: Spark the Electric Jester 2: Floria Plant
Dry Gulch 1: Stock RPG Maker VX Ace Music
Dry Gulch 2: Desert Highway (Mod Archive)
Desolated City 1: City Nights (Mod Archive)
Desolated City 2: Pokemon Reborn: Onxy Ward
Cyberdime 1: flexible (Mod Archive)
Cyberdime 2: tooth paste 2 (Mod Archive)
Cyberdime 3: digital azimuth 2 (Mod Archive)
Terrance Trees:
Sonic After the Sequel: Foliage Furnace Act 1
Sonic After the Sequel: Horizon Heights Act 2
Timeless Wastes:
Oneshot: Phosphor
Eggman Boss Fights: Sonic 3D Blast Saturn Boss Theme
Metal Sonic: the dark half (Mod Archive)
Final Boss: Cybernetic demon (Mod Archive)

Download Now

File Type: pk3 SL_CyberDimeRealm-v1.4.4.pk3 (26.14 MB, 2481 views)


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Old 04-22-2020   #62
Turret 49

I downloaded version v1.1 a bit ago and played through a couple times with Amy, mostly enjoyed myself! With v1.2.1 out I tried playing through the new version with Fang, and I came across a couple problematic dead ends. These happened during regular play, there could be other walls Fang can't get through that I didn't come across.

Fang doesn't have a way to break through this wall in Shrewd Blizzard 1, leading to having to backtrack past the checkpoint and take the other path through the level.
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20005.png
Views:	87
Size:	99.8 KB
ID:	29948
Fang gets softlocked after taking the water slide path in Terrance Mountain 2, as he has no way to destroy the wall, no way to backtrack, and there's a checkpoint. This kills a no-save run.
(Also I'll admit I miss Terrance Trees and its colourfulness, a lot of the zones in CyberDime are pretty gloomy)
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20007.png
Views:	82
Size:	146.3 KB
ID:	29950

A few other things unrelated to Fang:
This checkpoint in Nightlight Gully 2 spawns the player embedded in the ledge.
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20006.png
Views:	91
Size:	183.1 KB
ID:	29949
The barrels in the lake area in Techno Trouble 1 still have purple goop. (the change to green goop is neat, also! I feel like some more experimentation with recolouring would help the zone stand out from Techno Hill's aesthetic)
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20008.png
Views:	72
Size:	218.5 KB
ID:	29946
This sign in Desolated City 2 has a really tall collision, makes it hard to jump over.
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20010.png
Views:	91
Size:	211.1 KB
ID:	29947

Last edited by Turret 49; 04-22-2020 at 04:34 PM.
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Old 04-23-2020   #63
Turret 49

Also, the new boss in Shrewd Blizzard, I feel like Eggman doesn't give enough time between attacks to safely hit him when playing a less agile character like Tails, Amy or Metal. Taking damage at some point feels practically unavoidable to a player playing reactively and not having all the boss' attack durations memorized, as Eggman often starts his next attack right before he's hit. The ice's poor traction makes him slow to approach, and using the snow around the edges of the arena for better traction causes the camera to get obscured by trees, and the player blocked by snowmen. If he had just a split second longer before his next attack he'd feel less "cheap" to fight, in my opinion.

(Oops, double posted! I can't seem to delete this message and edit the previous one, though..)

Last edited by Turret 49; 04-23-2020 at 02:42 AM.
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Old 04-23-2020   #64
i make stuff sometimes
Zeno's Avatar

Nothing i can do about the boss i'm afraid, since i didn't make and don't know the slightest thing about lua. Only thing i could do to remedy that is make the bosses arena larger, but that feels like a rather cheap method...
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Old 04-23-2020   #65
Turret 49

Yeah, I wouldn't increase the arena size too much, it's not really the problem and lets the boss engage with the player. I wasn't aware it was an imported boss, though! Oh well.

Last edited by Turret 49; 04-23-2020 at 12:58 PM.
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Old 04-23-2020   #66
Kirbymario's Avatar

Just a little question, is it possible to get all the chaos emeralds in the level pack, some levels have the tokens and some no matter where I look don't, like green hill and bridge, maybe you should add them so there's more reason to explore
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Old 04-23-2020   #67
i make stuff sometimes
Zeno's Avatar

Yes it is possible, if you search really hard enough you can get all the emeralds very early on
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Old 04-30-2020   #68

Bring back Barren Vally
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Old 05-01-2020   #69

Originally Posted by SAKK View Post
Bring back Barren Vally
I don't think the mod author will ever bring it back again.

