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Welcome to the Pro Pack. A collection of courses that I have made for SRB2Kart!

The Pro Pack currently holds seven courses. Simple Circuit, Red Mountain, Lonely Isle, Molten Mine, Roundabout, Summer Seas, and the newly added Hyper Spaceway!

(MAP JL) Simple Circuit:
It's exactly what the name implies. It's a circuit track, and is a simple one too! A very beginner friendly course with not too many corners and plenty of straight aways. It's the perfect course to practice the controls and to have a short and simple race on!

(MAP JI) Red Mountain:
Based off the stage from Sonic Adventure, you'll race along the hazardous mountain cliffs and even inside an active volcano! Can you make it through the track without getting toasted. Be sure to look out for the many short cuts spread out through the course!

(MAP JJ) Lonely Isle:
This course takes place on a small island surrounded by nothing but ocean. The lush island is easy to navigate, but taking shortcuts through the trees can be risky. Accidentally bumping into a tree can cost you the race!

(MAP JM) Molten Mine:
Swerve your way through an abandoned mine in the heart of an active volcano! Can you make it through the course without getting toasted? Or blown to smithereens? Special thanks to one of my friends for making the course layout for this one!

(MAP JK) Roundabout:
Round and round you go in this course that gets more chaotic the further in you get! This extremely small course will have you planning out your moves more carefully as spikeballs and Eggman Bombs quickly start to fill up the course!

(MAP JO) Summer Seas:
Summer is here and no summer vacation is complete without a trip to the beach! Race across the pier and take a dive into the blue ocean water as you dash through the summer heat! Hope you brought your sunscreen!

(MAP JN) CNK Hyper Spaceway
Behold, the grand finale of the galactic circuit. This gauntlet of a course will test your driving skills as you weave around flamethrowers, spinning maces, and lasers! Do you have what it takes to claim the title of Galactic Champion, or be stuck driving in Emperor Velo's domain forever?

More coming soon!
Feedback and criticism appreciated!
Special Thanks:
Spazcakes for helping out with the textures for Hyper Spaceway.
Everyone who has submitted resources to the community resources.

Known issues:
Pack conflicts with all courses from Blade Cup
Red Mountain and Lonely Isle conflict with Gamma Pack

Change log:
Added an extra floor to the portal exit after the laser straightaway to help the wind barrier catch fallen players.
Fixed the Portal after the halfpipe section as the sides of the portal couldn't teleport the players.

Added Hyper Spaceway
Widened the main road in most parts of Red Mountain
Modified the last major shortcut in Red Mountain
Tweaked the layout of Red Mountain slightly
Updated the Red Mountain minimap
Added some small decoration to Lonely Isle
Added some more signs to Molten Mine and widened some turns
Patched out the Ultra Shortcut on Summer Seas
Reworked the third jump on Summer Seas
Modified the cave in Summer Seas
Gave Simple Circuit, Lonely Isle, Roundabout, and Molten Mine special Encore support
Added new ghost times to Red Mountain and Summer Seas to match the latest version of the course

Added ghost times to all six courses in the pack so far. Think you can be them all?

Added Roundabout
Added Summer Seas
Added additional shortcuts to Simple Circuit
Tweaked Red Mountain to be a section course instead of a two lap marathon
Modified Red Mountain to fit within the map size limit for a more enjoyable experience
Red Mountain now plays "Red Hot Skull" from Sonic Adventure on the third section
Removed Zone from Red Mountain's name
Lonely Isle is now 4 laps instead of 3 laps
Lonely Isle's final shortcut is now blocked off on the final lap

Added Molten Mine.
Fixed and issue where Simple Circuit and Red Mountain's music source wasn't showing.

Added shadows to some objects in Simple Circuit.
Fixed a checkpoint that would cause position errors in Red Mountain.
Adjusted item box positions in Lonely Isle for more strategic item usage.

Added a new course: Lonely Isle.
Fixed a small texture error on Red Mountain.

