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Tangle the Lemur - IDW's Cute Lemur is here to swing about!

Tangle the Lemur!

Well well well, here we are, finally, after all this time, did you know this was the first mod I started working on coming back to SRB2? Because of that the sprite quality is a little poorer compared to my others, but I'm sure you can overlook that c;

Tangle the Lemur is an IDW character from the Sonic comics, she's a springy athletic girl and very agile with a very long prehensile tail and now she's here for SRB2...

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didn't expect this to release so soon, is marine gonna come out next five minutes too?
Like I'm impressed with the speed of this one, and looking so, Quality.
I don't know if you have other people do it with you, if so props to everyone, and just props for you if you do these by yourself, good work.


and a bug already look, I was playing on my server with frame interpolation and... well this happened

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oh wait there were just flying tails of lemurs everywhere and she lost her body

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.

Awesome job lightdasher, can't wait to try this out! :wonderful:

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Ah I love it when I have to be asleep when a good mod drops

Give it a minute, but the controls and physics are really great! A generally good character that isn't too much! Good job

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This is awesome! Though I'd appreciate being able to set it so the tail actions were seperated by button. For instance...
Spin - Forward/enemy aiming.
Jump mid-air - Diagonal anchor.
Custom 1 - Floor anchor.
This would make it much easier to control her.

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