I wonder if this is because the level is very empty.
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Old 05-03-2020   #70
Circuit Enthusiast
PencilVoid's Avatar

This may very well be my least favourite level pack I've ever played. The levels lack a sense of direction and everything looks so similar that I can't tell where I've been, where I am, or where I need to go. The gimmicks feel boring and uninspired and many of the themes seem to be directly copied from the vanilla singleplayer campaign. If I had to pick a favourite zone I would probably say Shrewd Blizzard though, it was very fun to speed through and the visuals matched the music well. To improve, I would reduce the amount of crossing paths so that it's harder to accidentally backtrack/get lost, and highlight important things so the player knows where to go.

May I interest you in the Church of Audie?
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Old 05-04-2020   #71
Magnemania's Avatar

Originally Posted by PencilVoid View Post
This may very well be my least favourite level pack I've ever played.
Do you have any other level packs for 2.2 that you could recommend? This is the best level pack I've ever played (having played 24HSRB2, Dimension Glaber, and Apologue), so I must evidently be missing out on some other fantastic packs somewhere for you to be making such a dramatic statement.

Every other pack I've played either suffers from all the problems you've listed, consists of extremely linear hallway levels, or relies heavily on gimmicks and/or kaizo-esque platforming sections.

I've certainly played many individual levels that were comparatively better than the ones in this pack, but I'm yet to see a pack on the board that compares to this one.
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Old 05-11-2020   #72
i make stuff sometimes
Zeno's Avatar

Hi, apologies but i've just put another very small update out to fix the old eggscaliburs lua causing lag in multiplayer.
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Old 05-12-2020   #73
Rogerregorroger's Avatar

Bit of a hit and miss, but some levels I really liked. Especially the first one and the city levels. Interesting twists on the bosses too. Neato.
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Old 05-17-2020   #74
Pretty chill guy
Ice's Avatar

Well, after about 45 minutes and lots of running and jumping, I think it's safe to form an opinion about this pack. I liked it!

I can see where the criticisms are coming from. After getting through Terrance Mountain (did you mean Terrace Mountain?), I realized that my brain had fogged over a little bit, and that the level was basically the same as the previous ones but with the assets swapped out. That was the overarching problem with the pack, at least the part I played, as a whole: each level feels a bit samey. The rooms and hallways wind around the XY-plane seemingly at random, and there's a repetitive rhythm of outdoor-room>cave>outdoor-room>cave that is impossible not to pick up on, even subconsciously. To make matters worse, any given outdoor-room and cave even has roughly the same height and width as the other outdoor-rooms and caves elsewhere in the level and elsewhere in the pack. This, and your tendency to stretch the levels a minute or two longer than they need to be, is the recipe for fatigue.

And yet, I found myself enjoying the pack a fair bit! Quite a bit more than I expected, from some of the criticisms I'd heard. I think some of the problem (for the player) lies in playing too much of it at once. If you stack all that level information in your head in one session, the formulaic qualities make themselves more apparent. But if you take your time with the pack, only playing one or two zones at a time, you can appreciate the levels much more easily. Is this still a problem with the pack? Absolutely. But I think you've been given a bit more crap than you deserve.

There's actually a good amount of beautiful scenery and solid level design on display here. I rarely felt cramped or slowed down, and each area had a consistent level of detail put into it, which is something you tend not to see in ginormous packs like this. It showed that you really cared about what you were making. The consistent pretty visuals are even more impressive considering how much freaking content there is in this mod. And I rarely got turned around or lost, though sometimes I had to use a little extra brainpower to find the way forward, which wouldn't be necessary if you used some more rings to telegraph where the player should go. Again, I'm pretty astounded by how many acres of level you managed to put in front of the player, and how consistent it is in visual quality and playability. You deserve a big round of applause if only for that.

Here are my personal suggestions for improvement:

- I wish you'd use slopes in the gameplay a lot more. They're there in the levels but mostly as an afterthought. I rarely felt like the slopes were anything more than a smoothed-out stair case. As far as I'd gotten, the lava level, there weren't any fun hills to roll down or big ramps to shoot off of, which is a shame considering how much your design style seems to emphasize speed.

- You should vary your level lengths a lot more. With few exceptions, I was hitting the 4-5 minute mark on every single level. This got meta-repetitive. Here's a Gary Provost quote about writing and sentence length that I think is relevant:
This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety. Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals–sounds that say listen to this, it is important.

