Taz the Tasmanian Devil

Taz the Tasmanian Devil v3.4/3.7

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Taz the Tasmanian Devil


Taz has arrived to SRB2, cause somebody wants to destroy Taz Land Zone...
What can he do?


When Taz starts a tornado you'll enter something like a dash mode
You can enter it doing a spindash, pressing Spin while running or doing a thok
In this state you can go faster, jump higher and destroy everithing on your way
Don't move or press Spin without moving to stop it


Also you can wall-slide like this:


(If you're lucky you can jump off the wall like in the left gif)

Press any Custom button on the ground to use the skateboard or in the air to tackle like it's GTAV



A.K.A. faster charging spindash controllable on the ground
You can "spin and unspin" by... pressing Spin


Use this to break things or bounce higher on springs!
Press Spin while doing this move to do a weak thok


(It's just twinspin with multiability)


The classic bubblegum powerup is here!

You'll get this powerup if you get a whirlwind or electric shield
Press Spin to make a bubble and press Jump to pop it
You can do this multiple times for 8 seconds until you touch the ground again


If Taz got them all and has at least 50 rings, you can spend 10 to spawn a bubblegum that will give this powerup to whoever takes it
Press any Custom while not moving to spawn it
(With this and the crouch move Taz should be able to get almost all emblems)

Press Fire button with a fire shield to spit fire

As a bonus, you can play...


This mode is heavily inspired by Taz: Wanted

Makes almost all decorative objects destroyable
Replaces emblems, rings/coins, starposts, signposts and almost all bosses
Destroying the scenario and picking up food gives you extra points


Whirlwind and electric shield monitors are replaced with the bubblegum golden box
Armageddon explosion destroys the scenary too and monitors are golden


(And something more)

Type "Tazty" on the console to enable/disable Sam quotes and sandwiches





(Play it to see them all!)

For custom characters:
If you want to make your custom character break things use the variable player.tazwanted = true

For custom maps:
All items with SCENERY and SHOOTABLE flags turn destroyable
(won't work if no collision flags)

Painchance is the object spawned (must set deathstate to S_TAZW for this to work)
Reactiontime is the score given

For extra particles you can use MobjRemoved hook

ALL in Taz Mode is reusable but if you use the bubblegum you should thank and credit Goldenhog too

Thanks and credits to:

TehRealSalt for the coyote time code from Jump Leniency
Tempest97 (Krimps) for Spin Control
Kirb for Run Dust, Air Walk Remover and the wall-slide code from Extra Spicy Momentum
Krabs for Uncurl
Goldenhog for the bubblegum shield from Extra Shields and Powerups
FAVman33 for the sprites from Kartmaker Skateboard Template
SMSAlfredo for the collision code made for Kamek
And Tatsuru for the thok code

Sprites from TheSpriteResource ripped by:

Main Taz: LDEJRuff
Nights: Mr. C
1Up: Ragey
Continue: Yawackhary

*Sandwich and candy: Rainbow Question Mark
Tomato effect: Backflip Studios/DogToon64

Marvin: RadSpyro
Coyote: LooneyTunerIan
Tatanga: Ridge Tropa
Daffy: Yawackhary
Gossamer & chair: Mr. C

I edited Marvin, Coyote, Gossamer, sandwiches and candies a bit

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Latest updates

  1. Small updates

    Taz: Spin bugfix More dust Faster tornado animation Cleaned script Taz Mode: New sounds Ice and...
  2. That's all...?

    Taz: Hud with timer for bubblegum powerup You can't blow one more bubble if the time its over...
  3. More Taz bugfixes and Taz Mode custom map compatibility/bugfixes

    Taz: Fixed spring coyote time bug Fixed some sprites Fixed crush animation Fixed minecart...

Latest reviews

Giving this a re-evaluation, I'm still about the same with it as I was the first time. I do have a few nagging issues to note.

It's not uncommon for a character to use custom buttons, but I find it so odd that Custom 1 is used for a slightly niche option of an alternative stopping method for taznado, yet a dive move that can slide under short obstacles or give an emergency burst of speed, is put on Custom 2, a considerably lower priority button. I feel like these could have been swapped, or modular via console command, as I found myself wanting to use the dive a lot more than the taznado emergency stop, but I'd have to reconfigure my gamepad to do so.

I also have issue with an aspect of the bubble gum. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see any visual indicator when you actually have it, making it easy to lose track if you DO have it or not. this isn't a problem the burp has, since that has particles spawn. I feel something similar could be done with the gum, or perhaps a HUD element. I do appreciate that Taz has such a potentially crazy shield-like powerup all to himself though. It's been fun to jump and float for so long without landing!

Taz isn't really my kind of playstyle, but I do appreciate you making Taz feel like this spinning top death machine like he usually is. Especially with Taz mode really letting you rip up everything sprite-based in sight. While he can be fun at times, he's probably not something I'd return to much, as I feel like I tapped out on what I'll get out of him already. I do chalk this up as another character that's proof you don't need to create your own whole sprite sheet to make a unique character.
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One of the most interesting mods I've seen in a while. Instead of getting another Sonic or another fan-made character with unbalanced abilities, we get a simple and interesting mod that even has its own game mode and unique character sprites. Of course, for the full picture, you need someone who can draw sprites for this mod, but even in this state it looks very cool.
Upvote 1
Shockingly fun for such a simple character, however I wish the spinning was "hold spin to go fast" vs "go fast to spin", more like how it was in the original game.

Maybe you could add a taunt? something like blowing a raspberry at the screen when you press a button.

I would also like to note, that spinning in the air breaks walls but dashing on the ground does not, I hope that this is planned because it feels very strange to be unable to break something by just running into it as Taz.

Other than that, good promising mod, I love the extra touch of the bosses having custom sprites.
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