srb2 addons

  1. gameboy959

    the gameboy commity for mods only

    i made this for mods only! 1718381110 join this and it can make mods!
  2. PigOverlord

    Vivian v1.3.1

    Vivian takes the stage! Everyone's favorite Paper Mario character, Vivian, is here! After the remake gave her some much-deserved attention, she's off adventuring on her own in the world of SRB2! I tried to match her look as close to The Thousand Year Door as possible. This means instead of...
  3. highonfunnystuff

    First Alpha Release: Helcurt from Mobile Legends

    This is the first release for the custom fan character. Helcurt is one of the heroes from a mobile MOBA game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I chose to pick Helcurt because he's been my main hero for at least 5 years :threat:. This build was only tested by me, so this release is an opportunity...
  4. WhisperVII

    CDSonic (Whispon Edit) v2.0.2

    Straight from Little Planet, CDSonic joins the crew! Before jumping into things, I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to a few people. First and most importantly, Lach, thank you so very much for not only creating CDSonic back in the 2.1 days, but allowing me not only to edit him up a bit as...
  5. ChispiBlast

    Suggestions for Speedruns? POST THEM HERE

    Im going to post all my speedruns here and i will do all the speedruns what yall want, so dont be shy to suggest, i can make speedruns with all kind of addons, or if you want i can test and speedrun your own addon! Im average in the Speedruns, but im trying to get better And also, if someone...
  6. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] Sandy Night (Standalone) v1

    Originally in The Official Level Design Collab 2023 R1, it's uh the map I made for that except it has emblems (and the original submission, hidden behind those emblems) now Credits: Me - The map/level design Othius - for overhauling the map
  7. B

    Uninspired mods nowadays?

    This only really applies to modded characters, but please take what im saying in the kindest way possible. I really do love Srb2's modding community. So... i havent played SRB2 in a few months, (4-6) and i wanted to see what kinds of great mods got released since i was gone. I vividly remember...
  8. Tails Junior

    Chemical plant zone

    Я хочу перенести эту замечательную карту из soniccraft в SRB, также планирую добавить: трамплины, бег по петлям, перемещение по трубам, перемещение самих блоков и некоторые другие механики. 1712740917 1712740987 1712741074
  9. WhisperVII

    TA Tails v1.2.1

    Tails comes to stop Dr. Robotnik and his latest schemes! But this time, he came with a few tricks and gadgets with him! FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE, PLAY IN 1920x1080 RESOLUTION!!! I'll eventually make other resolutions looks better in a future update! Do note that this is the first mod I've...
  10. B

    SRB2:TP Metal Challenge Countdown Timer v2

    Another masterpiece I've made! This is an addon which adds a countdown timer in Metal's Challenges. This helps you a lot if you're running out of time. There's also a command called "srb2tpmctimer", which sets your countdown timer in 3 types: 1 - Classic 2 - Centiseconds/Mania 3 - Tics
  11. GamingWithFroxy

    Walter & Rider Mod Close Release

    Are you ready to play as my new OC's? Want to be a feral wolf? Do you want to stop your crazy brother from causing havoc? Then download this mod, and you can do all of that! (RP of course) COMING SOON! 1707251643 Teaser Image
  12. endlessonic

    History Reimagined Demo 2

    Hello there and WELCOME TO SRB2 History Reimagined. An attempt to remake every single stage form SRB2'S Development History. In other words remake every single stage or Scrapped Idea for a stage. And fitting it all into one BIG package for you to play and have fun with. Brought to you by M1STQ...
  13. ShadowWolf2279

    Small file send limit on mobile 32-bit builds

    I'm trying to host a server on SRB2, but I can't add so much as a character without other devices saying "Some files are larger than the server is willing to send." This seems to happen on all devices that run 32-Bit builds. Is there a way to increase the send limit?