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If you go up to a wall, you can start running up it.

If you press jump while running, you will do a walljump.

Super Spin

When you press jump after jumping, you can hold the button for up to 5 seconds and charge a double jump. You know it's at max power when a glow effect appears.

A big thanks to CosmicPikachu for coding the walljump/run and credits to BuggieTheBug's Momentum wall jump code!
Spritework: Me
Credits to Motdspork for the peelout script!
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Latest updates

  1. v2.1

    Changelog: - Added command variables "Ova_help" to help players better understand how to play...
  2. v2.0

    Changelog: -Updated and changed all of the sprites from hand drawn to pixelart (So that would be...
  3. V1.3

    Changelog: - added the dashmode back - added super peelout

Latest reviews

this is actually the best mod I have ever played also can you get a 3d model for this cause that would be insane thx :]
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Best Mod I Ever Seen Recently
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Cool mod! But i have an idea, make 2 versions which in first will be handdrawn sprites and in second its the pixel version like was in v2. I think it would be a good idea.
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the super spin fell from grace. It may no longer destroy your ears, but it kills any momentum you had prior to using it. unlike in previous versions where it had you hover in the last direction you were moving and keeping the movement flow and making a more satisfying character in the process.
but I guess it was a glitch or something. because of course something I liked about a mod gets removed.
the launch distance is pretty good though not gonna lie.
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ova sonic is the new knuckles
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this is so nice i give it a 10/10 anyways i know how to wall run!
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haha funny japanese sonic
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So my main problem is that the wall run doesn't work for me I'm pressing spin up against the wall and its not working other then that this is amazing
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art sprites are back, and the double jump charge is stupider than the previous versions (my favorite part)
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his sprites were back to his 1.1 version, with some good fixes as well, and now the abilities are changed to a better style of play, no more annoyances regarding on automatically running up walls, just hold spin when you feel like it, the superspin also seems good to use in overall, all in all, this update is great.
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