Added more strong off-road to the start of the Lava Pool cut on Red Mountain.
Lava Pool cut's spring panel had it's sneaker panel attributes revoked on Red Mountain.
Added a sneaker panel to the inside corner of the outer spike ball corner on Red Mountain.
Extended the landing platform of the large ramp before the volcano section on Red Mountain.
Added some edge decoration to the off-road sections on Red Mountain.

Simple Circuit is now packaged with Red Mountain.
Fixed Simple Circuit not being playable in Record Attack.
Fixed map errors on Simple Circuit which would cause game crashes.
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Latest reviews

Since I reviewed Simple Circuit a while back, and since this is now a full on pack, I wanted to give my thoughts on the other maps currently. I will say, these tracks are good, but nothing outstanding or defining.

Red Mountain: This should NOT be 2 laps. 4 mintues on a single track is simply too long, and that makes it pretty daunting for most players, especially newer ones. Lap count aside, however, this map is actually pretty fun! I'm surprised we didn't get a Red Mountain stage for a long time, and this delivers well. The shortcuts make this a very fun track to do in Record Attack, and the actual course, while big, doesn't overstay it's welcome for too long, at least for a single lap. The first corner is kinda jank, but that's the only gripe I have with it layout-wise. Just change the lap count to 1 lap, and I wouldn't mind this track too much. (8/10)

Lonely Island: Unlike Red Mountain, this course suffers from being too short. The average time to finish for most tracks nowadays is usually around 2 minutes. It can be a bit higher or lower, but 2 minutes is generally the right time to aim for when creating tracks. Change the lap count to 4 laps, and this track reaches the average time. Rambling aside, This one is very basic and simple, which helps it a lot. The final shortcut at the end is a little bit overpowered, and I can see a lot of races being stolen from that shortcut alone. I feel like it should be nerfed, I don't want another Kitchen Kerfuffle situation where people don't pick the track just because of the final shortcut being OP. (6/10)

Simple Circuit: This is also another case where the lap count should be 4. There's not much I can really say about this track, it's just really basic. It could use a bit more in terms of actual gameplay, because at the moment it's just very bland and there's not a lot going on in it. (5/10)

Molten Mine: This track is easily my favorite from the pack at the moment. The layout, while a bit heavy in 90 degree turns, does a good job of keeping the player on they're toes. The usage of barrel bombs are also very good in this track, and it gives the player even more to focus on during the race if they decide to use a Sneaker to go into the offroad to shave some time. Very skill-based track, and this would be really fun with a full lobby that knows what they're doing. (9/10)

Final Score: 28/40

Conclusion: I see a lot of potential in this pack. If you just iron out the kinks, I could really see myself using this track in my own server if I ever got around to doing that, which I won't because I'm lazy as hell. Molten Mine and Red Mountain essentially carry this pack at the moment, and if what I said about Lonely Island and Simple Circuit can be fixed, then I would have no problems with this pack.
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While I enjoyed both tracks, I feel like at V1.0 Red mountain seemed to have gotten more attention but here's both tracks in a vacuum.

Red mountain- I really like such a technical course RM is, but I really feel that two laps is ABSOLUTELY brutal for anyone doing other modes (Kart Rush, I'm looking at you!!) and the fact that it nearly a 4 minute two lapper is daunting to many a player. Despite the course length, I feel that if it was a single long lap, I would feel that would be appropriate. As it stands, it's a magnificent course that might overstay it's welcome on some players! 5/5

The Simple Course- It's stock with very little room to cut time and other than that, it's basic to the point that Emerald Hill has a new friend on how simple it is. I would definitely see this as an intro stage to many new players, while experts will be wanting more... 3/5

Total score- 8/10
Average- 4/5

At the end of the day, I really feel like this first set is really strong, despite some of the things i mentioned above. I'm looking forward in trying out more of your work or seeing expansions to this cup proper!

Good luck and please enjoy yourself!!!

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