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Straight from Little Planet, CDSonic joins the crew! Before jumping into things, I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to a few people. First and most importantly, Lach, thank you so very much for not only creating CDSonic back in the 2.1 days, but allowing me not only to edit him up a bit as well as giving me permission to upload him for others to enjoy! I'm truly forever grateful!
Secondly, Huge shoutouts to GoldenShine for porting CDSonic to 2.2 and also giving me permission to edit his port and submit it as well!
Next, I wanna thank Cotton for creating some very beautiful sprites for CD. I'm forever in your debt as well. I also wanna thank BanditoBlight for creating/inspiring some of his sprites also. Everything yall have done is greatly appreciative!
I also wanna thank Soashivito for not only allowing me to host CDSonic on his server but also putting up with me every time I had a hotfix that was needed put in place.
One final thanks to StarManiaKG for creating a special bit of code that I will get into in a bit.
Now with that said, lets jump in to what all is new/different between Lach's original CDSonic and this version.

~~~Gameplay Updates~~~
CDSonic now uses ClassicPhysics (found at the bottom of the page) by default! This changes up how CDSonic plays overall while still allowing every level to be completable. This simply makes it so that he feels more accurate to the Genesis titles.

~~~General Information~~~
If you have played CDSonic before then feel free to glance over this section, this will be going over how to control CDSonic for newcomers to the character.


Working like the classic games, press Spin to crouch and while crouching, tap the jump button to charge up a spindash. The more you charge, the stronger it will be (up to 7 charges)!

Spring Spawn:
(Look under the Gameplay Changes section to figure out how to use this as I go over some important things there and explain how to use it)

Emerald Abilities:
Collecting Chaos Emeralds allows CDSonic to access unique powers. Be warned though, they require rings to activate (again, see Gameplay Changes). Press Custom 1, Fire, or FireNormal to activate!
  • Emerald 1 - Slow Fall - Self explanatory​
  • Emerald 2 - Low Gravity - Self explanatory​
  • Emerald 3 - Homing Attack - Also self explanatory​
  • Emerald 4 - Light Speed Dash - Again.. self explanatory lol​
  • Emerald 5 - Blitz - Running at top speed will allow CDSonic to run through badniks without taking any damage! Think of it like the time travel sparkles from Sonic CD​
  • Emerald 6 - Past - Select the emerald to begin recording your position. Activate and hold the button to rewind time to however far you need! Be careful, this only rewinds CD's time. Badniks are unaffected!​
  • Emerald 7 - Future - See Gameplay Changes​

Super Peelout:
See Gameplay Changes

~~~Gameplay Changes~~~
CDSonic now requires rings to activate his emerald abilities. Don't worry though, they aren't expensive at all!

Emerald Rings Costs:
  • Emerald 3 and 4 are completely free to use!
  • Emerald 1, 2, and 5 all cost 1 ring to activate and drain 1 ring per second.
  • Emerald 6 requires 2 rings to activate.
  • Emerald 7 requires 10 rings.

Jumping from 2.1 to 2.2, CDSonic has a new 7th emerald ability! (Huge thanks to Cobaltn't for creating this

Activating this emerald will zip Sonic at fast speeds, getting stronger and lasting longer based on your current speed. You can also aim the ability up and down with your camera position. You can REALLY fly with this ability if you use it after a spindash or a Super Peelout! Speaking of the Peelout....

Super Peelout:
While behaving identically to how it did back in 2.1, the Peelout is now activated differently.

Press and hold Custom 2 to look upwards, then press a direction to activate the move!

Shield Abilities:
Coming over from 2.1 to 2.2 CDSonic has seen changes to 2 of his shield abilities; Force Shield and Elemental Shield. These 2 shield powers were removed as they have become redundant due to the Bubble Shield (the previous Elemental Shield ability) and the Elemental Shield (the previous Force Shield ability) now doing what those 2 shields did. Attraction Shield still behaves like in 2.1 however!

Spring Spawn:
Spawning a spring no longer requires you to have no emeralds selected and now both are spawned via the jump button in midair. This allows CDSonic to still use the vertical spring while having a shield! Think of it like Shadow's Chaos Snap, hold a movement key to spawn a horizontal spring in that direction and don't hold a movement key to spawn a vertical spring! (Thanks Frostiikin for making this change)

