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What if...
Ultimate Randomizer

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Version 1.1 fixes a netgame synchronization bug that I missed when testing the mod before releasing it.
I'm trying this out right now, and I have to say I already think there should be an option to disable randomizing midtextures because all they do is obstruct my view and make me think there's a wall where there isn't.

Also it is not recommended to run this in software if you're gonna make use of texture randomizing.
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A few things:
When I was playing this in the vanilla levels, the game tends to sigsegv completely at random, without warning, at any given time. Not sure why
When I was playing this on Mystic Realm, I noticed:
A: the map randomizer seems to really dislike Mystic Realm Zone when boss stages are disabled, the Egg Animus simply doesn't spawn, the console spits out a million errors, and using devmode exitlevel causes the player to first warp to gfz1, then back to MRZ, unless using the Randomize! function again, all effectively softlocking the player in gbj hell. Also the menu doesn't seem to know what level you're on, or what level is next, which I believe is what is causing the error spam
B: On levels with the noreload flag, object randomization breaks entirely, working just fine on the first level load, but if the player dies, all the objects in the level revert to their normal functionality.

Also, you wrote an exception so that springs will never be randomized, but nothing for the steam jets from THZ, or the whirlwinds from ACZ, or the swings from CEZ, or the rollout rocks from RVZ. All of these are required for progression, but since they're usually gone, the player gets softlocked too easily. It'd also be nice if there was an exception for starposts and air bubbles in all object randomizer options except Full, instead of only Limited. I like Smart, but when dying near the end of ERZ2 because ha ha funny Black Eggman shoot yeet missile, I get a little upset.
Lastly, can you write an exception for Old Brak? He doesn't really do anything outside his original arena except spam really loud global sounds.
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It seems it's prone to crashing if you have Flats/Textures set to SWAP/RANDOMIZE. Randomly you can crash in GFZ1 if the randomizer feels like it just by running/jumping around the level.
You can also encounter crashes if you break bustable blocks in GFZ1 with just the Textures being Swapped. This is only a guess but... it might be due to the Bustable Block Parameters linedef which spawns the GFZROCK-like debris when breaking those bustable blocks. Since that gets randomized... those blocks will just spawn rocks if it doesn't have a valid 'MT_*name*' defined or... it crashes the moment you break the block.
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Nightwolf updated Ultimate Randomizer with a new update entry:

Ultimate Randomizer v2 update

After over 2 years, the time for an Ultimate Randomizer update has finally come.

-Added custom randomizer seed support (not for Character Randomizer, Physics Randomizer and other per-player options)
-Completely remade Object Randomizer, hopefully with less crashes
-Made texture randomization more stable
-Overhauled menu (new colors, Lua Inputs support)
-Added config loading and improved config saving
-Added sky texture randomization
-Added ring randomization toggle in Object...

Read the rest of this update entry...
Looks neat! I'll give it a go.
(After playing, I am stunned. You put so much thought and effort into this. This thing is chaotic as fuck.
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