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The starpost rain was meant to be a standard falling rock section, but I had them as starposts as a temporary in-dev joke. A lot of oil sections are also more difficult now than they used to be now that low friction actually reduces your acceleration.

The mine cart section needs a wall added to block players off from running out of the starting area, then the rest of the pits should resolve themselves since losing the mine cart is instant death. There was never a proper end to the mine carts, which is why I removed the mid-track checkpoints and added an exit on the other side of the hall.

And yeah, the load times in PK3 are pretty unbearable. I'm not sure if there's a way I could repack it to improve those, but zones.pk3 in 2.2 has maps that are at least as big without having the same problem... if nothing else, I can move back to the WAD copy and resolve all the loading time problems, and just have a bigger file.
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Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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