-Updated Sonic New's SOC to better match the new playstyle
-Wall jump now uses the Wall check mod i made

Thats all :P


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Boostfly and Air run dont do weird shit with the new ability now.


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Recent Tails now has a new ability instead of that ball one.
Peelout Spring! (Original idea by this guy

Hold C1 mid-air to charge a peel out.
If you release it mid-air or touch the ground you will fly high up in the air!
You can also use it after your fly has run out (only activated by touching ground)
And it also carries your downward momentum by redirecting it upward.

The Original idea:
A quick little bug fix:
NIGHTs doesnt spawn the extra bot and doesnt color you blue.
Cyloop aura actually plays the animation now.
You dont fall when transforming.

Also apparently Peppermint's models have support for Team New.
I forgot about some things when optimizing the thing. So i added those things back.
Also i once again updated Sonic New`s walljump.
And i think i should mention that the default shield button (the button used for stasis) is on custom 3

yeah, this is all...


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Hello! There have been some bugs and optimization issues. Decided to fix them and do some other stuff.

-Button changing commands should work anywhere (menus or in-game)
-They also display which button have you binded your button to

-Then theres bug fixes (Forgot most of them but the ones that got reported are fixed)

-Changed the Team Switch to a different one (and its now more op)

-Updated Sonic`s wall jump to use a bit of Knux`s wall check
(Still expect some stuff like not being able to walljump off sertain walls)

-A LOT OF optimization (phones probably can run my mod now)
BIG Thanks to Lach for helping me

(Max is 35 FPS in the .GIF btw)

-Sorted Knuckles`s lua to different ones (Its not just one big Main.lua now)
-And maybe other stuff that i forgot about

Now have fun with a better version of this mod