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Hi. It's been a little while, and i thought i would stroll on in for another update for this. And there's alot that's changed so let me just get straight to it:
[*] You can now unlock and play Record attack.
[*] Ring, Time & Score Emblems have been appropiately added for it aswell.
[*] Updated a bunch of old level select pics. (Honestly alot of them were extremely outdated and garbage, didn't reflect the current state of the level very well)
[*] Custom boss music has been added in. (Only for eggman as of right now.)
[*] Shoal Coast has had more texture changes.
[*] The slope at the end of the level has been replaced and made way less arbitrary.
[*] Some more texture changes in a few other levels to be slightly less clashing.
[*] The classic levels have all been moved and given their own category now.
[*] Marble Zone's enemy count has been cut down again, this time to reduce the local Robo-Hood population.
[*] All but a select few of the "leaps of faith" are gone.
[*] Nightlight Gully & Terrance Trees have undergone theme changes.
[*]Certain sections of Chilly Cliffs has been merged into Shrewd Blizzard, (mainly for act 2) meaning there is only one snow level now.
[*] Barren Valley has been completely gutted from the mod now.
[*] Shrewd Blizzard, Terrance Trees (Now Mountain), Molten Tunnels & Dark Woods (rip Robohood) have different bosses now.
[*] Players now start most of the boss acts with 5 rings.
[*] Added some TNT barrels to fang's arena to make the fight slightly more entertaining.
[*] Fixed a potential softlock in Cyberdime 3.
[*] Cyberdime Zone now has a different sky.
[*] And many other tweaks that i'm not going to list here. Both in level design and a bunch of minor things.
[*] Also updated the credits list.
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