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Mario Kart Double Dash Drifting (Multi-Tech Drifting)

This Lua script gives SRB2Kart the Mario Kart Double Dash treatment, bringing in that game's drifting mechanics.

But that's not all! The script is complete with almost all of the advanced tech MKDD offers! Now you too can feel like GoombaNL, all while playing your favourite racing game!

Here's a quick overview:

To build up miniturbos, start a drift, then press the opposite direction three times.
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As you can see, you can chain them to start snaking. But be careful! Starting a new drift will immediately cancel any previous miniturbo boost. On top of that, releasing a miniturbo will instantly kill any boost sneaker or boost panel effect. Spacing is key! A higher Weight stat will let you build up miniturbos faster, but they'll be shorter.

Want to take a long turn? Do a sideways boost! Start building up a miniturbo like before, but instead of pressing the opposite direction three times, do so twice. Then, hold in the direction of your drift.
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Instead of immediately boosting forwards, you'll dash to the side, allowing you to take those wide turns with ease. A higher Weight stat will grant you a longer sideways boost.

What about the extremely tight corners? There's something for that too. When entering a hairpin turn or spiral, mash Drift as fast as you can.
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Doing so will allow you to turn much sharper than normal. Try using R-Tech while under the effects of a Sneaker!

You can even build up MTs in mid air! Do so as usual, then, the moment you hit the ground, let 'er rip! Just don't spend too long flying without turning, or no boost will occur.
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Does gravity seem off? That's because you're also fastfalling! To fastfall, hold Drift, plus Left or Right! Landing sooner has it's benefits, but be careful when to use it!

There's still plenty left to discover, try it out for yourself! Outswag your opponents with your rubber-burning knowledge!
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- V.2: Improved general movement and hopefully resolved a bug involving netgames.
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