Tangle the Lemur

Tangle the Lemur 1.0.1

I didn't realise uploading an update replaces the entire filelist, so just a small re-upload with the colour pack re-added, woopsie! Tangle is still the same though.
Hello! Here's a small update for Tangle that adds in some bug fixes, future proofing and a small feature some of you have been asking for.


So for starters the main thing in this update is the "tangleswap" command, currently, you press the spin button to attack while on the ground, and hold a direction to grab the ground, turning tangleswap on allows you to swap these around.


Another small update is when you catapult, you now retain your spin state when you jump from a catapult, so you don't have to fear jumping near enemies at high speeds.

Everything else is bug fixes, such as being unable to spin on slopes, clinging to invisible walls and the silly offset for the continue sprite.

And the future proofing is just a thing for models that should help, have fun!


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