Surge the Tenrec!

Surge the Tenrec! 1.3


Hello! It's been a hot while since the last update, she hasn't really needed much of one up until recentally, this fixes the strange jitters she had with her electrical effects when loaded in uncapped, plus the ability to break bustable ceilings with her Volt Jump now.

It also fixes a strange sound bug she had in SRB2P as well as giving her some voice lines (Voice pulled from Juri from StreetFighter(thanks Damninalsbp!)

(It also fixes her A4 walking sprites that noone, not even me noticed were missing her tail until SonicX8000 pointed it out)

Heyo! Weilding the powerful Izanagi, a new version of Surge for you all!
It adds in the fun SRB2P support I'm sure a few of you have been waiting for


Like a battery, gotta be careful how much juice you use!

And that's not all, with added Battlemod support you can now bonk your friends with added support!

Her moves vary depending if she has charge or not!
Grounded (Uncharged)

For 25 you gain access to Volt Charge, usually used to instantly gain charge, it can also be used as an attack but you're left wide open if you miss.
Grounded (Charged)

When charged, your grounded special becomes Super Volt Jump, similar to sonic's, except you leave an electrical AOE below you as you shoot to the air
Aerial (Uncharged)

A simple groundpound, hold down Jump to bounce when you land, or hold Spin to spindash allong the floor
Aerial (Charged)

Release a more powerful groundpound, leaving a shocking Aoe as you hit the ground, be mindful however, players can jump over this if they're prepared for it.

Of course, for Singleplayer, we did fix a few pesky bugs, such as your transformation being cancelled if you try to go Super next to an enemy.

Alongside this, we also introduced a new, more visually pleasing Supercolour for Surge, I hope you enjoy!

Many thanks to
SMS Alfredo, Wood Man (AKA GlitchedPhoenix), Jenna the Kitsune & TheLastKitchenGun for helping get this out the gate


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Just a small bugfix patch to fix some of the bugs listed in the thread, as well as adding proper MRCE support.

Bugs fixed
-Fixed a bug that prevented Surge from gaining her volt jump and double jump after double jumping and then gaining a charge
-Fixed a bug with the Simple mode target symbol dissappearing when charged
-While I'm not sure if this was bugged, XMOM v1.3 should be working properly with Surge
-Fixed a bug in which Surge's trail extended infinitely vertically for other Surges