Dummy Ring Bomb for Tails

[Reusable] Dummy Ring Bomb for Tails 1.5

While I was bored, I decided to implement something cool for Tails. That's right! His Dummy Ring Bomb attack (most notably) from Sonic '06 makes a return here in SRB2! For those who have played '06, you might notice that it works a bit differently.

First off, pressing Custom 1 while throw the bomb normally. If you gain speed, the bomb will be launched further.

Regular Throw.gif

Secondly, if you press Custom 2, you'll throw the bomb directly at nearby enemies and monitors. Keep in mind that you need the enemy (or monitor) to be in sight for this to work. So say if you press Custom 2 while nothing's around, you won't throw the bomb.

Snipe Throw.gif

Finally, you can press Custom 1 rapidly while flying to carpet bomb like the Dragonbomber badnik.

Carpet Bomb.gif

Other than that, you can throw bombs faster if you've collect all of the emeralds. Therefore, collecting the emeralds as Tails actually has a purpose. Tbh, the code for that part was leftover from FL Chan, but I decided to keep it. Anyway, that's all!
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