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The Team is here! And Recent Tails as addition and some fixed/changes for Sonic and Knuckles.

But before the characters some stuff that will be useful.
Custom 1 - Action Button. The button used for cool stuff like Cyloop, Tornado and Crouch(More on that later). Different for characters.
Custom 3 - Misc Button or Shield button. This button can be used for miscellanious stuff like Stasis, Shields and Switching (More on that later).
theres also commands to change them.
(tn_extrabutton <C1/C2/C3/TF/Fire/Fire Normal> and tn_shieldbutton <C1/C2/C3/TF/Fire/Fire Normal>)

Anyway to the characters!
Spring jump: Double jump to spawn a spring and get more height.

Recurl: Press spin after walking off a ledge or after using a spring.


Quickdash/Control roll:
Quickdash - Press spin with low speed to get a quick dash forward while spinning

Control roll - Press spin while running to start rolling, you can control the roll more.

Uncurl: Press spin when rolling to start running againt.

Bounce spin: Hold spin mid-air to start spinning very fast.
You can bounce off of ground, water and spikes.

(Due to a funny bug that i kept it also combines with Quickdash and Control Roll)

Walljump: Instead of sliding you press against a wall, and have limited time to jump.

Accellerate: Run for long enough to get more speed with time.
Unlike dashmode it doesnt preserve when spinning or in the air,
but your max speed with it is a LOT faster (about 100 Fu/t.)

Ceiling run: Hold jump when touching a ceiling to start running on it and defy physics.

Cyloop: Hold Custom 1 on ground to start making a trail.
The trail itself doesnt do anything. But if you close it and release custom 1 some cool stuff happens!

For example:
If you cyloop an enemy they get launched in the air! (More on that later)

Bash: Hold custom 1 near an enemy to grab it.

From here you can do different actions.

Throw: Release custom 1 to throw an enemy forward.

Wind jump: Press jump to go up. Thats basically all.

Dash: Press spin to go forward. Yeah...

Stasis!: Press Custom 2 to stasis an enemy.

Combo all of these moves to achieve great speed and heights.

No-Grav. Fly: Almost the same as vanilla fly but its hold fly (because people seem to struggle with spam fly)
and the less stamina you have the stronger the gravity gets.

Boostfly: Hold spin mid-air to fly faster but for a shorter period of time.
Hold jump to ascend.

Airrun: Run off a ledge to start running on air!

Acceldash: Like spindash but instead of a burst of speed you gain it with time.

Ceiling fly: Fly to the ceiling to attach to it.

U.F.A. (Undentified Flying Animal): Yes thats the name for the move, or you can just call it tornado.
Anyway while flying hold Custom 1 to make a tornado below you that sucks up players, monitors and enemies.

Another thing to note: Different enemies give Tails some new abilities or do any changes when he`s holding them. Find these abilities yourself!

Windball: Hold custom 1 mid-air (not flying) to start winding up a ball of air.
Release custom 1 to throw it.
(OUTDATED! Check the Updates tab for the new ability)

Windpad: Press custom 1 on ground to spawn a jump pad. The jump pad starts with 5 charges, each use uses 1 charge. The charge is indicated by the amout of wind around it.
Anyone who jumps on it will get launched up.

Use theses moves to help your team in Co-op and Team matches! Or just have fun with them.

Latest edition Knuckles.
He didnt get much changes other than some fixes.
If you want to know more then just read the original release.

Funnies like:
Shields usable with custom 2 mid-air!
Different Force and Whirlwind shields abilities.

A Team New option in singleplayer (Use Custom 2 to switch when not able to use shield abilities)

(Keep in mind that you switch places and states too)

RSNeo and BattleMod compatibility!

Ok i think that this is all of the stuff and enjoy the mod!
MotorRoach - Helped animate cyloop sprites.
A snippet of SuperMusic by CosmicPikachu.
Lach - Helped optimize MobjThinker code.
Rogerrogerroger - Made the icon.

Also please credit me if you are using my code.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.0.2d - New Wall check once again.

    -Updated Sonic New's SOC to better match the new playstyle -Wall jump now uses the Wall check...
  2. v1.0.2c - "Ball Remover update" update fix

    Boostfly and Air run dont do weird shit with the new ability now.
  3. v1.0.2b - Ball Remover update

    Recent Tails now has a new ability instead of that ball one. Peelout Spring! (Original idea by...

Latest reviews

it is amazing but there I bug where in battlemod sonic couldn't hurt people without the cypunch
Upvote 0
Nice mod, but this double jump spring ability is somewhat underwhelming compared to everything else. It looks weird, doesn't really fit all that well, and gives too much vertical movement to a character that is usually obligated to run around obstacles, instead of flying over them
Upvote 0
epic mod, sonic gives off frontiers vibes and i have been playing as him for a bit for the past hour or so, 10/10 mod, but the stasis didn't work for me for some reason? but pretty good mod! will try out tails and knux later!
I forgot that the default is C3 for Shield Button.
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At first, I didn't like how Sonic New or L.E Knux played but after reading up and trying them out again I actually began to understand them and enjoy them more when I was just figuring it out myself. Great mod!
Upvote 0
I like the new team dynamics of the new sonic,recent tail and latest edition knuckle but it have some issues with the FPS whenever i play as new sonic or the new team the FPS drop from 35 to 12 FPS. Rather it's just my computer is way to hot because it does that on some games or new sonic is dropping the FPS a significant amount
There is a new update that should fix the lag.
Upvote 0
Really like sonic new new abillity
Upvote 0
Really nice addon tbh, the one thing that bothers me though is the lag, like, I dunno if that's just my pc- but, when I was trying to play BCZ1, the lag was painful.
New update and it should fix the lag
Upvote 0
Peak. Thats all I got to say.
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"The Holy Trio"
You outdone yourself with an buddeyex-like mod, buddy.
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Despite none of the character sprites being original, this mod is pretty great, and very fun to play with!
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