- You didn't HAVE TO represent every classic level theme. Hell, you don't HAVE TO make three acts for every zone. Playing through the levels, I sometimes got the feeling that you'd run out of steam by Act 3, sometimes by Act 2, and sometimes that the whole Zone was made with you just going through the motions. Maybe this is because you felt like you HAD TO make a level of a particular theme in order to check a box in your head, or to fulfill an idea you had a while ago. But the Parade of Obligatory Themes gets really old unless you have a unique idea for each of them. I say, if you don't have an engaging idea for a level, one that fills you with energy as you put the pieces together, then screw it! You don't have to make it!

Overall I think you've made something special and deserve some more praise for all your hard work. If this pack had come out during the Final Demo era, or even the early 2.0 era, it would've been a hit. It probably IS a hit on the master server. See, I think there's a time when quantity is better than quality, and it's for all those kids online who have endless time to blast through level after level with their friends. I think you've provided them with an excellent levelpack to do just that.
Endless Mine - Piano Cover (First one on youtube!)
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Old 05-28-2020   #75
i make stuff sometimes
Zeno's Avatar

It took a while but here we are with an actually big update this time! Read the changelog for what's been updated.
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Old 05-28-2020   #76
BravenwolfTFS's Avatar

Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
It took a while but here we are with an actually big update this time! Read the changelog for what's been updated.
Darn. I really liked the classic levels.
I never think about those days, everyone's talkin' about, they were the best
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Old 05-29-2020   #77
Snowy's Avatar

Maybe it's an issue I'm unaware of, but I can't seem to access Timeless Wastes or Terrance Trees from the level select.
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Old 05-29-2020   #78
[A person in a place]
Kwiin's Avatar
Default Good Shit

Decided to play through the pack for the first time since v1.1 (Holy shit there's a lot of changes, I haven't payed too much attention and just assumed `.x`'s would be... minor patches,)

Once I realized that there were big updates, I decided to play through the whole thing again. Boy was this a treat. Much, much improved from last I remember.

There are some real minor nitpicks I have that add up, but listing them all would be too much of a hassle and I'm sure if you went over the stages to polish them more it would clear out a lot of the gunk. (Not to mention most of them are minor enough that I don't remember them LOL. Don't worry they haven't changed my overall opinion of the pack, which is that it's really damn good.)

But some more major things that I noticed that I also still remember, haha.
-Aghh Dry Gulch Act 2's track is awful and very distracting. Something about it's mixing makes it grating, it may just be my headphones *shrug*
-CEZ2 is not a very fitting track for Dark Woods 2. It just doesn't have the right vibe.
-You said Terrance Trees and Timeless Wastes are in level rotation? I didn't see them in my playthrough (although I didn't actually finish it, per say, see below gif.)
-Cyberdime 1 still uses 2.1 Greenflower.
-Cyberdime 2 has some pits that you can't see coming until you've fallen into them, and the boss's homing missiles can and will hit you after you've hit eggman, which leaves a small gap of time in which you can safely hit and is very frustrating. I lost many lives to this boss.
-You screwed up Cyberdime 3 lmao.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	srb21879.gif
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Size:	5.74 MB
ID:	32337  
Originally Posted by Nev3r
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Old 05-29-2020   #79
Crum's Avatar

I'll probably get to writing my full thoughts about this again after these updates some other time, but the short of it? Way, way better than it was on release. I find this pack to be really fun to play now. It tends to be my default for playing modded characters, especially Modern Sonic.

Originally Posted by Kwiin View Post
-You screwed up Cyberdime 3 lmao.
This was always present since release. I don't know why it happens, but I think you can avoid it by slowly entering the teleporters at the end of each section. I just jump on the edges and then walk into them and it doesn't happen to me anymore.
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Old 05-29-2020   #80
i make stuff sometimes
Zeno's Avatar

Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
Maybe it's an issue I'm unaware of, but I can't seem to access Timeless Wastes or Terrance Trees from the level select.

I forgot to mention they're unlockable levels, just check the extra checklist for how to get them.

---------- Post added at 10:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:00 AM ----------

Small little update, some small bug & texture fixes, and also fixed a particular spot in Dry Gulch 1 & 2 where you could get softlocked and would have to reset, and also i made another attempt to fix the dreaded softlock problem in Cyberdime 3

Last edited by Zeno; 05-29-2020 at 09:10 AM.
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Old 06-04-2020   #81
Metafrost2's Avatar

I wanted to say: I get to the third act of TMZ, and I have this. I can't get the boss. And for some reason, this is happening to me.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20104.png
Views:	437
Size:	136.4 KB
ID:	32668  
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