~~~Visual Changes~~~
CDSonic has received a number of visual changes in his jump to 2.2 as well! Here's a quick rundown of all the visual changes that were made:
  • Super Peelout was given actual sprites.
  • Falling sprites when facing away from camera were changed. This was reverted back to the original sprites.
  • ENTIRELY new super sprites. 2.1 CDSonic used Sonic 3 sprites. This was changed to be Sonic 2 sprites but reshaded to fit Sonic 1/CD's shading.
  • When killing badniks, CDSonic will spawn a flower instead of a flicky. Also applies to capsules. (This is the bit of code StarManiaKG created and im so thankful for it)
  • New sprites when walking and running diagonally away from the camera.
  • New idle sprites.
  • New ledge teeter sprites.
  • Added an error sprite for Mario's groundpound.
  • New sprites for walking while facing the camera.
  • Readded the bounce that was present in Sonic 1 to CD's walk cycle.
  • Dust particles were changed.
  • Added Sonic CD's time travel sparkles for whenever CD bounces off a vertical/diagonal spring as a little nod to the game.
  • New continue sprites.
  • Changed CD's vertical spring to be a blue variant of Sonic 1's.
  • Replaced HUD sprites to be more consistent with changes and with 2.2.
  • Changed the life HUD to match Sonic CD.
  • Both the normal and super life icons have been changed.
  • New crouch sprites both for normal and super form.
  • Changed the goal sign from Sonic 1 to Sonic CD's.
  • Changed the CSS art.
  • Added Homing Attack animations. There will be more in the future, the sprites still need to be created.

Aaaand I think that's all that was changed. I've been editing CDSonic for a while so I may have forgotten some visual stuff but I'm sure veterans of the character will be able to figure them out.

There's also 2 chat commands for CDSonic. "pipebomb" and "infinite". They also have a command toggle built in ("cdmeme on/off"). The command disables the music that comes with the chat commands for those that prefer it off.

CDSonic comes packaged with an optional addon. CDMusic! This addon will replace the vanilla stage music, speed shoes, invincibility, act clear, super music, and boss music to be their CD counterparts! There's 4 different variants that you can choose between via the console. THIS ADDON ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE PLAYING AS CDSONIC!! If enough people request for it, I will make it non-CDSonic exclusive.
  • "cdlevels on/off" controls if you have the level music be replaced with CD counterparts.
  • "cdmusic us/jp/mus/mjp" controls everything else.
You might be wondering, what does the "m" variants do? These simply change the supermusic to a different version. That's it. Do know that the music addon is pretty beefy, so it's not recommended for server usage.

He is also compatible with a 16-bit fox :)
~~~Open Asset Credits~~~

~~~Known Issues~~~
  • The HUD for CDSonic will have issues in local multiplayer settings. Server settings are fine! This will be fixed in a future update!
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Latest reviews

other than the up-spring needing to be a bit stronger, you cooked with this.
good job man
Upvote 0
I have played this on mobile and PC and I have to say that this mod is really good and just as good if not better than its 2.1 counterpart but one thing I do have to suggest for the cd music is that maybe add the prototype speed shoes music for it but everything else is great!
Upvote 0
This is a great mod, nice job to both you and the original creator on cd sonic for even making this Possible!
Upvote 1
I love this but i hear about pipe bomb dance sprites does that may we can do the pipe bomb dance ? if yes how
Just say "pipebomb" in chat
Upvote 0
fantastic mod only problem is he breaks in multiplayer, you can't look up, meaning no peel-out, and when you hold spin he's in his hurt sprite

def would be a 5 star add-on is this was fixed %100
Im not sure how he breaks in multiplayer, as he has been hosted and tested on a multiplayer server ever since I started work on him. I would assume that its an addon the server you're playing on has is conflicting with him, which I cannot fix
Upvote 0
Nice to see this out on the message board! While some sprites could definitely use some work and/or be added (falling animations are a big one), it's an overall pretty solid port which adds some fun improvements to the original. Good work!
Upvote 0
As a Sonic cd fan
Who finish the full game, this mod/port is pretty good!
The only thing it REALLY bothers me is the fact that when am put cd track am have to change all the time
(Cause am prefer the Japan version but relax am like the American version too)
So am always have to
"Cdlevels jp"
"Cdmusic jp
Thank you for understanding :)
Upvote 0
Big fan of a lot of the changes made here, whether it be the color and sprite changes, or the brand new Silver emerald ability!

My only two complaints are the addition of looking up making controls a bit complex, and Orange springs displaying the "10" sprite when hit as if they were a bumper.

It's nice to see this mod picked up again, good job with the tweaks.
Upvote 0
You had me at the peelout sprites (finally, you have no idea how much that bothered me)
Upvote 1
My favorite 2.1 mod is finally back with a brand new recode and some needed accurated sprites.
What can I really say, he still remains a quite decent character and a unique one with his emerald abilities.
I appreciate the rework on the spring system to make it universal rather than only accessible on the no emerald option, making him much more versatile for speed building.
Only nitpick (this is just a personal dislike that really doesn't ruin the character) is that he lacks momentum, making it unable to utilize his high speed at his advantage in slopes like GFZ2 one.
Upvote 0