srb2 2.2.x

  1. sans13

    SonicLostWorld V.1

    the game SonicLostWorld in WII U is available in SRB2 ! the mod SONICADVENTURE and MODERNSONIC are requied to finish this mod but is also comatible with LOST WORLD HOMING ATACK and GOAL RING. LOST WORLD HOMING ATACK is not recomended for some level.
  2. Sls64LGamingBro

    Relive Super Forms

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Relive Super Forms - 3 Vanilla Characters can go Super! Read more about this resource...
  3. Sls64LGamingBro

    Relive Super Forms 1.0

    WARNING: This addon could cause problems with loading addons in order, remember to load it first before adding other mods. Do you ever want 3 Vanilla Characters to become Super without the need for Lua Scripts that allow Characters to go Super? Well, you can now, introduce... Relive Super...
  4. LinkThePale

    [Open Assets] The Spicer v1.0

    Demonstration of The Spicer: Somehow and someway, The Spicer has managed to get into SRB2. His moveset is more complex and unique compared to the vanilla cast. Double Jump: Self-Explanatory. Wall Jump: If you're near a wall and you're not on the ground, you can cling onto it by pressing the...
  5. TehRealSalt

    SUGOI 2.2a

    Download (Google Drive) Download (MEGA) (It's too big for SRB2MB, so use any of the links above if you want to avoid split zip nonsense.) Shut Up and Get On It, or SUGOI, was a community project meant to encourage people to make a level. And so was SUBARASHII, and KIMOKAWAIII. Over the years...
  6. Sunflowerstein

    Mario The Pesky Plumber Version 1 (Unfinished Build)

    Yep, it's Mario again :dramahog: Except unlike the other Marios, this one's got some new tricks up his sleeve His moveset will be shown in the gifs below (sorry if they appear as embed i still don't get how this works) I hope you enjoy playing as this guy as much as i did making him...
  7. highonfunnystuff

    First Alpha Release: Helcurt from Mobile Legends

    This is the first release for the custom fan character. Helcurt is one of the heroes from a mobile MOBA game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I chose to pick Helcurt because he's been my main hero for at least 5 years :threat:. This build was only tested by me, so this release is an opportunity...
  8. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] 3D Sonic v1

    He is three dimensional
  9. Aquavine

    Super Schoolhouse zone (Baldi's Basics but as a Sonic stage)

    Looks like Baldi's Basics Plus Is finally back from the year lasting update gap. And the game as a whole is becoming popular again, so as a BB's veteran (Since 2018) I knew I had to do something for this moment. So I decided to try making a whole sonic stage from all the content this game offers...
  10. Rem

    [Open Assets] Lavaproof Rings v1

    Before After
  11. malom

    Sonic Robot Blast ! Project Junio

    Sonic Robot Blast Project Junio is a mod with Junio Sonic as the main character(obviously) made by: MotorRoach . The Map Pack was supposed to be level 20. I decided to divide it into updates which will generally be 5 levels but it will still take time since I also make maps for frontiers . main...
  12. Dark94

    Dark94 & XKZ v1.0.0

    HEY THERE, WATCH OUT! THIS ADD-ON CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS! DISCRETION IS ADVISED (In case you're NOT photosensitive, go to the end of the overview to see how to activate flashes) Hey there! I'm back to Robo-Blast with yet another add-on, this time the idea was from a friend of mine...
  13. Angelo0290

    [Open Assets] Unleashed Camera and Physics 1.2

    An attempt to simulate the physics and normal camera behavior from Sonic Unleashed in SRB2. This should work with everyone, but some characters may have some issues with this mod. - Here your character will turn less and less the faster you move - Also your character is heavier and now is more...
  14. WhisperVII

    CDSonic (Whispon Edit) v1.7.1

    Straight from Little Planet, CDSonic joins the crew! Before jumping into things, I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to a few people. First and most importantly, Lach, thank you so very much for not only creating CDSonic back in the 2.1 days, but allowing me not only to edit him up a bit as...
  15. Dark94

    Dark94 & XKZ

    Normally I submit add-ons after 4 months but I'm making an add-on of too much hours of effort. It's still in development so..... idk just wait :sadthumbsup: Basically this add-on wasn't going to exist but a friend of mine said me "Hey dude, could you please make me an add-on where we both are...
  16. ReddySoop_

    [Open Assets] Useott/Reddy's Icon-Based HUD 2024-04-26

    A HUD mod that turns the text (for example Score, Time and Rings) into little icons that represent what they mean! This is based on my Sonic 3 A.I.R. mod, but with new icons since SRB2 has a few graphics for things that aren't existent in S3K (Like the guard bonus and perfect bonus). The main...
  17. SpeedyM!

    The Sonic X Ring Burst Ability! 1.5

    The ability is inspiration from the anime series "Sonic X". Speed and fly through the map with this Over Powered Ability! To use this ability, you must be sonic and get 15 rings first. Once done, press and hold tossflag and you'll be able to fly for 4 seconds! hold jump to fly up and spin to fly...
  18. SSNeoMint

    Mint v3.0 Progress

    alr so basically i'm adding new stuff for mint 3.0 and i thought i should show yall some progress. first i added crouch sprites and yes i added a crouch ability (mapped to spin). it's a bit rough so i'm planning to remake it (tho i'm not sure how). which means the spindash is now activated...
  19. Gouldron

    [Open Assets] Pronouns 1.0

    this addon adds the ability for players to display their pronouns in-game. the pronouns will appear in the scoreboard... ...and alongside the player tag... usage a player can set their pronouns by using the pronouns command. once set, they are saved on the client, so you only need to apply...
  20. JonBaxter

    Mario World styled lives sharing v1.1

    A simple mod that allows players to share their lives with any other player when playing in co-op mode, even if they haven't game overed yet. Does not need admin permissions to work. This command can be used both from the game's console and the chat window. Game console use: lifeshare [player...