Character Randomizer

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Character Randomizer

This mod randomizes characters during gameplay. The script puts all currently loaded characters into a skin table and then picks a random skin from it for every player. The skins will stay only for a limited time, after which a new one is chosen.

cr_enable <0/1> - enable or disable this mod. (default: 1)
cr_time <1-3600> - set the time between skin changes in seconds. (default: 30)*
cr_skin list - print all currently loaded skins.
cr_skin add <skin name> - add a skin to the skin table.
cr_skin remove <skin name> - remove a skin from the skin table.
cr_skin reload - add all available characters to the skin table.
cr_ultimate <0/1> - enable or disable the ultimate skin randomization. (default: 0)* EPILEPSY WARNING
cr_timeoffset <0-900> - change the maximum difference between the time defined in cr_time command and skin time a player will get in seconds. (default: 0 - disabled)*
cr_shownextskin <0/1> - show the next skin you will get (default: 0 - off)*
cr_showtimer <0/1> - enable or disable the skin time clock (default: 1)*
cr_sa2random <0/1> - enable or disable skin changing only after map change. (default: 0)
cr_commands - print Character Randomizer commands in-game.

* this command won't do anything when cr_sa2random is enabled.

Version 3.1
-Added cr_commands command and a startup message mentioning it
-Improved descriptions of cr_skin and cr_enable commands
-Modified skin timer drawing code to use string.format
-Fixed skins not being loaded when the mod is added via the -file parameter
-Fixed 'cr_skin add' not working
-Fixed 'cr_skin add' and 'cr_skin remove' errors when no skin name is given

Version 3
-Added cr_shownextskin command (request by Magnemania)
-Added cr_showtimer command (request by Solid SOAP)
-Fixed cr_sa2random not working properly with newly joined non-host players (glitch found by Apollyon Woman)

Version 2
-Added cr_sa2random command (request by Icarus)
-Added cr_timeoffset command
-Fixed record attack glitches (glitches found by cookiefonster)
-Fixed splitscreen timer HUD bug (glitch found by Eis-Kold)
-Disabled in-game demos using MainCfg

Version 1
-Initial release

- GreffMASTER - beta testing
- people from #srb2-memery - some important ideas
- Icarus - cr_sa2random command idea
- Magnemania - cr_shownextskin command idea
- Solid SOAP - cr_showtimer command idea
- cookiefonster, Apollyon Woman and Eis-Kold - finding bugs in this mod
Have fun!
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