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Tails comes to stop Dr. Robotnik and his latest schemes! But this time, he came with a few tricks and gadgets with him!


Do note that this is the first mod I've ever created. There will be bugs and glitches that will be ironed out in future updates!

The first thing you may notice when playing as TA Tails is emblems have now been replaced with powerups to collect. There are 5 total powerups scattered around the world, see if you can collect them all, but be warned, Tails can only use 1 powerup at a time so adjust your playstyle accordingly!

Please note that TA will have placeholder sprites. This will be adjusted in future updates! Thanks for understanding!

Press Custom 3 to open Tails' menu. From here, you can use your movement keys to select which powerup you want active. Jump to confirm, Spin to cancel


Pressing Custom 1 while flying will allow Tails to preform his flight cancel


Tails also starts out with very limited flight. Don't worry, the more Chaos Emeralds you obtain, the longer the flight timer gets!


Now lets get into the good stuff, POWER-UPS!
  • Straight from the battlefield, Tails brings his trusty... BOMBS?!? Press TossFlag to throw one while you have it selected! You can also aim them in first person. (You can see what power-up is selected by looking above your life icon!)​


  • Ah, I love the smell of napalm in the morning, don't you? Works the same as bombs, except with a much larger blast radius, can bust spikes, and does 2x damage against bosses. However, it comes with a longer cooldown to boot!​


  • Equipped with his trusty helmet, Tails can block incoming projectiles and even enemies themselves! You can't shield electrical attack however, so be careful. Press TossFlag to use it.​


  • Paired up with his latest creation, Tails brings along his dependable robot friend to reach places he can't! Press TossFlag to call him out and Spin to call him back. Your little buddy can also shoot corks with Custom 3 to collect monitors and bust badniks that Tails can't reach!​


  • Next up we have Tails' handy running shoes! Equip these to accelerate faster and have a higher top speed. Watch out though, you are left defenseless when equipped!​
  • Finally, we have Tails' beloved Radio. Equip it and you can select from a variety of Tails' Adventure songs with Next and Previous Weapon. Once selected, press TossFlag to begin listening.​

I really hope you have fun with TA Tails and look forward to more updates in the future!
Tails also has 1 special button and 2 special chat phrases :3
He is also semi-compatible with another 16-bit speedy hedgehog; I'll fully implement this in a future update!


Open Asset Credits: (This 100% couldn't have been done without yall!)
Open Character Assets: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/open-character-assets.5885/
Dummy Ring Bomb: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/dummy-ring-bomb-for-tails.2786/
Flight Cancel: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/s3-a-i-r-tails-fly-drop.3545/
Red Ring Addon: *I don't have a link to this, I got it off of EX and was allowed to use it since it is open assets, sorry!*
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Latest updates

  1. Oops..

    I left the shoe powerup enabled when doing testing :) This is fixed now. Also HOPEFULLY I...
  2. Small Fix/Adjustments

    - Fixed an issue with Napalm instantly killing bosses --- As realistic as it is, this obviously...
  3. Bug Fix Galore

    HUGE thanks to SilicDev for basically doing all the emblem fixes and thinker compressions...

Latest reviews

I am.. quite the big fan of Tails Adventures- and I love this mod!! Being able to play this game in a new way is amazing- and it is really fun being able to use TA abilities in this game!! However, I do have a bit of complaints. These complaints are not to say I don't enjoy this mod- but I'd like to see this mod become the best it can be!!

For one, the Napalm Bomb is too overpowered- functioning like the Big Bomb instead of being a shockwave-like flame that jets infront of Tails for a bit. It functioning like the Big Bomb without the Big Bomb wait-time makes it superior to the Regular Bomb- of which it shouldn't be. (Small nitpick, but the regular bomb should go higher when throwing it)

The helmet in this mod doesn't feature the ability to defeat enemies when falling on them like it does in TA- I feel like adding that combined with badnik bouncing would bring more use to the helmet.

Mecha Tails (A.K.A the Remote Robot) takes damage and can't fly infinitely here- which isn't great because Mecha Tails is meant to be a scouter and collector for items Tails can't reach. It, and by extension, Tails, not having TA's method for flight does lose some preciseness that TA flight grants.
I suggest slowing down TA Tails and Mecha Tails- having Mecha Tails be slower than TA Tails as well.

