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Once every update there exists a port of a character that seems to never die, but now he's back...


...Ugly Knux!



His stats are the old stats that he had back in the day where he can jump as high as Sonic, but his speed is slower than most characters. Going through that ERZ1 Sonic path won't be so easy without speed shoes!



His gliding is quite different when comparing it to regular Knuckles' glide as it seems to not gather momentum at all, but the positive to that is he's able to control it very well. He can also multiglide with also being not able to go into crouch or sliding frames with versions prior to 2.2.X and 2.1.X lacking those.



As you can tell, his climb is slower than usual climbing characters, but that was due to the fact that it's how it was when he was prior to 2.2.X with it being buffed in this version.


Of course he couldn't be brought back without his old sounds. They're neutered just a little so your ears don't have to bleed whenever you jump.

Special Thanks to...

: For creating UglyKnux in the first place.

SSNTails: Allowing him to exist in SRB2.

Ikkarou Tatsuru & TrickyTex: For importing the 2.0 glide code.

SteelT: For making the old spin charge sound lua.

Snu: For looking over the code to see if everything was good.

Azeon: For making the code that prevents UglyKnux from crouching, sliding, and even being forced to crouch when gliding into a boss.

Wolfy: For allowing me to use the multiglide lua, even though it isn't even used.

Apollyon Woman: For helping with importing sprites.

v1 Changes (12/15/19)
1. Release

v2 Changes (2/26/2020)
1. Jump height changed to resemble his old jump height. (0.85 buffed to 1.0)
2. New lua added to make his spincharge noise resemble the old spincharge noise.
3. Sign sprite made to resemble the original.
4. Ride sprites were changed to the old holding sprites that SSN had drawn due to Ugly not actually having any.
5. Super form enabled when collecting all emeralds.

v3 Changes (2/27/2020)
1. Glide adjusted to resemble the old glide. Camera adjustments not added.
2. Slide/Crouch disabled for the most part.
3. Sounds lowered to ease the ears.
4. Super color glitch fixed to where it made Ugly orange.

v3.1 Changes (3/29/2020)
1. Reverted ride sprites to normal.
2. Ugly's climbing speed has been slowed down.
3. Super form climbing speed is reverted to normal Knuckles's speed instead of attempting to go for a higher speed. (Hardcoding issue)
4. CSS art updated to have a cleaner look.
5. Changed from WAD to PK3.

v3.2 Changes (5/12/2020)
1. Thread redone to look a little better than before.
2. Fixed his super colors again due to 2.2.3 changing it.
3. Nothing else done cause hardcoding prevents anything else for now.

v4 Changes (7/5/2020)
1.Sprites are now Demo 4 sprites, but recolored to where Ugly looks... less ugly. (Special thanks to SuperPhanto)
2.Climbing now resembles the old climbing from previous versions of the game. (Took forever to do, only for someone to do it within 5 minutes thanks to Jimita)
3.Ugly's climbing speed has been adjusted once again.
4.Super climbing speed has been buffed. (Climbing speed is doubled)
5.Commands "UglyControlsOn"/"UglyControlsOff" added to "undo" Ugly's controls to control like Knuckles.
6.HUD added.

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