This is just a small update to address some small issues with Hyper Spaceway.

Added an extra floor to the portal exit after the laser straightaway to help the wind barrier catch fallen players.
Fixed the Portal after the halfpipe section as the sides of the portal couldn't teleport the players.
After an extremely long development time, Crash Nitro Kart grand finale track, Hyper Spaceway, finally arrives in SRB2Kart. This massive mega track will test your skills with lasers, flame throwers, and spinning maces, all in space in this gauntlet of a track! Can you claim first place and claim the title of Galactic Champion, or will you be flung out into deep space?


Added Hyper Spaceway

Widened the main road in most parts of Red Mountain
Modified the last major shortcut in Red Mountain
Tweaked the layout of Red Mountain slightly
Updated the Red Mountain minimap
Added some small decoration to Lonely Isle
Added some more signs to Molten Mine and widened some turns
Patched out the Ultra Shortcut on Summer Seas
Reworked the third jump on Summer Seas
Modified the cave in Summer Seas
Summer Seas and Red Mountain now have new set of ghost times to beat given the courses got some significant tweaks.
Gave Simple Circuit, Lonely Isle, Roundabout, and Molten Mine special Encore support.
This is a small update for the Pro Pack version 4. This update adds ghost times too all the tracks for you to race on! Can you get the best time on all the tracks?

Change log:
Added Ghost Times to all six tracks in the Pro Pack.
The version 4 update for the Pro Pack is here! Now with a new summer themed course to begin the season with! What do you mean summer is almost over?

Enjoy two new courses to blast through! The Summer Seas and the Roundabout, along with tweaks to the older courses in the pack!

Change log for version 4 update:
Added Roundabout Zone
Added Summer Seas Zone
Added additional shortcuts to Simple Circuit Zone
Modified Red Mountain to be a section course rather than a 2 lap track
Modified Red Mountain to fit with in the map size limit for a more enjoyable experience
Removed Zone from Red Mountain's name
Red Mountain now plays "Red Hot Skull" from Sonic Adventure in the third section
Lonely Isle is now 4 laps instead of 3 laps
Lonely Isle's final shortcut is blocked off on the final lap to prevent cheap wins at the last moment
The Pro Pack version 3 is finally here with a new course! The Molten Mine! Can you swerve your way through this abandoned mineshaft in the heart of an active volcano without getting toasted? Or blown up?
This update focuses on tweaking the three courses in the Pro Pack while I work on more courses for the pack.

Change log:
Added shadows to some objects in Simple Circuit.
Fixed a checkpoint that would cause position errors in Red Mountain.
Adjusted item box positions in Lonely Isle for more strategic item usage.
The Pro Pack now is a set of three with a newly added course! Lonely Isle has you racing around an lush island in the middle of the ocean. Can you conquer this small island's twists and turns?
This update tweaks some small issues with the Red Mountain course. The tweaks are adding more strong off-road to the start of the Lava Pool cut. Lava Pool cut's spring panel had it's sneaker panel attributes revoked. Added a sneaker panel to the inside corner of the outer spike ball corner. Extended the landing platform of the large ramp before the volcano section. Added some edge decoration to the off-road sections.
Simple Circuit now comes packaged with Red Mountain! A new course that's sure to be more thrilling than Simple Circuit could ever be!