Switching items is jarring here, as well. I'm a big fan of TA's switching mechanic, but here you not only have to be grounded for it to activate but also selecting your item is a bit of a hassle. It should really just be Custom 3 to get in, you hover over what you want, and then Custom 3 to get out. If you need any TA sprites or would like some help with custom sprites, don't be afraid to contact me!

Apologies for such the long review.
Appreciate your in-depth review. TA is still heavily being worked on and more things are coming to the mod soon so things are 100% going to be changing in future updates! I'll definitely look into the things you mentioned, as I didn't even know the helmet could take out badniks from above in the game, as I never tried it lol
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Good mod very good but He feels more of a battle mod Character
Upvote 0
Alright, I really like this mod and it does what it sets out to do very well, but there's some issues I have.

The Helmet has no real use, given you're almost never in a situation where you'd need it and the situations you'd need it in are usually when you don't have it equipped. It's pretty terrible in my opinion. Speaking of switching...

The Equip system isn't very good in my opinion. It's fine for what it is, but it's hard to use for switching items on the fly. For example, if you're trying to speedrun a level, you'd be using Shoes the entire time, but then you're more or less excluding bombs as while you can open the menu while moving, you'll be forced to stop to scroll over to and select the bombs, overall wasting time. This could be fixed by making the menu function a bit differently. Maybe have it be a Next/Prev weapon scroll or have each item correspond to a button while in the menu. (Eg. you'd press C3 to open the menu, then jump for bomb, spin for napalms, ect.)

TossFlag is a strange button to use for what is your character's main mechanic, I'd suggest adding the ability to bind it to something else, like Fire.

Flight without the Chaos Emeralds is so incredibly short it's not worth using at all. It barely lasts a full second, so I'd suggest buffing it a tiny bit so you can get at least a little use out of it.

The Remote Robot is a bit strange, but it works well. However, you can cancel it in a state like a zoom tube and have Tails just fly straight through the entire stage. While it's really fun to do that, it's probably not intended. Plus it being able to take damage and die, costing you rings and lives is a bit strange, given your character isn't actually taking damage at all.

Besides those issues though, this mod is really good! He's super fun to play, and even though he has some jank to him, it's not enough to stop me from playing entire sessions as him. A real 10 outta good if you will.
Wow, this is a great review. Ill definitely look more into how things are handled within the mod in a future update. And thanks for mentioning the bug with the zoom tube and the robot! Honestly had no idea that was a thing
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A pretty unique character, all things considered, I look forward to future updates for this character.

Making the player obtain emeralds to increase his flight meter, and using the emblem spots for powerups is a pretty clever way to encourage

You can simplify the amount of buttons he uses and swap around the buttons.

For example: Instead of using tossflag you should use the fire button. Considering you can't open the menu while jumping or flying, you should use Custom 1 as the button instead.
The helmet button can be set to the spin button, and the robot buddy's shooting button should be set to fire instead.
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tails flew down after 1 milliseconds idk why
but the mod is good for a CD Tails and CD sonic duo
Upvote 1
I absolutely love this, really like how it's based off of Tails Adventure, only problem is the sprite inconsistency, but that's alright
i'm sure this will have full consistent sprites in the future, really looking foward to this
Upvote 0
ok, so...
unless you aren't into record attack then you'd might be fine with how items reset and you have to find them any time you change the level
(in the level select found in extras)
his flight is super weak without any emeralds
(I get that, but it's barely functional)
and if the robot friend dies, you die, their flight is also determined by emeralds.
at least let me keep my items
Valid. I plan on adding a save feature to the powerups, I just don't know how to do that yet is all. It will be in a future update
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This character is packed with excellent features, but likely my favorite is how collecting Chaos Emeralds extends your flight time, which is a unique way of incentivizing collection while still providing incremental improvement to even novice players. Tying perks to the individual emeralds so that you improve over the course of the game is an inspired idea and one I'm surprised I haven't seen more often
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oh sweet i wasn't expecting ta tails to drop right now. this is quite nice actually. i love the sprites. tails is cute. i've only been playing for a few minutes but i love it. i shall keep playing it. very well made mod whisper. great job <3
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