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„ Pipe Towers Zone Revamped „
project is doing exactly what it implies and that’s adding more to already barren Mario Mode and revamping one of the older Bonus Zones.
Mod introduces revamped and new textures, new enemies, new mushroom power-ups and more.
And no, there aren’t any Super Mario All-Stars upscaled textures used this time around!


For those that don't know, Pipe Towers Zone was released as part of contest OLDC ( Official Level Design Contest ) in it's August/July 2011 Edition,
where it previously scored 8.19 and due to popular demand it replaced Mario Koopa Blast Zone in version 2.1 released on March 15th, 2014.


The level has 2 thematically distinctive sections, 1st and more prominent one is the Overworld section and 2nd lesser prominent one is the Underground section. Originally both were based visually on SMB1's visuals.
Revamp was inspired by many Mario projects, official to unofficial, from modern games to older ones.


Main Gimmick: Bouncing Mushrooms

Description: These mushroom acts as bounce pads, which with each jump can increase their strength
and throw you to skies if they are set up to do so.
Just don't believe in that lie, that you can fly.

Enemy: Goomba

Description: Comes in two variants blue and brown, they just keep chasing you as A_Chase should.

Enemy: Green Koopa

Description: They are one of the new addition revamp brings to the table, Koopas behave exactly movement-wise like
Egg Guards from Castle Eggman Zone Act 1 and 2.

Gameplay Element: Power up Mushrooms

Description: They are alternative means to gain power-ups within Zone, they work exactly like in the Mario franchise,
just don't eat Eggman mushrooms!

(Previously project was called MKB Revamped – Mario Koopa Blast revamped, that was due to focus on new content for mappers rather than map itself, but currently, a concept with zone evolved,
where our focus changed on mapping work)

We’d like to thank Fawfulfan for giving us permission despise level being already donated to vanilla.

~ Pipe Towers Zone revamped (Original):

- Initial Release

+ Added more Thwomps
~ Changed Brick's debris behaviour and all Brick FOFs are now separated
~ Geometrical and enemy placement tweaks

+ Added a ton of extra stuff on asset pack behalf
~ Fixed sprite conflict issue with purple mushrooms from HHZ
~ Geometrical tweaks

+ Added more extra asset pack-side stuff
~ Tweaked bit sky textures

+ Added a large chunk of new textures for free use (By KamiJoJo)
+ Made perfect bonus possible in map
~ few geometrical and texture alignment tweaks (Kumin and Dave)

~ Pipe Kingdom Zone:

v2.0 Coming Soon

~ Expanded and revamped concept of Mario Mode"!
~ Revamped Levels, graphics and more!
~ 2.2.12+ Feature set requirement (UDMF, new Lua features and probably more)

* 2020's version of Act 2 is playable at ULDC Spring 2022.

Dave - Most of the mapping work of Revamp

Kumin - Additional work after initial release

Fawfulfan– Original creator of OLDC map

Dave - All Stage Textures and some Gameplay visuals

MotorRoach – Enemy Designs and Gameplay visuals

KamiJoJo_ – Enemy Designs and Post-release Textures

Dave - All Soc work

Lat’- Thinker Edit

Special Thanks:
LazyMK, RazeC, toaster, Monster Iestyn, Lat’, Lach, PV2 and VAdaPEGA for various help.

-- Project can be edited, changed or some parts salvaged for any outside use.

Supporters / Co-Authors:
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