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Ultimate Randomizer

Is Character Randomizer not enough for you? Do you need more randomization in SRB2? Here’s Ultimate Randomizer - a massive SRB2 randomizer mod. It contains 5 randomization categories and 27 options.
Character Randomizer (without SA2 Rando mode enabled) and Physics Randomizer work in real-time, while the rest only works on map load.
Every category except for Misc. Randomizer has to be enabled before you can use any of its options.
ur_showmenu - show Ultimate Randomizer options menu (only works in-game)
ur_setseed <seed> - set Ultimate Randomizer RNG seed (seed 0 is random every time). Does not affect per-player options (default: 0)
ur_saveconfig [file name] - save Ultimate Randomizer config to a file (by default URConf<random number>.cfg) in UltRandom luafiles directory
ur_loadconfig <file name> - load Ultimate Randomizer config from a file in UltRandom luafiles directory (it takes a second to load it)
ur_resetsettings - reset all Ultimate Randomizer settings to default values
ur <command> [arguments] - run any of the commands listed below

All options listed below have their commands and menu option names in the format "command / menu option"
ur cr_enable <0/1> / Enable - enable or disable Character Randomizer (default: 0)
ur cr_time <0-3600> / Skin Time - set time between skin changes in seconds (default: 30)*
ur cr_ultimate <0/1> / Ultimate mode - enable or disable the Ultimate Mode (default: 0)
ur cr_sa2random <0/1> / SA2 Rando Mode - enable or disable randomizing only when a new level is loaded (default: 0)
ur cr_timeoffset <0-900> / Skin Time Offset - set the maximum ‘cr_time’ offset (default: 0)*
ur cr_shownextskin <0/1> / Show next skin - show next skin (default: 0)*
ur cr_showtimer <0/1> / Show skin timer - show how much time is left before a new skin is chosen (default: 1)*
ur cr_skin list - print all currently loaded skins. All "ur cr_skin" commands are inaccessible from the UR option menu.
ur cr_skin add <skin name> - add a skin to the skin table.
ur cr_skin remove <skin name> - remove a skin from the skin table.
ur cr_skin reload - add all available characters to the skin table.

*those commands won’t work when ur cr_sa2random is enabled
ur or_enable <0/1> / Enable - enable or disable Object Randomizer (default: 0)
ur or_setposition <none/swap/random> / Object Position - set object position randomization mode (default: none)
ur or_randomtype <disabled/limited/uniform/smart/full> / Type randomization - set object type randomization mode. Full randomization may decrease performance (default: disabled)
ur or_randomsize <normal/limited/great> / Size Randomization - set object size randomization mode. May decrease the performance (default: normal - no size change)
ur or_randomrings <0/1> / Include rings - include or exclude rings & blue spheres from object randomization (default: 0 - exclude)
ur mr_enable <0/1> / Enable - enable or disable Map Randomizer. Enabling it for the first time will randomize the maps (default: 0)
ur mr_bossmaps <0/1> / Boss Maps - enable or disable boss maps (default: 1)
ur mr_specialstages <0/1> / Special Stages - enable or disable special stages (default: 0)
ur mr_randomize / RANDOMIZE! - randomize maps. If Map Randomizer is enabled, it will change the current map to the first one on the map list. Works even when random seed is set.
ur mr_autorandomize <0/1> / Auto-randomize - enable or disable map randomization after beating all levels (default: 1)
ur mr_maplist - print the map list in console, no menu option available (except for the current and next map)
ur pr_enable <0/1> / Enable - enable or disable Physics Randomizer (default: 0)
ur pr_time <0-3600> / Cooldown - set time between physics changes in seconds (default: 30)
ur pr_randomspeed <normal/limited/full> / Random Speed - set the player speed and acceleration randomization mode (default: normal - no changes)
ur pr_randomdash <normal/limited/full> / Random Spindash - set the spindash speed randomization mode (default: normal)
ur pr_randomfriction <normal/limited/full> / Random Friction - set the player friction randomization mode (default: normal)
ur pr_randomjump <normal/limited/full> / Random Jump - set the player jump height randomization mode (default: normal)
ur pr_randomactionspd <normal/limited/full> / Random ActionSpd - set the player action speed (thok etc.) randomization mode (default: normal)
ur pr_showtimer <0/1> / Show timer - show physics randomization timer (default: 1)
ur misc_randtexture <normal/swap/randomize> / Random Texture - set texture randomization mode (default: normal)
ur misc_randflat <normal/swap/randomize> / Random Flat - set flat randomization mode (default: normal)
ur misc_randbrightness <off/relative/absolute> / Random Brightness - set brightness randomization mode (default: off)
ur misc_randcolor <0/1> / Random Color - enable or disable skin color randomization for players (default: 0)
ur misc_randability <0/1> / Random Ability - enable or disable character ability randomization (default: 0)
ur misc_randsky <0/1> / Random Sky Texture - enable or disable sky texture randomization (default: 0)
Version 2
-Added custom randomizer seed support (not for Character Randomizer, Physics Randomizer and other per-player options)
-Completely remade Object Randomizer, hopefully with less crashes
-Made texture randomization more stable
-Overhauled menu (new colors, Lua Inputs support)
-Added config loading and improved config saving
-Added sky texture randomization
-Added ring randomization toggle in Object Randomizer
-Improved NoReload map support for Object Randomizer

Version 1
-Initial release
Flame - SRB2 HUD menu concept (SimpleMenu.wad) and 3 important lines of code that prevent players from jumping/spindashing while in UR menu
Golden - uniform object type randomization idea
GreffMASTER - beta testing and hosting netgames for public demos of Ultimate Randomizer v2
Have fun!
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