Taz the Tasmanian Devil

Taz the Tasmanian Devil v4.1

Max wallslide duration to prevent infinite wallslide
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New abilities:

Eat and spit
Goop passive ability

Thok buffed a bit and stronger thok when not in "dash mode", now faces the player angle not the camera
Skate now slides
Easier wallslide and walljump
Vanilla aerial speed

Bubblegum powerup remake

Fixed some bugs and some sprite offsets
More sprites
Extra effects
Shield indicators
Kirby ability support
Spin bugfix
More dust
Faster tornado animation
Cleaned script

Taz Mode:
New sounds
Ice and snow destruction effects
Cleaned script

I made this a few days ago, maybe I'm forgetting something :/
Hud with timer for bubblegum powerup
You can't blow one more bubble if the time its over

Now you stop "dash mode" pressing Spin without moving the joystick/keys
The crouch move and the bubblegum spawn can be done with any custom button

Random farts when jumping
Random sounds at spawn
Random ending level sounds

Fixed Taz spinning and not on roll state
Fixed some shield behavior just for Taz applying to everyone
Updated select screen info

Taz Mode:
Taz makes random sounds when picking up sandwiches
Sam says random things when you destroy the scenery and when you reach the signpost
Added a command to disable/enable Yosemite and sandwiches (type tazty)

All characters get the full gum powerup now (not flying characters)
Same powerup changes applied here

Unless I get a brilliant idea or find a bug, that's all folks


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Fixed spring coyote time bug
Fixed some sprites
Fixed crush animation
Fixed minecart, zoomtube and rollout rock animation
Forgot to mention Taz can spit fire with the fire shield, its been improved on this update (Fire button)
(I think it's all clean now)

Taz Mode:
Some compatibility with custom maps (Let me know if you found a bug please)
Proyectile compatibility
Added some missing vanilla scenery destruction
Crushtacean buffed punch!
New leafs sprites
Fixed disco music random bug (wtf?)


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Fixed wall-slide (Taz was too fat, also no more underwater)
Enemies collisions work properly now (I did a dumb thing)
Now Taz can break monitors in the tornado state

Sorry, Taz v3 was a bit broken :/


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Dash mode remade but its not a dash mode
Bubblegum shield
Can "unspin" now
New crouch move
New sprites and effects
Fixed spindash animation
Multiplayer "colors"

Taz Mode:
No more weird collisions
No monitors, now it's playable with homing characters
New destruction effects
Armageddon shield destroys the scenary items
Replaces some shields
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Added a no save version of Taz Mode like v1
Taz mode now has a custom save + a lot of visual changes like emblems