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[Open Assets] Super Sonic v2.1a

Heya everyone, Icy here. This is what's essentially a shadowpatch due to being a fix for one specific bug, but said bug is large enough to warrant a patch.

As of now the game should no longer crash if you add the Super Mario Bros. addon after Super Sonic and then try shooting a fireball. This crash was not discovered until... literally today, and is indeed game breaking as it doesn't just affect Super Sonic. That's all, take care.
Happy new year.

- A brand new, unique Hyper theme done by the wonderful Marcos.
- You can now use Supercolor Revamp to set Fire Sonic's color if you really want to.

Not a lot here, and any further patches are for bugfixes or if future versions break anything.
Heya, here's a small QOL update for you all that originally got started on for sake of mod support. Changes are as follows.

- Ultimate mode support, because why not? It's a mad dash to the end now, no way to gain any rings, no extra forms, and only enough to live for a little over 4 minutes. Invincibility sparkles will be your friend on those longer stages, as the powerup will still freeze your ring count. (Only fully supports Vanilla SRB2 stages.)
- The ring counter will now flash red if you're at 10 rings or less. (Does not apply with custom HUDs)
- Slightly improved MR:CE support. Super's abilities should now all function properly if you load him before MR:CE, so please do that from now on. Hyper form's smooth fade for MR:CE's hud was also moved to MR:CE itself, so please wait warmly for the next update or two of the mod.
- Hitting enemies with fireballs in Fire form will now give rings properly if the Super Mario Bros. are added.
- The elemental shield's fire trail will now give rings for each badnik it destroys.
- More super colors.

Thank you all for enjoying Super Sonic. Until next time~
Hey so I did something kinda silly that caused major lag issues, so I fixed that and fixed a few other things.

- Ring/Coin attraction was completely reimplemented, thank you to SMS Alfredo for help with that.
- Made it so an oddity in Nights mode no longer occurs.
- Slightly improved support for MR:CE.
god i forgot i have to attach the other files again i'm sorry

You don't have to download Super again, this update is just to put the Metal Sonic races back.
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Heya. Long time no see, huh?

Version 2 has finally been finished, changelog is as follows;


- Hyper form's visuals have been touched up, and now you can hyper dash downward at all times by holding Custom 1. Leaving your inputs still while holding C1 will also let you dash straight down. Hyper dashing downwards can now also break floor patches and power up springs because why not (:
- Hyper form can now destroy minecart doors. I deliberated on doing this but everyone seemed to want it.
- (Hopefully) fixed all the issues with hyper music not behaving properly.
- Hyper's smooth fade now appears on the HUD (except multiplayer scoreboards, too finnicky)
- Changed some internals on how hyper's unlock is tracked, it should now properly work in netgames.


- Goal ring support
- Improved support for XMomentum (any notable bugs as of now are on XMomentum's end) and Mystic Realm: Community Edition (MR:CE testing notably done on 0.3, apologies if anything breaks on lower versions)
- Slightly reworked boss rings since Super can't actually die from ring loss in netgames (which is the reason it used to give rings to ALL players. It no longer does.)
- Super now properly attracts coins.


- From out of nowhere, Fire Sonic! Touching a Fire Flower (or collecting all 7 of a certain other, more rectangular set of emeralds and pressing Custom 2 with 75+ rings) will let you tap into a slightly more spicy playstyle. Thok has been replaced with Flame Dash, and you can perform the Elemental Shield's stomp ability by pressing Custom 1. Fire Sonic's stomp can also break floor patches, and similarly to Hyper form he'll destroy any spikes or minecart doors he touches. Oh, and he can get rings from shooting fireballs with Ring Toss.
Hotfix to the Hyper Metal Sonic race, it should now work as intended for other characters.
Heya, sorry for an update so soon, but a certain pesky bug got past testing.

- Made it so netgame warps don't kick in for Hyper and let you keep it for free.
- Made it so Hyper afterimages have additive blending and made it impossible for them to block your vision in first person.


- Hyper Metal Sonic is now available as an even more challenging Metal Sonic race variant. Designed with Hyper Sonic (you'll get transformed if you're playing as Super Sonic and have Hyper unlocked) and expert players in mind ONLY. Just like the Super Metal Sonic race, be sure to add Super Sonic first.
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Heya! Version 1.2 of Super Sonic is now available, and includes the following changes;


- Hyper Form! Made possible by Sir Thoksalot, Hyper can be attained with a press of Custom 1 while jumping with 100+ rings after unlocking it (For the time being until Super Emeralds are fully implemented, If you beat Black Hole while Super is added you'll unlock it. Thank you Golden Shine~) Hyper form has boosted acceleration/speed, the ability to break spikes/bustable walls by touching them, the Hyper Dash from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and all the usual Hyper form bells and whistles. Ring drain is doubled in Hyper form along with badnik rings working slightly differently, but know that hitting 0 rings will give you a small chance to recover with 10 rings to your name after getting turned back into Super Sonic. You also won't get to use sparkles/shoes to your advantage while Hyper and will get 20 rings instead. This also means you can trade either powerup for 20 rings upon transformation.

- Boss levels/scenarios where the timer stops now freeze ring drain. In turn, Metal Sonic now gives you 6 rings upon being damaged instead of 10.
- Improved spike breaker code.

Heya! Some of the bigger stuff is still getting worked on and isn't quite ready yet, but there's 1 quality of life feature I wanted to implement sooner rather than later.

Super Sonic now has ring attraction!

It should be noted that the pull of said attraction is very weak, and will only really trigger if you get close enough to a ring where you could almost physically touch it. This change was implemented mainly to help with the fact that Super isn't the easiest to control, and completely missing lines of rings can tend to happen sometimes.

Not much other than that, enjoy the update folks!