A character in this contains sound-bytes which includes vulgar words that may be too much for a few people and loud sounds.


Introducing... "F"Sonic!

Now you might be wondering why the "F" is in quotes? Well, that's due to this not actually being 100% FSonic. In fact, the "F" actually stands for "Flying" as in Flying Sonic. Yes, I do know that FlyingFlare does exist, but this isn't supposed to be Flare. It's just a "normal" Sonic that is able to fly on his own. That being said, what does he do that differentiates him from FlyingFlare?


He runs at speeds that only a few hedgehogs can dream of!

With the power of manifesting speed like no other, Flying Sonic is able to climb up in the speed department in just seconds compared to any other characters! Now this may seem broken at first, but trust me... it is. Not only will he gain ridiculous speeds by just running, but...


He can reach crazier speeds by just rolling on the ground!

That's right, even rolling on the ground will cause you to gain speed almost instantaneously! It's actually even faster to roll than to run. What's better is that he can carry that momentum when he..


Flies across the stages like it's nothing!

Though, there's a drawback to when he gets tired. You see, Sonic can't actually get tired since he's quite literally putting his all into his flight, so he ends up falling like the oblivious hedgehog that he is. There is an example below that displays what I explained. At the very least, he landed on his feet.


Alas, that seems to be all for the abilities that he contains, but there is one thing he is also capable of doing. With the push of a button, you are able to "taunt" with what button you've configured to CUSTOM3. It doesn't really change up the gameplay, though it allows you to mess around with friends and such. Even if you don't press CUSTOM3, he still has an assortment of sounds that go with jump, spindash, pain, death, and even finishing the level! It is recommended that you play with captions on.

He does have a super form, but I think it would be better if you were to see for yourself instead of me spoiling it. I should also mention that his super music does not replace the in-game super music.

...Oh right, this is a double pack so there has to be another character, right? Well, prepare yourself as...


...FSonic speeds his way in!

Yeah I know that he uses the same CSS art as Flying Sonic, but FSonic was initially a last minute inclusion. Anyway, what can he do?


Dash Mode

Of course this ability was going to come back, but it's exactly like the old one that he had in the past version of SRB2. That even includes the speed-based thok that he had. Of course that also means you'll have a hard time controlling him if you're going at max speed.



This ability was also guaranteed to be back. Heck, it even got a port all by itself! Anyway, it allows you to avoid trouble when near by a few frames if there's any around you. It's extended hitbox allows you to hurt enemies easier.
Link to Insta-Shield:https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=46088

Now we can't have FSonic without his..


Super Form

He has his intended super form as he should. It disables his dash mode and insta-shield to trade it for the powerful ability to be killed by nothing! (Excluding death pits and crushers.) He is even able to float with spin. Don't worry about super music being replaced and such. FSonic uses the default super music.



One last thing, he does have his own NiGHTS sprites. With how rotsprite now exists, he no longer needs over a few hundred frames just dedicated to it.


MotorRoach: For allowing me to port and use FSonic's sprites for Flying Sonic.
Jimita: For coding in the initial momentum lua all the way back in January 2019.
DirkTheHusky: For creating the flight sprites and porting over the lua scripts for FSonic.
TrickyTex: For helping out with coding in the sounds that correspond to the Flying Sonic's actions.
Snu: For coding in the taunts.
Ikkarou Tatsuru: For helping out with coding assistance.
Potatosack: For the music coding.
The past coders of FSonic: For coding in his initial lua.

Flying-v1 and FSonic-v2 Changes
1. Initial release date

FSonic-v2.1 Changes (3/9/2020)
1. "F"ixed conflicts with VL_Revi-v4.pk3 through the dumbest means.

FlyingSonic-v2 Changes (5/12/2020)
1. Fast
2. Goku added (as a taunt).

FSonic-v2.2 and Flying-v2.1 Changes (6/21/2020)
1. Battle Mod support added to both. (FSonic has usual Sonic stuff while Flying is more or less modified a little)
2. Updated a singular taunt. (Taunt can autofinish a level)
3. Flying icon now different.
4. Mario has logged in.

FSonic-v2.3 and Flying-v2.3 Changes (12/4/2020)
1. FSonic updated to a later version of insta-shield while also having his Battle Mod compatibility reinstated. (Thanks to marioluigi751)
2. Flying battle support removed.
3. Flying bugfix with autolevelexit taunt to where it shouldn't desynch anymore due to wrong setup.
4. Flying moved up to v2.3 just for consistency.

Supporters / CoAuthors

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